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Ultimate-Bet Leaderboards – Current Leaders June 12th

Another week has passed, and more prizes have been given out at Ultimate Bet! Every week, Ultimate Bet awards its players with tournament credits and the chance to play heads up with a UB pro for $1,000 or more!

If you recall in last week‘s article, mross01 shot up from 12th place to win the week and was scheduled to take on UB pro Mark “P0ker H0″ Kroon for $3,000. The Ultimate Bet pro’s have been on a rush as of late, winning the last 2 matches, crypto gambling bumping the $1,000 up to $3,000. Well, that was no different this week, and Kroon defeated mross01, keeping the streak alive and increasing next week’s prize pool! Too bad for mross01, but still a great effort and the $1,000 will be added to next Sunday’s game. P0ker H0 has been handling these top MTT pros very well!

Last Wednesday, I showed the current top 10 for the week of June 1 – June 7, and EddyTown21 was sitting in 1st place with 205.98 points. He had a great start to the week, but was by no means guaranteed the win! In second place, royalkc was behind by just one point, and others, such as scottyclark, weren’t far behind either. Could EddyTown21 hold on to the lead? Let’s have a look at the results (to view to complete top 50, check out the June 10th Archive):

scottyclark 374.27 – $4,000 Heads-Up Match
punko 281.26 – $100 TC
blunttman4200 257.79 – $100 TC
gray99 243.10 – $100 TC
krej 241.47 – $100 TC
mattpat 238.80 – $100 TC
Bugga1224 237.89 – $100 TC
shipaholic 236.17 – $100 TC
spades27 226.25 – $100 TC
travelerjbjb 220.17 – $100 TC

Just how does this guy do it? Once again, scottyclark proves his continuing dominance by winning the weekly UB MTT Leaderboard! Last week, he was sitting comfortably in 6th place with 162.05 points, and finished very strong at 374.27. 2nd place finishe, punko, was 93 points behind which was quite the lead. EddyTown21 was unable to add any points at all to his starting lead, and finished in 14th place. Other players such as blunttman4200 in 3rd, krej in 5th, and spades27 in 9th are no strangers to the top 10 either; each having a few top 10 finishes in the past. However, all eyes are on scottyclark once again! This is his 4th win in 8 weeks which is just completely sick.

With this win, scottyclark will be playing this Sunday against a UB pro (currently unknown who) for $4,000! I have to put my money on scottyclark to take home some serious cash! Congratulations to scottyclark, yet again!

Now moving on to the current week, June 8 – June 14, a new name is in the lead, with some old friends not far behind (to see the complete to 50, check out the June 11th Archive):

wheresmydrew 209.79
KC_KID 162.96
fajzher 151.20
CptMotorBoat 148.30
scottythefish 148.04
piscato77 145.52
scottyclark 120.28
TheTartan1 120.25
punko 110.87
BAM11586 100.38

Currently, wheresmydrew is the top dog with 209.79 points. This is the first time I have noticed him in the top 10, and 1st place is a great spot to debut in! There are also a lot of new faces, pretty much everyone except the UB destroyer, scottyclark, in 7th place. We have seen scottyclark come back from worse and win multiple weeks in a row, but for now the pressure is on wheresmydrew. Let’s see if this newcomer can hold on to his lead!

Be sure to check back next week to see the result of scottyclark’s $4,000 heads up match, and for the final results of June 8 – June 14th! Also, if you can’t wait and want to follow the action, check out the Ultimate-Bet Network page where you can find daily updated results under Poker Leaderboards.…

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Bitcoin Could Top $100,000 in 10 Years, Says Previously Crypto Gambling Analyst

An analyst who, in late 2016, correctly predicted that bitcoin prices would trump $2,000 this year has now forecasted bitcoin price to hit beyond $100,000 in 10 years.

As CCN reported in early December 2016, a “2017 Outrageous Predictions” report by Saxo Bank – a Danish investment and trading institution – made a number of forecasts about stocks, monetary reserves, commodities and banks around the world. In that report, analyst Kay Van-Petersen also called bitcoin to be punching above $2,000 under a Trump administration. On May 21st, bitcoin price struck $2,000 and went on to hit an all-time high above $2,750.

Now, Van-Petersen, who describes himself a skeptic of central banks (the Fed, Bank of Japan and the ECB in particular) and a ‘Bitcoin newbie’, sees more bullish gains for bitcoin over the next decade.

In conversation with CNBC, the analyst sees prices topping $100,000 in ten years and explains the reasons behind his prediction.

Firstly, Van-Petersen sees cryptocurrencies growing tremendously in the global trading market in the coming years. Enough for all cryptocurrencies to equal 10% of the average daily volumes of global fiat currency trading, in 10 years.

“This is not a fad, cryptocurrencies are here to say,” Van-Petersen told the publication.

The average daily volumes of foreign exchange trading scales over $5 trillion in the present day. With this as the scale, Van-Petersen sees cryptocurrencies reaching 10% of that figure, or $500 billion in daily trading, in ten years. If bitcoin – conservatively – totals 35% of the cryptocurrency market share (it currently stands at 45%), daily bitcoin trading volumes would reach $175 billion.

The analyst also sees bitcoin’s market cap to be 10x that of its average daily trading volume in ten years, which would see the cryptocurrency reach a market cap of $1.75 trillion. Divide that figure by an estimated potential 17 million bitcoins in supply in 10 years and each mined bitcoin in circulation would be worth over $100,000.

Van-Petersen sees bitcoin as one of two or three main cryptocurrencies that will dominate in the coming years. “And the reason is the first-mover advantage, the scale and the pioneering,” he added.

While the Crypto Gambling analyst’s prediction is undoubtedly bullish – it represents a 4500% rise from current bitcoin prices – it pales in comparison to that of PayPal director and bitcoin executive Wences Casares. A week ago, Casares, an early tech entrepreneur who is now chief executive at bitcoin wallet Xapo, predicted bitcoin to hit $1 million over the next 5-10 years.

Satoshi Citadel Industries Will Integrate XRP In Remittance And Mobile Money Services

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be familiar with Satoshi Citadel Industries. The company has built up a solid reputation when it comes to blockchain-based services in The Philippines. It appears the group is now working on integrating XRP support in the near future. That is quite an interesting development, to say the least.

SCI Will Support XRP Services Shortly

To put this news into perspective, BuyBitocin.ph will be the first subsidiary to enable XRP trading in the next few weeks. This allows users to buy and sell XRP in exchange for Philippine Pesos. Rebit.ph and Bitbit.cash will enable XRP support in the future as well, although no specific dates have been announced for these platforms.

Given the recent popularity boost of XRP, it is not surprising to learn companies are paying attention once again. Although many people question the use cases for XRP outside of the financial sector, this news goes to show consumer use cases are not hard to find. In fact, these may be the first consumer use cases for XRP we have seen so far. Quite an intriguing development, to say the least.

With financial institutions paying attention to XRP, there is no reason for Bitcoin companies not to do the same. Exchanges are supporting XRP, but that is only a speculative use case.  Using this digital asset for remittance services and mobile money solutions is a whole different ballgame. It will be interesting to see if this news will have any impact on the XRP price over the coming weeks.

Satoshi Citadel Industries firmly believes XRP is a valuable asset. Moreover, they feel XRP can play a major role in the blockchain-based financial ecosystem in The Philippines. Whether or not a lot of people will use XRP for these remittance and mobile money services, remains to be seen. The Philippines is a crucial area for cryptocurrency and digital asset adoption, though. This news may help push the price of XRP back to this previous all-time high in the coming weeks.