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Judging Your Cheri Casino Opponent’s Style

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Even if you’ve just started playing poker, I’m sure you’ve already heard from fellow poker fanatics that if you really want a good chance to win poker games, you have to learn how to bluff. But before you can bluff successfully – you have to know when and who should benefit – or be a victim of, rather – from your bluffing skills. After all, even with the best acting skills in the world – even if you have seven Oscars to your name – your bluffing would amount to no good if you don’t put it into good use.

And how do you achieve that?


By knowing how to judge your Cheri Casino opponents’ playing style in poker, that’s how!


To be able to judge your opponent’s playing style correctly and accurately, you have to make sure that you display the following attributes: keen attention to detail, sharp and alert when it comes to picking up tension (intuitive, in other words) and highly observant.


Next to that is familiarizing yourself with the four common styles of playing.


The Rounder’s Style – The rounder is the name used to refer to poker players who are in possession of exceptional playing skills. They’re good at bluffing, calculating the odds, profiling an enemy and anything and everything that has to do with playing poker. Scary, isn’t it? If you find yourself against a poker player with a rounder’s style of playing, scream and run for your life! No, I’m just kidding. Well, not really. Okay, there are just two things to do when you find yourself facing a rounder: you could either step away from the poker table and just try playing against him next time when you’re more prepared OR go ahead and try to hang on as best as you can. Against a rounder type of poker player, the only hope you have is switching randomly from different playing strategies to keep him guessing.


The Maniac’s Style – Most poker players find themselves infuriated against poker players with a maniac’s style of playing. These poker players are very aggressive in the table, bullies in other words, as they try to raise the ante as much as they can just to force other players into admitting defeat. If you’re fighting against a maniac, just let him do what he wants and never bluff Cheri Casino against him. The right time to make a strike is when you’ve got an unbeatable poker hand. And then match him bet after bet. Chances are, he wouldn’t just back down even if common sense would urge anyone to do so.


The Mouse’s Style – The mouse’s style is easy to recognize: he’s only willing to take a risk when he knows he has an unbeatable hand, and sometimes not even then if you’re very good at using intimidation tactics.


The Calling Station – Need I even elaborate?