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Become the World Champion in A New Ligaz11 Tetris Game has released v1.2 of Absolute Tetris Cup


Main features:

* A new kind of tetris with hex figures

* Worldwide Championship via Internet

* Four different games in one

* Various adjustable tournament/training modes


Absolute Tetris Cup allows to play four different kinds of tetris and to take part in the World Championship.


It includes a completely new variant that uses hexagonal figures in place of squares. This change shifts the main skill a player needs from quick reaction to quick thinking and geometric imagination. The classic version of tetris is also included, along with the pentix variations.


Players can choose different skill levels, and switch between tournament and various training modes.


The Internet World Championship will make the Absolute Tetris even more fun for you, if you like to compete not only with computer, but with other players too. The best scores are submitted to the server, and the World Champion is determined once a month.


Other featores:

* Install and Uninstall Support

* Adjustable Glass Dimensions

* Custom sounds

* User-friendly interface

* Technical Support


Rail Empires: Iron Dragon Computer Game Gets Better!


Eden Studios press release — for immediate release


Eden Studios is delighted to report that the latest upgrade of the Rail Empires: Iron Dragon computer game is now available at Rail Empires: Iron Dragon is a game of rail-building set in a fantasy world!


The new version — idpc_1126_all.exe — contains significant new art, as well as a number of code fixes. Also, certain coding changes make it slightly incompatible with prior Ligaz11 versions. In sum, the new upgrade is only offered as a full download (almost 14mgs). It will not be offered as a patch for prior versions. We apologize for the inconvenience to those with low-bandwidth connections, but we hope the performance upgrade inherent in the new version more than makes up for the time spent re-downloading.


As before, all licenses previously purchased will work with the new version.


For those who have been holding off checking out the game, or who have been

anxiously waiting for all the features to be implemented, don’t miss this version.


Among the new improvements and fixes are:

Several minor bugs in the AI have been hunted down to make it even more competitive.

The Reshuffle event card has been added.

Online and ranked play have been improved.

The remaining animations have been included — Underworld torch light, ambient waves, and several events.

An autosave feature has been added, updated at the beginning of each local player’s turn.

The Undo button has been moved away from the Done bottom to avoid premature ending of turns.


This will be the last major upgrade before the CD Master is sent for pressing sometime in the next couple of weeks. The 1126 version substantially completes the RE:ID project features. Periodic bug fix updates will be released in the future as needed.


More information on the CD-ROM version of RE:ID will be distributed as soon as it is available.


Enjoy the game!


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My Favorite Low Limit 7 Card Stud Hand

I love to hear “this game is all luck” and “the cards make the player look good” at the poker table because that tells you that the players are the “kitchen table players” that people all $1-$5 games. This hand happened a couple of years ago but is my all-time favorite because it points up some of the weaknesses of the kitchen table crowd.

A woman sat down who I knew was a kitchen table type from having been at her table a few times. She claimed to have won $351 last weekend at Trop. If she did it must have been all luck. In this particular hand she proved how bad a player she is. I start with rolled up Jacks, I am in the #2 seat. Two Queens are on the board, the Greek is next to me in #1 has a King showing. The lady in question in #3 has a King showing. I go in at a $1 as do six of the eight players.

On fourth street, I get a King and the lady gets a queen. Note that two Queens went down in the six and seven seat on third street. Two Kings are accounted for, me and the Greek in #1. The lady leads with her K, Q with a three dollar bet. The four seat folds, the eight seat raises $5 to $8 the Greek calls and I reraise making it thirteen. The lady calls and eight seat calls, the other two drop. Already a nice pot for 1-5. The eight seat had a nine showing and got the fourth Jack on fourth street. On fifth I get an eight. The lady leads with $5 , eight raises to $10 and I reraise to $15, the lady CALLS! And the eight reraises (now capped) I call as does the lady.

On sixth street I get another eight and the lady gets a nine! Now I lead with $5, she calls, eight raises, I reraise she calls and eight stands up to look at my hand and raises (now capped) the lady, true to form, CALLS. I don’t care what I get on the river and don’t remember what it was. I bet $5, the lady CALLS the eight raises and I reraise, eight takes another look at my hand and calls and the lady CALLS. I turn over Jacks full and the eight says he was rolled up with nines and didn’t fill.

