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Craps developed out of the old English game hazard, which came to America in the early eighteenth century. Hazard proved too tedious for American


players, so the rules were altered, after which the game’s popularity soared. Now at least 50 million players annually bet over $200 million on craps. With its exciting and fast play, this game often attracts a huge crowd to watch the action.


A craps table is shaped like a large billiards table, with a sunken surface. A layout printed on the table illustrates all possible bets (see figure). The main elements in craps are the dice, the shooter who throws the dice, and the number seven. The new shooter begins the game by throwing the dice across the table until they hit the far wall and bounce to show a number. Seven is the most frequently thrown number because it can be produced by more combinations than any other number. The number seven is also important in craps as it relates to the “point”Casino craps graphic – craps table and the “come-out roll.” The point is a four, five , six, eight, nine, or ten rolled in a come-out. And the come-out is the most important roll of the game. It determines the outcome of most of the wagers and occurs in a variety of ways: after a new shooter arrives; when a seven, eleven, two, three, or twelve is rolled; if the point is established and repeated before a seven is rolled; or if a shooter “sevens out” or rolls a seven before repeating the point. The dice pass to a new shooter when the previous shooter commits a seven out. However, players may relinquish the option of shooting, voluntarily giving up the dice before the end of their turn, if they choose. There are many wagers in craps. The following will touch on the main bets as played in American casino craps.


Line bets, placed on either the pass line or the don’t pass line, are the most popular. These bets occur before the come-out roll. The pass line bet wins if a seven or eleven is rolled on the come-out, or if a point is established and repeated before a seven appears. The bettor loses if a shooter “craps out” (a two, three, or twelve is rolled on the come-out), or a seven appears before the point is repeated. Don’t pass line bets, essentially the reverse of pass line bets, win if a two or a three is rolled on the come-out, or a seven shows before the point is repeated. The bettor loses if a seven or eleven appears on the come-out, or a point repeats itself before a seven. If a twelve is rolled, the bettor neither wins nor loses.


Come and don’t come TOGEL HONGKONG bets receive much less play or action since many players feel unsure about how to place them. These bets are similar to the pass line and don’t pass line bets, only they occur after the come-out roll instead of before. A come bet wins on a seven or eleven and loses on two, three, or twelve. If any other number, referred to as the “come number,” appears, the dealer moves the wager to the corresponding place-number box on the layout. Then the wager wins if the come number repeats before a seven. Don’t come wagers win if a two or three is rolled, and lose if a seven or eleven is rolled. A twelve results in neither a win nor loss. Otherwise, the chips go into the place- number box corresponding to the come number. The wager wins if a shooter rolls a seven before the come number.


The craps table is usually the most active table in the casino with just as many people playing as standing around observing. Players tend to let loose and the dealers become part of the excitement, helping to produce a raucous atmosphere at a table.




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The Casino’s Advantage with Togel Singapore



All successful casino players understand the advantage of each game. The best place to start here is with the casino advantage, this is made up of two components, the first and easiest to understand is when you lose. When you lose a bet it is lost, its as simple as that.


The second part of this is what you lose when you win? Sounds strange I know, how can you lose when you win. This is all to do with the payout you receive and if that is a fair payout or not. For example a fair payout for a $1 wager on roulette is $37, however, the casino only pays out $35, it keeps the $2, you can think of it like a tax. This $2 disappears into the vaults of the casino, most people don’t even realize or care, they are happy because they have won. This is how the casino makes its money, different games have different payout percentages so some are more profitable for the casino than others.


What you need to know is how much is this hidden tax and what you can do to reduce it. Because the lower you reduce this tax or casino advantage, the greater will be your chances of winning more or at least minimizing your losses.


The following table summarizes the casino’s advantage for games where a player with a little luck has a good chance of winning. A positive casino advantage means the casino has the edge. A negative casino advantage implies the player has the better of it. Most casino games have several different types of wagers, which is why you see a range of casino advantage for most games.


