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The Ultimate Guide to Gold IRAs

Taking stock of your personal finances may require you to think about your retirement plans. For some younger readers, their retirement may be the last thing on their mind. But, for older readers, it may be time to consider some retirement options that are available to you.
With this in mind, there is a wealth of IRAs available to you. But, you need to consider other ways to invest if you want to ensure that you get a hefty return on crypto trust investment. Investing in your future can be difficult to execute. There are some great ways to do this.
What is an IRA?
In short, IRA is an acronym for ‘individual retirement account.’ This is a savings account that allows for tax breaks. You can save for your retirement in a more cost effective way. This isn’t necessarily an investment of stocks and bonds. It is an excellent way to make sure that you have money and assets aside for your retirement.
What is a Gold IRA?
A gold IRA is essentially an investment in gold for your retirement. Instead of investing cash, you invest in gold coins and bullion. Gold is akin to money in some way. It is precious, and it holds its value. For many people who are dubious about what the future holds for the value of money, this can be a positive way to invest in the future. Gold rarely loses its value. It’s been a precious metal of notable worth since the dawn of man. For this reason, more people are choosing to invest in their future using gold IRAs.
What are the Benefits of Gold IRAs?
There are seemingly endless benefits to investing in a gold IRA. While gold is susceptible to market trends, it never tends to lose its value over the course of time. It can be a worthwhile investment for those who are keen to expand their portfolio. Investing in property and money is a great way to save for the future. Gold is becoming a popular alternative.
When gold supplies become scarce, the value of gold will increase. After all, if something is rare, then the supply and demand element increases its market value. Values of gold have always increased. While their worth may dip at times, they hold their value a lot better than money does. Prices of gold will increase. This is what makes it so attractive to investors.
Gold can be a great hedge against inflation. It can also be considered as a high performing asset. This means that those who are keen to invest in gold will be safe in the knowledge that they are protected. Protection should be sought in the event of an economic downturn.
Things to Consider Before Investing in Gold IRA
You need to conduct thorough research before you invest in any gold bullion or coins. You should seek out a number of reviews of the products that you are buying. After all, as with any investment there are risks. Be careful who you spend your money with. Do your research and be critical when you invest. This will ensure your financial safety and protect your assets for the long term.…

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Decisions, slot hoki decisions

When we last left Otis, he was going to bed after being up for a very, very long time. He had just a few hours to sleep before heading over to Sam’s Town. As he walked by the bar closest to the elevators, he slot hoki
ran into Daddy, Iggy, and Big Mike. It is here we pick up our story
Sherwood Forest, Pt. 1
Sherwood Forest was home to Robin Hood and slot hoki his Merry Men. There, beneath the shade of the tall trees, they hatched their plans to steal from the rich, give to the poor, and generally stick it to the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Near the Tower 1 exit of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino, there sits the Sherwood Forest of an alternate universe. To the casual passer-by it looks like no more than an open-air bar that might be frequented by the bored wife of a poker player or a hooker in search of one last trick. But through increasingly drunken eyes, the bar looked just like the real Sherwood Forest might on a warm robber’s night.
Though I didn’t realize it at the time, I was arriving late to the meeting of Robin and his Merry Men. Little John (aka Big Mike) towered over the bar, a double shot of Soco in his hand. Friar Tuck (aka Daddy) stood looking weary but happy, as if he had just endured his fabled water-logged beat-down from Robin. And there, slumped over the bar, his locks brushing the marble, holding a greyhound in his hand sat Robin Hood himself. Apparently, he was already incognito, so as to fool the bad Sheriff. He called himself Iggy.
“Otis,” they said almost in unison.
I looked in the air, wondering if Daffy Duck might be flying by, his buck and a quarter quarter-staff in hand.
Though every ounce of good sense I’d consumed in the past 17 hours told me to do otherwise, I stopped, greeted the pranksters, and, much to my own peril, accepted the offer of…one last drink before I went to bed.
Big Mike was buying. I considered my options. Some Vitamin C and Vodka sounded good, but since it was breakfast I opted for a Guinness. While we waited for my drink to arrive, I chatted with Robin Iggy and mentioned that BadBlood and G-Rob were still playing no-limit poker.
Mischievous eyes sneaked up from beneath the locks of brown hair. A smile crept in and turned up the corners of the van dyke beard.
Although I know I was moving under my own power and will, I felt drawn to follow the leader through the banks of slot machines. When we arrived at the poker room, I sat back and watched as Robin Iggy put on a show.
Much like he’d been sitting at the bar, Robin Iggy put his elbows down on the rail and shot lasers into BadBlood. I thought briefly to ask if he wouldn’t rather just go smack Blood upside the head with a quarter-staff, then thought better of it. I know what Robin did to Friar Tuck, after all.
BadBlood was all in with big slick. It held up and he gave us a look like, “I can’t believe what these guys will play.” Then, as if drawn by the Jim Jones-ish Robin Iggy gaze, Blood stood and walked around the rail.
“I’m BadBlood,” he said, extending his hand.
Robin Iggy shook Blood’s hand, but said nothing. That smile was still there.
Blood turned to me. “Friend of yours?” he asked. I could see he was growing ever so slightly annoyed.
“I just met him,” I said truthfully, although I was starting to feel bad. Blood obviously thought I had cooked up this gag in failed attempt at drunken humor.
Confused, annoyed, and looking a bit bedraggled, Blood went back to the table. As I sat down on a slot machine stool and wondered if my beer had arrived at the bar, Robin Iggy took up his perch on the rail again and again stared down BadBlood.
I’m not sure how much time passed before Robin Iggy let Blood off the hook. I think he mouthed the words, “I’m Iggy.” BadBlood stood and came back across the rail.
After a brief conversation, Iggy came back to meet me.
“What did he say?” I asked.
“He said, ‘I believe you.'”
I briefly pondered the theological implications of the scenario, while Iggy talked about his reservations about renting a dwarf to play the role of Iggy in the Holiday Classic, now just slightly more than seven hours away.…