Now the good part, the lady says if I got a King or a Queen I would’ve beaten both you guys! She had Kings and Queens a deader than dead hand, the only thing that would have beaten me and allowed her to stay in would be Aces full since no Aces showed any where.

I smiled and almost said, your hand was dead on fifth street. How could she miss the two queens going down when she held one in her hand with a pair of kings. How could she call all those raises with only and I mean only two pair, even if they weren’t real dead I would figure I’m in bad shape and get out early on, unless I had Aces but that would mean she didn’t have another pair.

What are these Slot Gacor people looking at, certainly not the board. However, she enabled me to win the hand when she got the nine which would have given the eight seat four nines. The guy sees my Jack and probably figures he has one and I couldn’t have three but I raised him! Thank God for these people, please keep playing like that I love those big pots. I’m sure that lady still feels she could have won that hand if she only got a King or Queen.

Later she left the table going all in on a flush she had in five cards and the guy in seven seat reraised her with a pair of tens showing. Of course the gentleman had filled up on fifth but she had a flush. She makes the comment “when you lose with a flush it is time to leave’ No when you call bets with dead and losing hands it is time to go to the ATM machine and come back and give us some more, please.

She’s Back

Two weeks later I am seated in the 8 seat and low and behold look who is in number 1, our friend who two weeks ago was looking for a dead Queen or King against my full house. After winning a couple of pots from people who were over aggressive with weak hands, I went into action with split tens and a six ( not my usual prime starting hand but due to table conditions worth a try) $1 to get in, four or five callers.

On fourth street I get a six but a ten goes to the lady in #1. I bet $5, figuring I need to get everyone out to have a chance with these two medium pair. Well I get four callers, that’s $1-$5. Next card the lady gets a Jack (she now shows Jack Ten and King unsuited. A six goes to the next player but low and behold I get a ten (the case, but now I’m full in five cards) I bet $5 the lady calls (what else) and one other player calls.

On sixth street she gets an Ace; now all you scholars out there what do you think she has? I have the lead and bet $5 the lady raises to ten. The other player drops and I calmly reraise to fifteen, I hear her mumble and call. We go to seventh and I kick in my $5 bet about the time the seventh card hits the table. She calls and says Ace high straight. I calmly say tens full and two people say lowly “he had it in five cards” The lady is very perturbed and picks up and leaves the table. I can only smile. Wish she had stayed.



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UFA Wilson Software

As PokerPages unveils its virtual shopping mall, we would like to welcome our newest retail shop on board. Wilson software, presenting some of the finest educational poker software available, opened its doors just last week. For more than a decade, the Wilson Turbo Series has offered a quality product with real life simulation. Many players vow that this software has given them the edge to make them excellent players.

Bob Wilson has been an expert in computer software development since the mid 60’s and Carol Wilson is the glue that makes the business successful. I have visited with both of them on the phone and have to tell you that they are a joy to spend time with.

Both Bob and Carol play UFA poker and enjoy the game tremendously. Bob began “dabbling” in poker during his wild and crazy teenage years, but learned how to truly play the game while serving time in the Navy and sailing the Mediterranean. Both Bob and Carol enjoy tournament play in Hold’em and Omaha, but prefer Omaha high and Omaha 8 all the way. While playing Texas Hold’em in the 80’s, Bob wanted to analyze some situations. He admits he first wrote a “dumb” showdown simulator and was very disappointed in its usefulness. He had begun the project wanting to develop a program to simulate real play. After that first attempt, he designed and wrote version 1 of Turbo Hold’em. He was so pleased with the analytical capability the software obtained that he decided to bring it to market in 1989. This was the birth of Wilson software as we know it today.

I asked Bob what his dream job would be and he quickly responded.”I am doing it.” That is beyond doubt the “American” dream come true. Taking an idea and running with it, growing it and nurturing it, while making it a success creates the perfect work environment. If that isn’t enough to make this couple happy, they also live in one of the most beautiful states around. Arizona offers the Wilson family summers in the mountains and winters in Tucson.

As the Wilson Turbo Series grows in both power and sophistication, Bob and Carol acknowledge the benefit of the input and advice of fellow poker players. The feedback they solicit and receive enables them to create the preeminent software available today. Bob would like to personally thank Mr. Mike Gilbert, a professional player in the L.A. area for the many years of assistance and support. It is our hope here at PokerPages that new players will find this software the perfect addition to enhancing their game.