The following games are the ones with the lowest potential casino advantage:


These are the Togel Singapore casino games, which offer you the highest potential of maximizing your winnings or minimizing your losses, and should be a part of every player’s game plan.


  • Blackjack (with at least basic playing strategy)


  • Craps (but only specific bets)


  • Pai Gow Poker


  • Baccarat


  • Roulette (European)


  • Video Poker (full pay machines with expert strategy)


  • Slots (only at high payout Casino’s)


The following games are the ones with the highest potential casino advantage:


These are the worst games you can play at a casino, in all of these games the house advantage is higher than 3%


  •  Keno


  • Double zero Roulette


  • Caribbean Poker


  • Blackjack with no basic strategy


  • Craps – Middle bet


  • Video poker with no strategy


  • Slot machines with less than 98% payback


  • Sic Bo


  • Let It Ride


  • Red Dog





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Playing Generasitogel Poker On the Internet – Good Idea or Not?



Over the last decade or so, poker (especially Texas Hold’em) has become highly popular all over the world. Every casino now has an active poker room and they are usually quite crowded. Online, people have flocked to sites that allow them to play poker games. But is it a good idea to play poker games at such sites?


For the most part, the answer is yes. Not all of us live within driving distance of a casino, and many other do not have friends they cannot play with. Even if they do, your friends may be casual player and depending on their experience level, it may or may not be interesting or challenging enough for you to play against them. And lastly, unless you play with real chips and for real money, playing the game may not feel as thrilling. Not to mention, when people aren’t playing for real money, the manner in which they play the game will differ quite a bit.


When you go online, however, there are a couple advantages. First, at many online casinos, you will be able to play for real money. This will typically require you to make a deposit using a credit card or using a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. (For a list of online poker sites that allow you to play bitcoin poker, head to this site.)


In addition, you will be able to find people at your general skill level by choosing how much to bet. On the whole, the less experienced players will be betting less per hand. By choosing a table with a higher limit, you may have a more enjoyable time playing against people of your skill level.


The only downside is that playing any game online won’t be quite as engaging as a live game. But that said, if you don’t have any other options for playing poker games, then going online is one way to get your poker fix and have an overall good time.


Madgambler started as a directory-style Generasitogel gambling information site in 1999, but has since grown into a general shopping and news site dedicated to providing information to online consumers. Some of the things we cover include online coupons, discount shopping, online dating, shopping tips, and other topics related to buying products and services online.


In addition to videos, we will be adding articles and other features in the near future to help you become a better online shopper. When you shop online, it is important to protect yourself from any type of fraud. For this reason, we encourage you, first and foremost, to read this article about how to protect yourself when shopping online.…

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Time to Double Down on Internet Togel Singapore Gambling?



mid the recent hullabaloo over the United States’ trade agreement with South Korea, the unveiling of the Democrats’ plans for trade policy, and new legal cases on intellectual property rights and countervailing duties on goods from China, another important development in U.S. trade policy has gone largely unnoticed. On March 30, a World Trade Organization tribunal handed down a potentially significant finding against U.S. restrictions on internet gambling.


The panel was set up at the request of Antigua and Barbuda, who complained that the United States had not complied with the WTO’s earlier decision that it must change the way it regulates gambling over the internet. The previous ruling, in April 2005, found that while the United States was within its rights to restrict the import of goods and services on “public morals” grounds, as it had argued in its defense, those rules must be applied in a non-discriminatory manner. If the United States finds online gambling offensive, it must be consistent in its restrictions and apply them equally to domestic and foreign providers.


And therein lies the rub: the United States allows interstate online betting on horseracing. The United States had also agreed during the Uruguay Round to open its markets to foreign suppliers of  togel singapore gambling and betting services, although the United States Trade Representative (through a spokesman) claimed in 2004 that the previous administration “clearly intended to exclude gambling from U.S. service commitments” when they signed the deal. Both of those inconsistencies lost it the original case.