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How to pack for sbobet Las Vegas

There are two dangers in packing your bags for sbobet Las Vegas. You can be too prepared. Or you can be ill-prepared.
I have been guilty of both.
So, I offer this Guide to Packing for a 3-4 day trip to Las Vegas.
0) First, before doing anything, read Pauly’s blogs. A year ago at this time, he inspired me with this:
Here’s my formula for packing… 1. Underwear = amount of days traveling + 1 2. Socks = amount of days – 1 3. Pants = amount of days divided by 3 4. Dress shirts = 1 per week 5. T-shirts = amount of days divided by 2 6. Cash = $1000 per day in Vegas
Folks, that is a formula for success and pure Pauly. But, if you will, please let me further expand the rubric.
1) Pack one bag and make sure you do not check it at the gate. Carry it on. One of the greatest time-wasters in all of Vegas is waiting for cabs. Sometimes it’s a necessity. When you’re at the airport, however, it is not. If you check your bags, you are playing a very -EV game with the baggage carousel. If you have one carry-on, you are already 10-20 minuntes ahead of all the baggage-checking tourists. That alone can cut an hour out of the time it takes you to make it off the plane and to your hotel. If something bad happens and you do get stuck with a long line (it happens if a big plane lands ten minutes ahead of yours), try to find a porter who looks grease-able and slip him $10-$20. This will occassionally work. If it doesn’t, the lines aren’t unbearable. But, the one carry-on bag rule still applies. Why? Well, even if the line only takes 15 minutes, trying to lug one or two bigger bags through the throngs of humanity can be a burden. One duffel or carry-on with wheels is the way to go.
2. You do not need everything in your closet. Pauly has written at length about this is in the past and heeding his advice is always a good idea (unless, of course, he’s been awake for three days and smells of stripper perfume, at which point I’d suggest weighing your decision carefully). A few thing to keep in mind. You likely will miss out on a lot of sleep. It’s like you’re only there for a couple of days. Denim is heavy, so I’d recommend you wear one pair of blue jeans on the plane and pack something else in a khaki or otherwise lightweight fabric. If you’re going in the winter, it will be colder than you think. But sweaters are heavy as well. As such, I like a fleece or some sort of warmish sport coat that can be worn against the chill and worn inside, but if it gets too warm in the casino, can be taken off without making you nude. A pair of socks and drawers for each day. One fewer shirt than you think you need.
3. Personal health and well-being are a big part of making your trip/bender a good one. If you are a drinker, I have found a cocktail of OTC products that works very well to make the morning after much easier to handle. I calll it the Otis Cocktail. Before going to bed, stop and get a bucket of ice. Stand at the sink and drink two bar glasses of ice water. Then, take three advil, two Pepcid (or other acid reducing product), and two Pepto Bismol tablets. Wash them down with one or two more glasses of ice water. Take a glass of water with you to bed and have a drink or two when you wake up having to go to the bathroom. Then, when you wake up for good, repeat the cocktail, but substitute the advil with two Excedrin Migraine. Those pills are laced with caffeine and can give you that extra jolt you need to start the day. Then, throughout the following day mix a good blend of caffeine and water as you sit at the tables. It ain’t perfect, but it’s the best I know.
4. Cash is king, as we all know. It is a matter of personal preference whether to keep your pocket cash and poker bankroll separate (I’ve done both and prefer the division of money, but it’s up to you). However, one important thing to think about is denomination. For instance, in many (if not most) casinos, $20 bills don’t play. That is, if you’re playing in a game with a buy-in of more than $100 and your stack is running low, it will do no good to back it up with $300 in $20 bills. They won’t play. You’ll need $100 bills for that. At the same time, you don’t want a pocket full of Franklins. Otherwise, what are you going to tip with? A good mixture of denominations is key. (Also, remember Pauly and Grubby’s advice about $50 bills being bad luck).
5. For all of those still thinking about #2, and saying “But, wait I wanna go clubbing?” I can’t help you there. I’m not a club-boy. Clubs are good for trolling for girls, but I’m all married and stuff and don’t really know how to talk to girls. However, if you wanna go clubbing, it shouldn’t add to much to the weight of your carry-on because the kids ain’t wearinig much these days. Oh, and if I were to go to a club, it would be Drais for reasons you will only know if you go sit at the Barbary Coast around 4am.
6. If you’re a blogger, a 4″ notebook and pen is a good idea. I’m okay without it, but, again, if you’re a drinker, it ain’t bad to have a little memory backup.
7. Technology is another matter of personal preference. Me, I pack the laptop, cell, and charger. Pauly recommends a camera, which is not a bad piece of advice. However, I usually don’t carry one when I’m not working. Unless you have a camera small enough to fit in a pocket, it can be quite a burden and, if you’re like me, you stand a decent chance of leaving it somewhere.
8. Print out Bill Rini’s list of phone numbers and keep them in your pocket. It’s nice to know where people are. At the same time, don’t abuse the technology. Indeed, we’ll all want to hang together, but I can attest that you can run up quite a bill with dial-a-shots across the poker room. A quick “Where?” text message can go a long way.
9. Back to money. This has it’s own section because it shouldn’t be with any of your regular bankroll. You never know when you will need a ride, or a buy-in, or a drink, or anything when you’ve just went broke. Now, I’m not saying it will happen, but if you keep a lot of money in your hotel safe and have had a bad run at the tables, you need a little sumptn extra to either get you back to your room or hold you over until you can recoup. Keep a stash in an unused pocket, your shoe, your bra, whatever.
10. Finally, the intangible: Bring a good attitude. It’s all just fun. We’re all just folks. And it’s all about a good time. If you don’t pack that good stuff, it ain’t worth going.…