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Ligaz11 and Next Project

We are very proud to announce the intended launch of our next project In January 2001 Read More…


Casino Directory – more information at your fingertips


This week we have updated the Directory section (Casino’s) of When you search for a casino, you can click through on that name to reveal more information on the establishment and what facilities they have, how many poker tables, etc. You can book Flights, Car Hire and Accommodation via the Travel Now links on the side of the page, Just think everything covered for your next trip to the Poker Room. If you look up your local poker room and feel we need to add more information then please email me


Casino Profiles


We are very pleased to have Jan Fisher on board with the Pokerpages team. She has already started to produce some very interesting interviews and articles about some of the top Poker Establishments in the USA. We have created a new section in the Poker info section where you can find these profiles and have also linked them to the casino’s pages in the directory.


The World Series Warm Up


The software is now loaded onto our servers, and we are in the final stages of testing. We will be hosting a test tournament/s early part of next week, these will be freeroll events, and the top 2 finishers of each event will receive a Pokerpages tee-shirt. This will be for our test purposes and also for the players to become familiar with the software, download etc and the registration process.


This will also give the programmers a little extra time as they are finalizing the satellite facility, which will be available 24/7 where a new satellite ligaz11 tournament will start once the 10 players have booked in, this will give all players from different time zones the chance to play in as many satellites to qualify as necessary. Once you have qualified for the next level, then these weekly Tournaments will be at a structured time, but we are hoping to give some options, depending on numbers.


May we take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience, and I can promise you all that this was definitely something worth waiting for. It is always difficult when dealing with the complexities of software to put a time line on development and stick to it, but we have finally got there, so hang onto your hats as this is going to be the ride of a lifetime.


Real Competition with Play Money


PokerSchool Online brings a competitive edge to its play money site through, rankings, play money bankrolls and leagues.


Rankings: PokerSchool Online ranks it’s members based on the number of games a member has played in. There is an overall ranking that ranks all of the members of the school together and then there are league rankings.


LeaguesLeagues: $2,000 in Sponsorship Awards is available monthly to the top 3 finishers, (and in one case top 5 finishers) in each of our 8 Monthly Sponsorship Leagues. If you want to earn a sponsorship at PSO, you’ll have to prove your worth by joining one of the leagues and be ranked among all of the other members in that league. The competition is stiff as members are allowed to play in only a set number of games to stay in their league.


At the end of the month, the highest ranked members in a particular league will come away with sponsorship points to be put toward a real sponsored seat in any tournament of their choice with a buy-in of $500 or more.


Bankrolls: Play money bankrolls are a reality in PokerSchool. In order to play in a tournament you must pay the buy-in with play money you’ve earned in low buy-in and freeroll tournaments. Players don’t like to lose their bankroll and will play the best game they can to keep it.


PokerSchool Online allows you to expand your game against real people who are making a real effort to win. Normally, for this kind of practice you would have to go to a live casino and play with real money. An expensive way to learn some tough lessons.





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Rapping With Keith Furlong

In the absence of a worldwide consumer protection policy for Internet gambling, somebody’s got to step in between players and online gambling services in the event of a dispute. Keith Furlong, deputy executive director of the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) is often that person.

The IGC, a trade association for the Internet gambling industry, has established guidelines for running online gambling businesses fairly. One of Furlong’s chief tasks has been making sure the guidelines are being followed. If you file a complaint with the IGC regarding unfair practices, it will more than likely land in his hands.

Q: Can you provide a synopsis of the IGC’s Seal of Approval?

A: As the IGC has evolved, the association has recognized the need to provide industry 789betting members with an accreditation that the public will recognize and trust. The Seal of Approval (SOA) program allows operators to display a seal that indicates to consumers the site’s willingness to adhere to a new, higher level of compliance as a supplement to existing government regulatory regimes.

The Seal is an actual logo that is placed on interactive gambling sites to symbolize a willingness of the operator to adhere to a higher level of integrity and responsibility. The logo is currently served from a dedicated third-party server in order to protect, to the best of our technical abilities, its authenticity and to allow for instantaneous removal of the seal should the IGC revoke its approval.