The United States Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in October 2006, ostensibly to bring its laws into conformity with the April 2005 ruling. But the compliance panel ruled that the United States has taken no satisfactory remedial action that would bring its laws into conformity with its previously-established obligations. Moreover, it appears that the United States applies its laws in a discriminatory manner, by prosecuting foreign gambling entities more than it does U.S. gaming firms. Game, set and match: Antigua and Barbuda




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Bitcoin Could Top $100,000 in 10 Years, Says Previously Crypto Gambling Analyst



An analyst who, in late 2016, correctly predicted that bitcoin prices would trump $2,000 this year has now forecasted bitcoin price to hit beyond $100,000 in 10 years.


As CCN reported in early December 2016, a “2017 Outrageous Predictions” report by Saxo Bank – a Danish investment and trading institution – made a number of forecasts about stocks, monetary reserves, commodities and banks around the world. In that report, analyst Kay Van-Petersen also called bitcoin to be punching above $2,000 under a Trump administration. On May 21st, bitcoin price struck $2,000 and went on to hit an all-time high above $2,750.


Now, Van-Petersen, who describes himself a skeptic of central banks (the Fed, Bank of Japan and the ECB in particular) and a ‘Bitcoin newbie’, sees more bullish gains for bitcoin over the next decade.


In conversation with CNBC, the analyst sees prices topping $100,000 in ten years and explains the reasons behind his prediction.


Firstly, Van-Petersen sees cryptocurrencies growing tremendously in the global trading market in the coming years. Enough for all cryptocurrencies to equal 10% of the average daily volumes of global fiat currency trading, in 10 years.


“This is not a fad, cryptocurrencies are here to say,” Van-Petersen told the publication.

The average daily volumes of foreign exchange trading scales over $5 trillion in the present day. With this as the scale, Van-Petersen sees cryptocurrencies reaching 10% of that figure, or $500 billion in daily trading, in ten years. If bitcoin – conservatively – totals 35% of the cryptocurrency market share (it currently stands at 45%), daily bitcoin trading volumes would reach $175 billion.


The analyst also sees bitcoin’s market cap to be 10x that of its average daily trading volume in ten years, which would see the cryptocurrency reach a market cap of $1.75 trillion. Divide that figure by an estimated potential 17 million bitcoins in supply in 10 years and each mined bitcoin in circulation would be worth over $100,000.


Van-Petersen sees bitcoin as one of two or three main cryptocurrencies that will dominate in the coming years. “And the reason is the first-mover advantage, the scale and the pioneering,” he added.


While the Crypto Gambling analyst’s prediction is undoubtedly bullish – it represents a 4500% rise from current bitcoin prices – it pales in comparison to that of PayPal director and bitcoin executive Wences Casares. A week ago, Casares, an early tech entrepreneur who is now chief executive at bitcoin wallet Xapo, predicted bitcoin to hit $1 million over the next 5-10 years.


Satoshi Citadel Industries Will Integrate XRP In Remittance And Mobile Money Services


Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be familiar with Satoshi Citadel Industries. The company has built up a solid reputation when it comes to blockchain-based services in The Philippines. It appears the group is now working on integrating XRP support in the near future. That is quite an interesting development, to say the least.


SCI Will Support XRP Services Shortly

To put this news into perspective, BuyBitocin.ph will be the first subsidiary to enable XRP trading in the next few weeks. This allows users to buy and sell XRP in exchange for Philippine Pesos. Rebit.ph and Bitbit.cash will enable XRP support in the future as well, although no specific dates have been announced for these platforms.


Given the recent popularity boost of XRP, it is not surprising to learn companies are paying attention once again. Although many people question the use cases for XRP outside of the financial sector, this news goes to show consumer use cases are not hard to find. In fact, these may be the first consumer use cases for XRP we have seen so far. Quite an intriguing development, to say the least.