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Healthcare Jobs: Far More Than White Coats

Who works in healthcare, the one industry that came through the Great Recession without a blemish? The answer may surprise you. But let’s weed out the obvious professions first.

If you have a medical degree, you may be up against the easiest job search on the planet, and not just because anyone spending that much time and money on an education has mapped out their options long before graduation.

Down the ladder one significant notch, are an array of nursing jobs that includes nurse practitioners, case managers, clinical specialists, nurse anesthesiologists, cardiac rehabilitation nurse and a full spectrum of options that cover the 26 medical specialties recognized by the American Medical Association.

Again, most nurses have at least a hunch what their job options are before they graduate. Typically, however, a nurse is on a fast-track to find work as soon as they qualify to do so, which means many nurses become standard staff nurses at hospitals and clinics and work in the field for a few years before deciding to specialize or advance to gain higher status jobs and better paychecks.

Still, the options are obvious. But many people don’t stop to consider that healthcare jobs are far more diversified than men and women in white coats and nurses wearing happy-face pajama tops when they go to work.

What if I said that working in an industrial kitchen could be considered healthcare work? I mean this with utmost sincerity. In a recent hospital stay for a heat condition, the cafeteria workers who might have only a high school diploma to their names, wheeled meals to patients and presented them with cards to fill for their next meals. Was this healthcare work or just work as a kitchen wench?

For my money, these workers were an integral part of my healthcare at the hospital. The right meal and the correct level of patience and understanding as I struggled to select meals under a sudden, strict new regimen for me certainly left me with no doubt. These were cafeteria specialists, all the more noteworthy, because I thought they all did an excellent job.

Here are a few other healthcare support staffing options you might not consider if you only believe hospitals are staffed by doctors and nurses.

Medical Editor/writer: Many hospitals churn out a great deal of “copy” each year from instruction for post-discharge care to explanations of hospital bills to brochures describing treatment options or advertising for a particular clinic. Medical writing courses online and at local colleges help acclimate writers to the rigors and specialized vocabularies of a hospital setting.

Pharmaceutical/medical sales representative: Hospitals are businesses that purchase medical apparatuses, pharmaceutical products, office supplies, cleaning products, a variety of medical instruments and everything in between from tanks of oxygen to light bulbs. Some of these sales jobs are more specialized than others, but there is certainly a difference between selling widgets and selling pharmaceuticals.

Technical Specialties: Working side by side with doctors and nurses are a wide array of specialists that usually require a year or two – and more – of college. These include anesthesiologists, speech pathologists, physical therapists, recreational therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, sonographers, dieticians, radiologists and substance abuse counselors.