The program allows players to have some reassurance that Internet gaming sites that display the IGC’s SOA logo have agreed to higher standards, a strong code of conduct and random monitoring by a third-party industry association.

The program also provides an important mechanism for dissatisfied players in the form of dispute resolution. The SOA establishes a system where a designated compliance officer can intervene and mediate a resolution when there is evidence that any attempted resolution, between a Seal of Approval member site and the consumer, has not been effective.

Q: How many sites currently display the seal?

A: The first sites to participate in the program and display the seal are,,,,, and

Q: Can you briefly explain the IGC’s procedure for fielding consumer complaints?

A:Players with complaints about online gaming operators should bring their complaints directly to the IGC. They can submit them directly at the IGC web site.

Our goal is to work with both players and site operators to come to a diplomatic resolution as expediently as possible. With limited resources, however, there are occasions where the response time may not be as rapid as one would ideally like.

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to summarize the SOA compliant review process. The important point, in our opinion, is that there is a process that exists for mediating complaints with regard to SOA members.

Q: How do you deal with disputes in which players are accusing casinos of cheating while casinos say it’s the players who are cheating?

A: The IGC ultimately has little authority over the manner that member companies respond to consumer complaints. That being said, IGC member companies work with the IGC on player complaints as a means toward increasing credibility within the Internet gambling industry. In addition, under the Seal of Approval program, applicants agree to adhere to a dispute resolution process for player complaints.

In our opinion, the Seal of Approval program provides an important mechanism for dissatisfied players in the form of dispute resolution, establishing a system where a designated compliance officer, initially the IGC Executive Director, can intervene and mediate a resolution when there is evidence that any attempted resolution, between a Seal of Approval member site and the consumer, has not been effective.

Q: What can be done to resolve the bonus abuse situation (in which players register numerous accounts at online gambling sites so they can cash in on multiple signup bonuses)? Has the IGC developed a policy for keeping this from happening again?

A: While the IGC is confident that our members provide, and will continue to provide, responsible and fair promotions, it is important to point out that there will always be players anxious for the opportunity to corrupt a promotional system, especially since there is the potential to profit.

For example, last summer Casino Fortune and Casino Mapau ran an automated promotional program that was victim to player abuse. According to a Casino Fortune representative, one or more people generated a series of inappropriate claim numbers and posted the link and claim numbers of the unpublicized ones on various Internet message boards. As soon as this activity was discovered, the promotion was shut down. The individual who posted the claim numbers can claim responsibility for ruining this promotion opportunity for honest players.

While the difficulty often arises because of the scrupulous activities of a few players, the process of dealing with these problems, jointly, is akin to growing pains associated with our expanding industry.

Q: What’s the most ridiculous complaint you’ve heard?

A: Good question. The player who submitted a complaint directly against the IGC has to rank as one of the most ridiculous complaints that I have witnessed. The player claimed to have deposited monies and placed real wagers with the IGC, at our web site. I had to gently explain that he/she was incorrect because the IGC is not an Internet gaming site, and there is technically no way to place wagers or play games with us.

Q: Do you have any advice for avoiding sites that could be trouble?

A: I would advise players to avoid sites that do not have information about licensing or readily accessible customer service contact numbers. The smart play is to do some due diligence before placing real wagers with an online gaming site.

Ask questions such as, Where is the casino site licensed? Are there responsible player protections required in the licensing jurisdiction? Can you easily contact customer service? Are rules and regulations of the site clearly stated? Is the site registered with the IGC or other reputable organization?…

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Spider-Man Strikes

I was minding my own business one day a few weeks back when Creative Artists Agency (CAA) agent Nick Styne, who represents Cameron Diaz, Luke Wilson, and many other top stars, e-mailed me to ask about a hand that Tobey Maguire played against me. The e-mail read, “Was it a jackpot hand?”


I wondered, “How is it possible that Nick knows the details of this hand?”


It turns out that I have finally arrived … yeah, right! You see, I made Page 6 of the New York Post — which I had never heard of, but is supposed to be a big deal — where it was written: “A spy told me that Tobey crippled cantankerous poker pro Phil Hellmuth Jr. when his four of a kind beat Hellmuth’s full house at the WPT’s (World Poker Tour) Mirage championship no-limit hold’em tournament. Hellmuth responded by throwing a tirade.”