With financial institutions paying attention to XRP, there is no reason for Bitcoin companies not to do the same. Exchanges are supporting XRP, but that is only a speculative use case.  Using this digital asset for remittance services and mobile money solutions is a whole different ballgame. It will be interesting to see if this news will have any impact on the XRP price over the coming weeks.


Satoshi Citadel Industries firmly believes XRP is a valuable asset. Moreover, they feel XRP can play a major role in the blockchain-based financial ecosystem in The Philippines. Whether or not a lot of people will use XRP for these remittance and mobile money services, remains to be seen. The Philippines is a crucial area for cryptocurrency and digital asset adoption, though. This news may help push the price of XRP back to this previous all-time high in the coming weeks.





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4 Pengeluaran HK steps to follow to succeed at Roulette.



Roulette is always fun. This highly popular game seems to include everything you need to get a lot of joy – risk, excitement and glamour, when you play it right.


To be honest with you, you must have management skills when it comes to Roulette. If you have a bit of patience, these skills will be obtained easily. There are 4 steps below you are suggested following. They will make things more clear for you and you will feel more confident at the Roulette table.


1) Be very careful about a casino you play at. Make sure the casino you’re going to play at has legal right to run their business. That’s very important. Dealing with illegal casinos is never good for you. Find out if the casino’s been on the web for several years at least.


2) It’s a European Roulette you should prefer to play, but not an American one. Let’s compare the house edges of both Roulette variants. European table has a house advantage of about 2.7% approx, while American Roulette raises it up to 5.3%. Don’t limit your winning odds, they are never perfect enough.


3) Be patient and think each next step carefully. Sometimes you need an hour to win 100 dollars but you may be lucky to win 1000 in 2 minutes.


4) Don’t forget to set your personal limit. Involve that sum of money you can afford to lose. Don’t lose your mind.



USA casinos online.


Online Pengeluaran HK casinos keep growing in popularity and there are many reasons for that. The most important reason is that an online casino provides you with an opportunity to gamble within your apartment. If you are connected to the internet or your laptop has an access to the internet you can gamble from any place in the world. You don’t need to travel to Las Vegas in order to make bets and win something, you can bet online. This famous online casino is waiting for you on the Internet.


Apart from these reasons, there are many more advantages of online gambling you may want to know about. Whether you are interested in a Vegas online casino or your goal is to succeed in a UK online casino, you’ll be able to find long lists of casinos suggested. It’s not an easy job to find a flawless casino or two. First of all, base your decision on the selection of games presented on an online casino site. Make sure there are all major and most played casino games like Slots, Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat and some others.


Due to the highly developed Internet facilities you can enjoy online games with real graphics. Some online casinos offer games with live dealers. If you’re a beginner in the world of online gambling and you’re not certain of how to play some games, play them for free and gain experience.


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Agen Sbobet – Pemerintah Qatar PKV Poker Berniat Beli AC Milan



Klub Serie A, AC Milan, sedang dalam proses negosiasi dengan pemerintah Qatar, dalam hal ini melalui Qatar Sports Investments. Qatar tertarik untuk membeli saham Milan yang sekarang dikendalikan oleh Elliott Management.


AC Milan belum mampu bersaing dengan baik di Serie A setelah berakhirnya era Silvio Berlusconi. Sendirian untuk lomba Scudetto, berlomba menduduki zona Liga Champions sangat sulit bagi Milan.


Agen Sbobet – Pemerintah Qatar Berniat Beli AC Milan


Agen Sbobet – Kondisi ini tidak lepas dari manajemen klub yang tidak tepat. Mulai dari Yonghong Li AC Milan selalu dilanda masalah keuangan dan kesulitan membeli pemain bintang.


Terbaru, Milan harus dikeluarkan dari Liga Eropa 2019/20 karena sanksi pelanggaran Financial Fair Play [FFP]. Rossoneri hanya akan bersaing di kompetisi domestik musim depan.