Some of the more famous technicians, or course, are first responders, ambulance drivers and paramedics

Technical Sub-Specialties: In this day and age, as healthcare demand expands, it must be noted that many of the technician specialists now have medical assistant positions, which, of course, require less formal education, but have the benefit of providing real-time experience on the job, which may make it easier to afford school and easier to get into a program. With some years on the job as an assistant, you can assess whether a career is right for you.

For that reason alone, these sub-specialists jobs are a very important link in the workforce, helping to bring good workers into healthcare, much as teaching aid positions provide experience for many future teachers.

Sub-specialist jobs include radiologists assistants, physician assistants, physical therapy assistants and even dental hygienists. Home health aids, personal care aids and others.

Pay for these jobs can be very surprising. Dental hygienists earn about $71,100 per year in a field that is growing by leaps and bounds. One U.S. News report says field is expected to grow by 33 percent by 2022, which means salaries will rise, as demand for skilled workers outstrips the number of qualified workers.

Diagnostic sonographers earn about $66,400 on average in 2013. It is anticipated there will be a call for 27,000 more sonographers by 2022.

Even the field of medical secretary is expected to have a hurtling growth rate by 2022 with an expectation tat 36 percent more will be working as medical secretaries within the next eight years.

And, that’s right, even dietician/nutritionists (median pay: $55,240, according to the Labor Department) have assistants. You might think you just have a kitchen job, but if you pay attention, it could be the entry point to a career in healthcare.
Also you can read about “before and after aging lips” here…

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mviper256 Wins togel hongkong WCOOP 2010 Event #44

The 2010 World Championship of Online Poker has less than a week left to run, but the tournaments keep coming thick and fast. This morning the 44th contest came to a close, crowning yet another winner and awarding yet another gold bracelet. The $300 + $20 No Limit Hold’em Second Chance tournament was a slight departure from the standard freezeout or rebuy format. If you lost all your chips within the first 90 minutes, paying the buy-in cost again would buy you a new starting stack.
Of the 1989 players who logged onto the togel hongkong download for Event #44, 362 opted for a second shot after their first run ended in disaster. Their collected buy-ins still failed to top the $750,000 guarantee laid on by PokerStars, who were forced to add a small amount of their own cash to the prize pool. A total of 252 players would share that kitty, with the winner having to survive 15 hours worth of high octane play to pick up the largest share.
None of the Team PokerStars Pros were able to emulate their comrade Jason Mercier’s success Event #42, but one man did come close. Alvaro Ballesteros, known online as VARICO, fought his way to the final table before being ousted in 8th place. Joining him in the money were George Lind III (52nd), Vanessa Rousso (65th), Randy Lew (83rd), Anders Berg (178th), Diego Brunelli (219th), and Pat Pezzin (227th). Other notable online cashers included Isaac “westmenloAA” Baron in 14th.
Going into the final table, the remarkably even chipcounts were as follows:
Seat 1: supergood1 (1,211,722 in chips)
Seat 2: lb6121 (1,195,481 in chips)
Seat 3: SlippedMe (1,598,117 in chips)
Seat 4: Hulios (1,261,464 in chips)
Seat 5: ebandita (1,332,112 in chips)
Seat 6: ImDaNuts (924,340 in chips)
Seat 7: mviper256 (2,346,254 in chips)
Seat 8: VARICO (548,942 in chips)
Seat 9: KongenavU (1,336,568 in chips)
The railbirds didn’t have to wait long before the first blood was spilled. On the first hand, ebandita moved all-in with a respectable pair of Jacks and was called by SlippedMe, who held As-Qs. Board contained no Jacks and four hearts, more than SlippedMe required to complete the nuts and put ebandita out in 9th.
Following him to the bar was the resident PokerStars Pro VARICO. Alvaro Ballesteros put his last $500k into the middle with 8-8 and ended up staring down the barrel of Ib6121′s A-A. Nothing even resembling an eight hit the board and that was all she wrote for the last sponsored man standing.
Next to depart was KongevaU, who had slipped down to a sub-500k shortstack since the start of the final table. Picking up pocket sixes was enough to prompt an all-in push and K-K was more than enough to convince supergood1 to call. The board comfortably missed both players, handing the pot to the bigger pocket pair and sending KongevaU home in 6th.
SlippedMe and mviper256 combined to create the next critical pot. An old fashioned pre-flop raising war culminated with an all-in shove for SlippedMe and his opponent obliged with a call. The hands were predictable enough; a straight coinflip between Jh-Jd for SlippedMe and As-Kh for mviper256. The 5h-4h-7h flop failed to connect with either player, but left mviper256 tantalizingly close to a flush. As it happened, he wouldn’t need the fifth heart. An Ace on the turn was enough to win him the hand. SlippedMe exited Event #44 in 5th place.
There was little to separate the chipstacks going into the final table, but with more than half of the field eliminated a few players began to push ahead. One of them was supergood1, who padded his stack even more by eliminating Ib6121. On a flop of Q-3-J, super played it coy and check-called his opponent’s bet. A Queen on the turn was enough to rouse him from his stupor and encourage him to lead out. Ib6121 wasn’t going anywhere, calling to see a Ten land on the river. Another bet from super prompted a climactic all-in from Ib6121 and a call from supergood1. Ib6121 may have been confident that his A-Q trips were enough to take down the pot, but supergood1 delivered a sucker punch and revealed a rivered gutshot with K-9.
supergood1 was also responsible for the next knockout blow. Up against ImDaNuts preflop, he made a big all-in push which his opponent called. It couldn’t have been more straightforward – A-K for ImDaNuts against 4-4 for supergood1 – and the flop couldn’t have been less helpful. It totally blanked both players to gift even more chips to supergood1 and send ImDaNuts home in 3rd.
When the heads up contest between supergood1 and mviper256 started there were less than 1 million chips separating them. A glance at the form book would not have helped anyone predict a winner either. Neither of these players have posted any big online scores in their short careers, with a few hundred thousand dollars in winnings between them. The winner of Event #44 would gain a huge $120,000 boost to his bankroll.
After a topsy turvy series of hands, it was mviper256 who pulled ahead. Going into the final hand he held a 3-1 chip lead. On an innocuous looking 9-8-4 flop, mviper256 checked, supergood1 raised, and his mviper256 called. A Jack on the turn prompted all kinds of excitement, with mviper256 check-raising supergood1, who responded with an all-in bet. A call from mviper256 revealed that he had hit top-pair on the turn with J-9 and that supergood1 was chasing a gutshot with T-6. Only a 7 on the end would do it for supergood1, and the 9 that eventually fell was categorically not that.
The final table payouts for WCOOP 2010 Event #44 were:
1st place: mviper256 ($120,000.00)
2nd place: supergood1 ($90,000.00)
3rd place: ImDaNuts ($67,500.00)
4th place: lb6121 ($49,312.50)
5th place: SlippedMe ($35,625.00)
6th place: KongenavU ($27,750.00)
7th place: Hulios($20,250.00)
8th place: VARICO ($13,125.00)
9th place: ebandita ($7,500.00)…