Well … not exactly. I mean, Tobey did beat my full house with four of a kind — and yes, Nick, it was a jackpot hand. (And my wife and I agree that cantankerous is a good word to describe me!) However, as far as throwing a tirade goes, even though I have thrown far too many in my poker life, I didn’t throw one in this case. Instead, I said, “Nice hand, Tobey.” You see, I didn’t feel that Tobey did anything wrong, and I happen to like him, as well. By all accounts, he is a good guy.


With the blinds at $100-$200 and a $25 ante, Tobey opened for $600 with the Aspades Qhearts. A few players passed, and then I made it $1,500 to go with the Kspades Khearts. Tobey called. The flop came down Adiamonds Aclubs 4diamonds, and he bet out $3,000. These days, it seems like no one ever actually plays a hand straight up, especially by making a big pot-sized bet when hitting a monster hand. Thus, I didn’t think Tobey would bet $3,000 into a $3,000 pot with an ace in his hand. So, I called the bet, with plans of who knows what on fourth street.


The 8clubs came off on the turn, and Tobey bet out $4,000. I called one more time, but began to strongly suspect that he had an ace. I was thinking I would dump my hand on the river for a big bet, or, less likely, call him down, depending on my read. The last card sealed my fate when the case ace hit the board (A-A-4-8-A). Now, I had an unbeatable hand, unless of course Tobey had the last ace. He bet out $5,000, and I studied briefly and decided that I couldn’t fold my hand at this point. In fact, I probably would have called a bigger bet.


Afterward, Tobey berated himself, saying, “I should have bet poker online more on the end, because there’s no way you could have folded, and you had only $5,000 left. I really should have busted you.” True, he should have busted me, but it is possible (but not likely) that I would have folded on the end for a $10,000 bet? For $5,000, I didn’t even study him, which was a mistake, even though I don’t think I could have folded anyhow.…

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The First Isle of Man Licensee Goes Online for Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya

The first Isle of Man-licensed online casino has gone live. SunOnline on Thursday launched Casino Atlantis, ushering in a new era of regulated online gaming.

Critics of online wagering have argued that Internet casinos do not do enough to block ineligible players and that money laundering is rampant in unlicensed offshore operations.

Licensing schemes in other first world nations haven’t been successful to date, but Isle of Man licenses may be the first step in minimizing or even eliminating most of these problems. And these licenses may open the door for other reputable jurisdictions to offer their own licenses.

The new casino is part of the Bahamas-based Sun International Hotels conglomerate that was responsible for the Sun City and Atlantis developments in South Africa and the Bahamas, respectively.

The site is modeled after Sun’s Atlantis property, and promises customers “all the style and flair of Atlantis.” Software was developed by Boss Media; there are 15 games to choose from with both download/no download options. In addition to the English-language casino, there are also Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese versions of the site.

More importantly – from an industry perspective at least – there are several provisions to block prohibited players in accordance with the Isle of Man’s strict licensing regulations.

Players from Austria, the Bahamas, China, Germany, Sweden, and the U.S., among others, are banned from playing at the site, as are players under the age of 18.

Other stipulations of the licensing agreement include reviewed payouts and Togel Hongkong games that are independently tested for fairness. PriceWaterhouse Coopers and Technical Systems Testing handle these jobs.

There are also provisions to protect players. The most important of these is a £2 million (~US$2.9 million) bond set aside by each licensee to guarantee payouts to the winners.

SunOnline CEO Tobin Prior told Net Imperative, “It is the only online casino that boasts similar standards of regulation to those required for the operation of a traditional casino. We spent more than a year developing the technology behind the innovative processes designed to limit underage gaming, credit card fraud and play from illegal jurisdictions.”

Sun is one of three gaming companies that were issued these precedent-setting casino licenses last September, but it holds the distinction of being the first to gets its casino up and running.

Littlewoods Leisure and MGM Mirage, the other two license recipients, are expected to launch their own casinos before the end of this year. The Isle of Man government plans to issue another nine licenses in the near future.

All three companies are hoping that their long-standing reputations in the land-based gaming world will transfer over to the Net and enable them to take a large chunk of this multi-billion dollar pie. They aren’t likely to be disappointed.…

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iCrystal Slot Online Casino Software Receives High Marks

SURREY, British Columbia — iCrystal Inc. (OTCBB:ICRS), a Surrey, Canada-based designer, developer and worldwide licensor of Internet-based lottery and casino gaming software is please to announced the successful release of the newest version of its virtual casino gaming software, “iCrystal Virtual Casino 4.01.”

iCrystal’s virtual casino licensees have reported an approximate 20% increase in revenues since upgrading to Version 4.01.

