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Become the World Champion in A New Ligaz11 Tetris Game

Absolutist.com has released v1.2 of Absolute Tetris Cup


Main features:

* A new kind of tetris with hex figures

* Worldwide Championship via Internet

* Four different games in one

* Various adjustable tournament/training modes


Absolute Tetris Cup allows to play four different kinds of tetris and to take part in the World Championship.


It includes a completely new variant that uses hexagonal figures in place of squares. This change shifts the main skill a player needs from quick reaction to quick thinking and geometric imagination. The classic version of tetris is also included, along with the pentix variations.


Players can choose different skill levels, and switch between tournament and various training modes.


The Internet World Championship will make the Absolute Tetris even more fun for you, if you like to compete not only with computer, but with other players too. The best scores are submitted to the server, and the World Champion is determined once a month.


Other featores:

* Install and Uninstall Support

* Adjustable Glass Dimensions

* Custom sounds

* User-friendly interface

* Technical Support


Rail Empires: Iron Dragon Computer Game Gets Better!


Eden Studios press release — for immediate release


Eden Studios is delighted to report that the latest upgrade of the Rail Empires: Iron Dragon computer game is now available at www.irondragon.org. Rail Empires: Iron Dragon is a game of rail-building set in a fantasy world!


The new version — idpc_1126_all.exe — contains significant new art, as well as a number of code fixes. Also, certain coding changes make it slightly incompatible with prior Ligaz11 versions. In sum, the new upgrade is only offered as a full download (almost 14mgs). It will not be offered as a patch for prior versions. We apologize for the inconvenience to those with low-bandwidth connections, but we hope the performance upgrade inherent in the new version more than makes up for the time spent re-downloading.


As before, all licenses previously purchased will work with the new version.


For those who have been holding off checking out the game, or who have been

anxiously waiting for all the features to be implemented, don’t miss this version.


Among the new improvements and fixes are:

Several minor bugs in the AI have been hunted down to make it even more competitive.

The Reshuffle event card has been added.

Online and ranked play have been improved.

The remaining animations have been included — Underworld torch light, ambient waves, and several events.

An autosave feature has been added, updated at the beginning of each local player’s turn.

The Undo button has been moved away from the Done bottom to avoid premature ending of turns.


This will be the last major upgrade before the CD Master is sent for pressing sometime in the next couple of weeks. The 1126 version substantially completes the RE:ID project features. Periodic bug fix updates will be released in the future as needed.


More information on the CD-ROM version of RE:ID will be distributed as soon as it is available.


Enjoy the game!


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Ligaz11 and Next Project

We are very proud to announce the intended launch of our next project In January 2001 www.pokerschoolonline.com. Read More…


Casino Directory – more information at your fingertips


This week we have updated the Directory section (Casino’s) of Pokerpages.com. When you search for a casino, you can click through on that name to reveal more information on the establishment and what facilities they have, how many poker tables, etc. You can book Flights, Car Hire and Accommodation via the Travel Now links on the side of the page, Just think everything covered for your next trip to the Poker Room. If you look up your local poker room and feel we need to add more information then please email me tina@pokerpages.com


Casino Profiles


We are very pleased to have Jan Fisher on board with the Pokerpages team. She has already started to produce some very interesting interviews and articles about some of the top Poker Establishments in the USA. We have created a new section in the Poker info section where you can find these profiles and have also linked them to the casino’s pages in the directory.


The World Series Warm Up


The software is now loaded onto our servers, and we are in the final stages of testing. We will be hosting a test tournament/s early part of next week, these will be freeroll events, and the top 2 finishers of each event will receive a Pokerpages tee-shirt. This will be for our test purposes and also for the players to become familiar with the software, download etc and the registration process.


This will also give the programmers a little extra time as they are finalizing the satellite facility, which will be available 24/7 where a new satellite ligaz11 tournament will start once the 10 players have booked in, this will give all players from different time zones the chance to play in as many satellites to qualify as necessary. Once you have qualified for the next level, then these weekly Tournaments will be at a structured time, but we are hoping to give some options, depending on numbers.


May we take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience, and I can promise you all that this was definitely something worth waiting for. It is always difficult when dealing with the complexities of software to put a time line on development and stick to it, but we have finally got there, so hang onto your hats as this is going to be the ride of a lifetime.


Real Competition with Play Money


PokerSchool Online brings a competitive edge to its play money site through, rankings, play money bankrolls and leagues.


Rankings: PokerSchool Online ranks it’s members based on the number of games a member has played in. There is an overall ranking that ranks all of the members of the school together and then there are league rankings.


LeaguesLeagues: $2,000 in Sponsorship Awards is available monthly to the top 3 finishers, (and in one case top 5 finishers) in each of our 8 Monthly Sponsorship Leagues. If you want to earn a sponsorship at PSO, you’ll have to prove your worth by joining one of the leagues and be ranked among all of the other members in that league. The competition is stiff as members are allowed to play in only a set number of games to stay in their league.


At the end of the month, the highest ranked members in a particular league will come away with sponsorship points to be put toward a real sponsored seat in any tournament of their choice with a buy-in of $500 or more.


Bankrolls: Play money bankrolls are a reality in PokerSchool. In order to play in a tournament you must pay the buy-in with play money you’ve earned in low buy-in and freeroll tournaments. Players don’t like to lose their bankroll and will play the best game they can to keep it.


PokerSchool Online allows you to expand your game against real people who are making a real effort to win. Normally, for this kind of practice you would have to go to a live casino and play with real money. An expensive way to learn some tough lessons.