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Easy Affiliate Profits Using PPC

PPC is one of the four basic types of Search Engines. PPC is also one of the most cost-effective ways of targeted internet advertising. According to Forbes magazine, PPC or Pay Per Click, accounts to 2 billion dollars a year and is expected to increase to around 8 billion dollars by the year 2008.
Let us take a quick look at how PPC Search Engines work.
These engines create listings and rate them based on a bid amount the website owner is willing to pay for each click from that search engine. Advertisers bid against each other to receive higher ranking for a specific keyword or phrase.
The highest bidder for a certain keyword or phrase will then have the site ranked as number 1 in the PPC Search Engines followed by the second and third highest bidder, up to the last number that have placed a bid on the same keyword or phrase. Your ads then will appear prominently on the results pages based on the dollar amount bid you will agree to pay per click.
How do you make money by using PPC into your affiliate marketing business?
Most affiliate programs only pay when a sale is made or a lead delivered after a visitor has clickthrough your site. Your earnings will not always be the same as they will be dependent on the web site content and the traffic market. For any Translation related help, visit Translation Companies UK

The reason why you should incorporate PPC into your affiliate marketing program is that earnings are easier to make than in any other kind of affiliate program not using PPC. This way, you will be making profit based from the clickthroughs that your visitor will make on the advertiser’s site. Unlike some programs, you are not paid per sale or action.
PPC can be very resourceful of your website. With PPC Search Engines incorporated into your affiliate program, you will be able to profit from the visitor’s who are not interested in your products or services. The same ones who leave your site and never comes back.
You will not only get commissions not only from those who are just searching the web and finding the products and services that they wanted but you will be able to build your site’s recognition as a valuable resource. The visitors who have found what they needed from you site are likely to come back and review what you are offering more closely. Then they will eventually come back to search the web for other products.
This kind of affiliate program is also an easy way for you to generate some more additional revenues. For example, when a visitor on your site does a search in the PPC Search Engine and clicks on the advertiser bided listings, the advertisers’ account will then be deducted because of that click. With this, you will be compensated 30% to 80% of the advertisers’ bid amount.
PPC is not only a source of generating easy profits; it can also help you promote your own site. Most of the programs allow the commissions received to be spent for advertising with them instantly and with no minimum earning requirement. This is one of the more effective ways to exchange your raw visitors for targeted surfers who has more tendencies to purchase your products and services.
What will happen if you when you integrate PPC into your affiliate program?
PPC usually have ready-to-use affiliate tools that can be easily integrated into your website. The most common tools are search boxes, banners, text links and some 404-error pages. Most search engines utilize custom solutions and can provide you with a white-label affiliate program. This enables you, using only a few lines of code, to integrate remotely-hosted co-branded search engine into your website.
The key benefits? Not only more money generated but also some extra money on the side. Plus a lifetime commissions once you have referred some webmaster friends to the engine.
Think about it. Where can you get all these benefits while already generating some income for your site? Knowing some of the more useful tools you can use for your affiliate program is not a waste of time. They are rather a means of earning within an earning.
Best know more about how you can use PPC search engines into your affiliate program than miss out on a great opportunity to earn more profits.…