“The Company’s launch of this new version of its software to the existing licensees earlier this year has resulted in more attractive and entertaining gaming sites, which has increased the bottom line for our customers, which in turn, has increased iCrystal’s bottom line,” stated Derek Bodnarchuk, president.

“We are proud to be providing our new Version 4.01 software and are excited about the positive responses received from our licenses. The new version makes our licenses’ Web sites more entertaining and our licensees are reporting a substantial increase in revenues,” stated Larry Hrabi, CEO.

Management anticipates these encouraging results will facilitate negotiations with other potential licensees and substantially increase revenues.

iCrystal Inc. is a designer, developer and licensor of Internet-based lottery, roulette and casino gaming software. iCrystal provides its licensees with complete turn-key solutions to the Internet gaming industry. Its casino software features include integrated secure credit card processing and user friendly reporting tools. Through iCrystal’s Master Licensee, the Company can assist in providing its licensees with hosting and effective marketing strategies. The Company’s reliable and timely solutions tailored to ease of use and customized gaming variety has contributed to the ability of iCrystal’s software packages to generate immediate revenue.

To date, the Company has invested over $5,000,000.00 (US) in the research, development and acquisition of state-of-the-art gaming software and technologies geared towards the Internet. Our primary focus is to supply the demand for superior products targeted towards specific niche markets and ultimately provide the customer with a unique and memorable gaming experience.

Chartwell Reports Increased Revenue

CALGARY,Canada — Chartwell Technology Inc. (TSX-VEN: CWH) a leading provider of gaming and information systems for companies engaged in the Internet gaming industry, announces financial results for the three and six months ended April 30, 2002.

Total revenues for the second quarter of 2002 increased 44% to $865,810 compared to $601,817 in the same period of 2001. For the six months ended April 30, 2002, the Company’s total revenues increased 22% to $1,273,153 compared to $1,044,355 for the prior year period. The Company’s focus on attracting established gaming clients, particularly in Europe, has had a very positive effect on the recurring license fee component of total revenue. License fee revenue for the second quarter rose 243% to $538,403 compared to $157,185 in the same quarter of 2001. For the six months ended April 30, 2002, the Company’s license fee revenue was $876,305 representing a 123% increase over the prior year period. Recurring revenue increased 59% on a quarter on quarter basis.

Expenses for the second quarter were up 65% to $1,434,034 compared to $867,348 in the same period of 2001. For the six months ended April 30 2002, expenses increased 37% to $2,618,223. The increases in expenses are attributed to continued development of the Company’s casino gaming systems including the release of our newest Flash Slot Online games. Higher expenses also reflect software development costs related to our new multiplayer games; bingo and poker for expansion into new gaming verticals, regulatory compliance related software development projects and R&D; in the field of new games, systems and platforms to maintain the Company’s lead in providing the most flexible software solutions available.

The loss for the period was $568,224 a decrease of 27% compared with our loss in the previous quarter. Chartwell ended the quarter with a strong working capital position of $ 6,130,496.

“We are beginning to see the results of our focused campaign to attract the larger, established gaming companies,” states Darold H. Parken, President and CEO of Chartwell. “As these clients continue to establish their brands online and as we continue add more established gaming clients, we anticipate strong growth in the recurring revenue component of our total revenue stream. The outlook for the remainder of 2002 remains very positive and our new development initiatives in the wireless and interactive TV areas represent tremendous potential for Chartwell’s future.”




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Law School Holds Forum on Togel Poker and the Law

Lawyers, a pro gambler, and a lobbyist discuss online gambling


Poker players and lawyers gathered around a table last night—sans cards—to discuss everything from legal issues to card strategy in a forum on poker held at Harvard Law School (HLS).

The event, “Going All In: Poker and The Law”, drew together two lawyers, a lobbyist, and a professional gambler together to discuss poker and the law.


Panelists focused their discussion on an issue that has caused a bout of controversy in the legal world recently: the legality of online gambling.