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Spanish togel Gambling Law Review

Regional governments across Spain have been looking closely at the recent example of Madrid which announced new betting licensing guidelines. Among the regions in which may also be expected to reconsider their laws are Catalonia, the Basque Country, Calabria and Navarre, but operators argue that only a law of truly national scope will allow the provision of remote togel gambling within one of Europe’s most coveted betting markets. Nevertheless Spain has begun what many see as positive move in the direction of a competitive, regulated gambling market.

Poker Plex announces The Mighty MPP Dash
Drive away in a brand new Porsche Boxster car!

It is with great pride and much excitement that Poker Plex announces the launch of its latest and greatest exclusive promotion to date. The Mighty MPP Dash is sure to be the showdown of the year! There are 10 fantastic prizes to play for, the top prize being a Porsche Boxster car! The full list of prizes is as follows;

1. Porsche Boxster1. Porsche Boxster
2. BMW F 650 GS Motorbike
3. Yamaha Quad Bike or Yamaha Jet Ski
4. Bang & Olufsen Beo Centre 2 with BeoLab 4000 Speakers
5. BULGARI Watch
6. 42′ Screen LCD LG TV
7. SONY Laptop
8. BMW Touring Bike
9. Bang & Olufsen Serene Mobile
10. Tag Heuer Watch

The Mighty Dash begins on the 1st March, and will end on the 31st August. All you have to do to be in with a chance to win one of these amazing prizes is play poker online, and collect MPP’s. There will be a leaderboard updated daily to check the latest standings, and the top 10 on the final day will be the big prize winners.

The competition is open to all existing Poker Plex players, and new players are encouraged to register an account now to get in on this great poker steal.

As if all of this were not enough, Poker Plex players can also win seats to some of the great European Poker Tournaments, as well as to the most anticipated event on the poker calendar, the 2007 World Series of Poker. In addition players can take advantage of the $200 monthly bonus. With the recent release of a new software upgrade using state of the art technology, it is no wonder that Poker Plex is the online poker player’s No 1 choice.

Harrah’s Set To Launch World Series of Poker Europe

The World Series of Poker (WSOP), the most prestigious poker tournament, is extending its international reach this year by launching the World Series of Poker Europe, Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. announced today.

The inaugural WSOP Europe is scheduled to debut in London on 6th to 16th September 2007. The new tournament will be held at three casinos operated by London Clubs International – Fifty, Leicester Square and the Sportsman.

“This is the first time bracelet events will be awarded outside of Las Vegas,” said Jeffrey Pollack, World Series of Poker Commissioner. “The World Series of Poker Europe will have a unique identity, style, and flair, but will remain true to the 38-year tradition and heritage of the WSOP.

“This new tournament has been designed with European players in mind, but registrants from every country are welcome,” said Pollack. “We hope it becomes an annual tradition for poker enthusiasts and a home for WSOP fans after the action concludes in Las Vegas each summer.”

“We are honored to host this unique extension of the world’s richest and oldest poker tournament,” said Bill Timmins, chief executive officer of London Clubs International. “As the exclusive offline satellite host, LCI will enable players to compete in our poker rooms in London, Manchester, Nottingham, Southend and Brighton for a seat in every WSOP Europe event.”

The inaugural WSOP Europe begins 6th September, with a three-day, £2,500 (approximately $4,900 U.S.) HORSE event at LCI’s newest casino in Leicester Square, opening in April 2007.

The Leicester Square casino will also be the host casino for a two-day, £5,000 (approximately $9,800 U.S.) Pot-Limit Omaha tournament starting 8th September.

On 10th September, the WSOP Europe Main Event – a six-day, £10,000 (approximately $19,600 U.S.) No-Limit Texas Hold’Em Championship – will begin at LCI’s Leicester Square, The Sportsman, and Fifty. The playing field will be consolidated beginning 13th September at Leicester Square.

Additional information, including structures, payout percentages and satel…

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Is there a way to beat online toto hk?