Dan Walsh, a lobbyist for internet poker and casino gambling in Washington who sat on the panel, called the online poker issue a “legally gray area” that will require time before a legal consensus can be reached.


“The vast majority of people think that internet gambling should be legal,” he said. “Sooner or later, I think the U.S. government will need to come around on it.”


Shaun Clark, counsel to the World Poker Tour (WPT)—a high stakes poker tournament aired on television—said the difficulty in locating online gambling criminals has made current laws hard to enforce.


”The guys that are running these internet Togel hari ini sites are running them off-shore, which makes it extremely difficult to track,” he said.


Panelists also criticized rules that organizations and casinos are imposing on poker enthusiasts.


At one point, panelist Andy Bloch, a professional poker player and 1999 HLS graduate, presented a copy of a contract that he signed in order to participate in the WPT. He said he had crossed out areas on the document that he deemed illegal to protest the organization’s constraints on participants’ rights to gamble outside of the WPT.


“The contract basically says ‘If you want to play in our tournaments…then you also have to give up all of these other rights,’” Bloch said, adding that professional poker players are making efforts to organize into a union of sorts.


But legal talk didn’t dominate the night—the collection of expert poker players present offered their guidance to enthusiasts in the audience seeking tips.


Bloch said “aggression” was what pushed him to the finals of major poker tournaments. “Being the first one to take the step out is a very good strategy,” he said.


The event was moderated by Weld Professor of Law Charles R. Nesson ’60. In his closing remarks, Nesson offered his own viewpoint on the poker debate.


“It’s so much an American thing,” Nesson said. “The idea that it’s illegal is offensive to me.”


Nesson also said that as a student at HLS in the 1960s, one former professor recommended that playing bridge was the best way to prepare for law school.


“A lot of good learning is about strategy, especially in deal-making,” said Regan A. Smith, a second-year law student. “Getting good at poker is a way to sharpen those tools.”


Adam M. Burrows, a second-year HLS student who organized the event, said the forum confirmed his hypothesis that there is a connection between the law profession and poker.


“I think it’s interesting how a lot of the players you hear about recently are lawyers,” he said. “Somehow I think there’s a tie between poker and legal professionals.”



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One down and we haven’t kicked Domino QQ Online off!

Three of my favourite books Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, The Trial by Franz Kafka and Rates of Exchange by Malcolm Bradbury. Imagine if you merged these three and moved the setting to Central Africa. I wonder what would happen? Of course they are all works of fiction but This is Africa.

My journey took a familiar path starting with playing Domino QQ Online the evening before, calling into the pub afterwards and walking into town to catch the 23.30 bus to Heathrow.

The weather forecast is currently grim and snow is expected. News reached me earlier in the day that 80 flights from Heathrow had already been cancelled.

As the coach was leaving Milton Keynes a passenger shouted to the driver. “The luggage side door is still open.” He quickly stopped and closed the door.

Spent the journey waiting for us to hit the bad weather. On the M1 after Milton Keynes the gritters were out, but I could see by the signs saying 18 miles in 18 minutes that traffic was flowing.

We made it to Heathrow on schedule with no sign of any bad weather whatsoever.

I was the only passenger getting off at Terminal 4. The bus driver had a perplexed looked as he searched for my luggage. “You don’t think I’d put anything in there do you?” I said.

At Heathrow as we were about to board I was asked for my visa, which I duly provided and was allowed to proceed.

I mentioned the visa process earlier and had advised a friend what to do. He chose to ignore me after he had booked his flight and received an accreditation to act as a photographer at the tournament. He wasn’t allowed to board his plane and won’t be coming.

Changed planes in Paris, no one asked to see my visa. This is France.

We waited over an hour on the runway as the plane was de-iced.

Upon arrival in Libreville the plane seemed to take a swerve that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang would have been proud of. But we emerged unscathed ready for the next challenge to collect the visa.

We were ushered from one queue to another and eventually a hand took my passport along with my paper confirmation of my evisa.

I could see a pile of passports on a desk the other side of the glass and photocopies being taken. We all waited, impatiently as time passed. It was 90 minutes after we landed before we were reunited.

The next day I met a German friend who had arrived that morning after missing his connection in Paris, by seconds – I didn’t make it worse and tell him about the de-icing. He had been rerouted via Morocco and arrived at 4am. He applied for his visa at the airport!