If you are like many people worldwide, you may have found out that blackjack can be played for any stakes imaginable from the comfort of your personal computer. Online gaming has taken the world by storm and with this rise in popularity players have begun to ask “can online toto hk be beaten?”. Casino goers have been looking for ways to gain an edge in blackjack with the online game being no exception. From card counting techniques to blatant attempts of cheating, players are constantly looking for the edge that will help them leave the casino richer then they came.

One of the most popular ways players attempt to beat the online game is through card counting. Players with exceptional memories can count down the card values dealed as the game progresses, and through process of elimination begin to make the most mathematically profitable betting decisions. Although a popular method online casinos counterattack card counters by implementing multi shoe decks that make card counting much more difficult and nearly impossible for all but the most gifted players. Card counters have not found much success playing the online game and are constantly looking for ways to beat the online game.

Among the more untradtitional techniques used online, many players will attempt to cheat at blackjack online using a wide variety of different methods. Of these various techniques the vast majority are unsuccessful and present a near impossible challenge to most who would try. The greatest chance of beating blackjack a player has is through a flawless strategy which has been written in a wide variety of books since the games rise in popularuty. Players learn the most mathematically sound choice when presented with different hands and situations and make the the bet with highest rate of return, over time this rate can result in considerable profit. So if youre wondering if online blackjack can be beat, the answer is yes, with sound strategy and mathematic the game is won by millions worldwide.

River Belle Casino review

Board The River Belle and go on a magical cruise to riches

Imagine the timeless elegance of the old South combined with secure credit card processing and state-of-the-art 32-bit software. Imagine the warmth of Southern hospitality combined with safe and secure e-cash facilities. Now mix in a host of generous promotions and surprise spot treasures, and you’ve got The River Belle Online Casino.

From the moment you board The River Belle by downloading the free software, your senses will be intoxicated by the lively atmosphere. Get transported to riches by playing for REAL CASH or hone your gaming skills first by playing for fun – the choice is yours. (The odds are as good as, or better than, Vegas. And at a guaranteed 95%, you won’t find higher payouts this side of the Mississippi!)

Best of all, imagine all this excitement taking place in the comfort of your own home … so you are free to play at your convenience and at your own chosen time – without ever having to go out the front door!

All commercial transactions at The River Belle Online Casino are facilitated by Proc-Cyber Services, a well-known and established e-cash merchant. Which means you can rest assured that all your credit card transaction are 100% secured by digital encryption as well as a unique password and account number. (Needless to say, this banking facility is only available to Real Players who wager with Real Money.)

And any time you need help, The River Belle provides a friendly, efficient Support Desk via e-mail and toll-free lines. All members are free to contact them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The Captain and crew know that The River Belle’s paddle only keeps on turning because of their passengers – that’s why they go out of their way to provide everyone on board with the most efficient and enjoyable experience possible. And, perhaps, that’s why The River Belle’s Games Room is always full of loyal and excited patrons – simply enjoying the thrill of online riverboat gaming, or fervently hoping that Lady Luck will smile favorably on them.

Get the feeling that today might just be your lucky day? Then experience a bit of Southern magic yourself. Just imagine that fabulous feeling when you start winning – in the privacy and comfort of your own home! So why wait? Board them now by visiting www.riverbelle.com. It could change your life!…

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Ultimate-Bet Leaderboards – Current Leaders June 12th

Another week has passed, and more prizes have been given out at Ultimate Bet! Every week, Ultimate Bet awards its players with tournament credits and the chance to play heads up with a UB pro for $1,000 or more!

If you recall in last week‘s article, mross01 shot up from 12th place to win the week and was scheduled to take on UB pro Mark “P0ker H0″ Kroon for $3,000. The Ultimate Bet pro’s have been on a rush as of late, winning the last 2 matches, crypto gambling bumping the $1,000 up to $3,000. Well, that was no different this week, and Kroon defeated mross01, keeping the streak alive and increasing next week’s prize pool! Too bad for mross01, but still a great effort and the $1,000 will be added to next Sunday’s game. P0ker H0 has been handling these top MTT pros very well!

Last Wednesday, I showed the current top 10 for the week of June 1 – June 7, and EddyTown21 was sitting in 1st place with 205.98 points. He had a great start to the week, but was by no means guaranteed the win! In second place, royalkc was behind by just one point, and others, such as scottyclark, weren’t far behind either. Could EddyTown21 hold on to the lead? Let’s have a look at the results (to view to complete top 50, check out the June 10th Archive):

scottyclark 374.27 – $4,000 Heads-Up Match
punko 281.26 – $100 TC
blunttman4200 257.79 – $100 TC
gray99 243.10 – $100 TC
krej 241.47 – $100 TC
mattpat 238.80 – $100 TC
Bugga1224 237.89 – $100 TC
shipaholic 236.17 – $100 TC
spades27 226.25 – $100 TC
travelerjbjb 220.17 – $100 TC

Just how does this guy do it? Once again, scottyclark proves his continuing dominance by winning the weekly UB MTT Leaderboard! Last week, he was sitting comfortably in 6th place with 162.05 points, and finished very strong at 374.27. 2nd place finishe, punko, was 93 points behind which was quite the lead. EddyTown21 was unable to add any points at all to his starting lead, and finished in 14th place. Other players such as blunttman4200 in 3rd, krej in 5th, and spades27 in 9th are no strangers to the top 10 either; each having a few top 10 finishes in the past. However, all eyes are on scottyclark once again! This is his 4th win in 8 weeks which is just completely sick.

With this win, scottyclark will be playing this Sunday against a UB pro (currently unknown who) for $4,000! I have to put my money on scottyclark to take home some serious cash! Congratulations to scottyclark, yet again!

Now moving on to the current week, June 8 – June 14, a new name is in the lead, with some old friends not far behind (to see the complete to 50, check out the June 11th Archive):

wheresmydrew 209.79
KC_KID 162.96
fajzher 151.20
CptMotorBoat 148.30
scottythefish 148.04
piscato77 145.52
scottyclark 120.28
TheTartan1 120.25
punko 110.87
BAM11586 100.38

Currently, wheresmydrew is the top dog with 209.79 points. This is the first time I have noticed him in the top 10, and 1st place is a great spot to debut in! There are also a lot of new faces, pretty much everyone except the UB destroyer, scottyclark, in 7th place. We have seen scottyclark come back from worse and win multiple weeks in a row, but for now the pressure is on wheresmydrew. Let’s see if this newcomer can hold on to his lead!

Be sure to check back next week to see the result of scottyclark’s $4,000 heads up match, and for the final results of June 8 – June 14th! Also, if you can’t wait and want to follow the action, check out the Ultimate-Bet Network page where you can find daily updated results under Poker Leaderboards.…

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Review of The Gambler’s Guide to the World

There must be something intrinsic to the human condition that drives us to gamble. Wherever in the world one goes, the folks there will always find something to bet on, some way to make a wager. The languages, the buildings, the customs, even the games may change, but urges are unchanged. At some level we all can feel a primal need to put something of value at risk in order to obtain some reward. In The Gambler’s Guide to the World, gambling fiend Jesse May travels the globe exploring each corner’s casinos and the people who inhabit them.

May doesn’t actually cover the whole world, of course. But he does experience a great deal of it. He divides his attention into five regions, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Russia, and the United States. May is not content to observe these places. He made sure he actually experienced most everything he reports in his book. Therefore, his reports don’t read like an amalgamation of a bunch of travel brochures. When May says the mixed grill at the Coconut Bay Beach Club on Curacao is good food at a good price, it’s safe to assume that this is because the author has sampled it himself.

While this personal touch is nice, it does have some drawbacks. No person on a reasonable budget and schedule can truly be sure what the best item on a restaurant’s menu might be, even if that weren’t horribly subjective, much less come to understand everything valuable there is to know about a region. This is a (one) personal account, and at least as much a story as a travel guide. Therefore, it’s depth of field is necessarily limited, so it won’t be putting the folks at Fodor’s out of business any time soon. This book should be viewed more as a bunch of friendly, but expert, advice rather than a comprehensive travel guide.

Overall, I liked what I read, but I found the regional Slot Gacor reports to be uneven. I liked May’s reports on greater Latin America and Moscow. They were both entertaining and revealing. If I were going to travel to those places, I’d definitely want to at least reread the appropriate sections if I didn’t bring the book along. However, I would have liked to have heard about at least one other destination in Russia besides Moscow, the descriptions of his European escapades seemed comparatively dull and perhaps a bit too poker-centric for much of May’s audience, and there are already a number of good travel guides to Atlantic City and Las Vegas, so I would have rather been able to read about the gambling in Australia, South East Asia, or South Africa than these more familiar places. However, a book advance only goes so far.

May told me a great deal about Atlantic City. It’s clear that he really knows this place, and I’d be likely to take his advice to heart. He has a tougher job in describing Las Vegas, arguably one of the hardest towns to evaluate comprehensively in 70 pages in the entire world, and the only locale I know well enough to feel qualified to debate with Mr. May. While he does a good job identifying many undiscovered gems in this treasure trove, like the sports book at the Las Vegas Hilton, I think he really misses on a lot of them. I’m sorry, but whether one is interested in fine dining, or superb values, in my travel guide the California Pizza Kitchen in the Mirage doesn’t warrant a mention.

If you’re traveling to Central America, South America, the Caribbean or Moscow and are thinking about doing some gambling there, definitely pick this book up. If you enjoy reading about someone else’s exotic adventures, are thinking about a poker tour of Europe, or want a Casino Guide to Atlantic City, this book won’t disappoint.…