Tampaknya kondisi itu masih menarik minat Qatar untuk berinvestasi di Milan. Dikutip dari Football Italia, yang diluncurkan oleh Adnkronos, Qatar telah menunjukkan minat serius pada Milan. Mereka siap memberikan investasi dalam jumlah besar.


Bahkan, jajaran direksi Milan berada dalam waktu dekat. Pertemuan akan berlangsung untuk mengambil alih Qatar atas saham Milan.


Sementara itu, Qatar juga telah menyediakan skema pembelian yang tepat agar tidak melanggar aturan UEFA. Milan tidak akan langsung di bawah komando Nasser Al-Khelaifi sebagai ketua Qatar Sports Investments, yang juga pemilik PSG.


AC Milan bukanlah target utama yang ditargetkan PKV Poker oleh Qatar Sports Investments. Mereka awalnya melirik AS Roma. Namun, klub dari ibukota Italia itu menolak tawaran yang telah diajukan. Qatar juga pindah ke AC Milan.


Masih dikutip dari Adnkronos, AC Milan dilaporkan siap untuk mengambil sikap yang sama dengan Roma. Mereka akan menolak tawaran dari Qatar. Faktanya, sejauh ini Milan belum memberikan jawaban atas rencana investasi Qatar.


Selain Milan, Qatar Sports Investments juga menargetkan klub lain. Klub dari Divisi Kejuaraan Inggris, Leeds United Qatar Sports Investments dalam waktu dekat.


Agen Sbobet – Barcelona Temui Agen Neymar – Spekulasi kembalinya Neymar ke Barcelona Perwakilan Barcelona bertemu dengan agen Neymar untuk membahas transfer pemain.


Neymar, yang hanya disetujui oleh PSG selama dua tahun baru-baru ini, membuatnya disambut. Dia secara terbuka mengatakan bahwa dia tidak ingin bermain lagi untuk PSG musim depan.


Agen Sbobet – Barcelona Temui Agen Neymar


Agen Sbobet – Pemain itu dilaporkan terluka oleh sindiran yang diberikan kepada Presiden PSG Nasser Al-Khelaifi. Untuk itu dia memutuskan untuk pindah ke klub musim panas ini.


Pemain 27 tahun itu akan pindah ke Barcelona musim panas ini. Dia bahkan dilaporkan siap untuk memaksa transfernya ke Catalunya dalam waktu dekat.


Dilaporkan oleh Esporte Interativo, Neymar benar-benar serius ingin kembali ke Barcelona. Agen dan ayah Neymar akan bertemu dengan perwakilan Barcleona pada Selasa (2/7) waktu setempat.


Menurut laporan itu, hari ini Neymar akan mengadakan pesta. Di pesta ini, Andre Cury diundang untuk mewakili Barcelona untuk datang ke pestanya.


Selama pesta, Cury mengadakan pertemuan dengan agen Neymar, di mana mereka mulai mempersiapkan cara untuk mempersiapkan Neymar untuk Barcelona musim depan.


Menurut laporan itu, Barcelona saat ini mengalami kesulitan memulangkan Neymar ke Catalunya. Ini karena set PSG adalah harga mahal untuk pemain tim nasional Brasil ini.


PSG tidak ingin kurang dari 300 juta Euro untuk mentransfer Neymar. Mereka dilaporkan mengulangi harga tinggi karena mereka membayar 222 juta euro untuk membeli Neymar pada 2017.


Untuk alasan ini, Barcelona menyediakan beberapa opsi untuk mendatangkan Neymar, salah satunya dengan proposal pertukaran yang ditambahkan.


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Découvrez ces 5 Machines à sous virtuelles Joka Casino par Novomatic



« On n’a rien pour rien ! », du moins c’est ce que dit l’adage. Heureusement, il y a des exceptions à la règle ! Les jeux de machine à sous ne vous rapporteront certes pas d’argent, mais ils vous permettront de passer un vrai bon moment. Bien sûr, les gains que vous accumulez dans ce genre de jeux ne sont pas réels, mais c’est agréable, parfois, de faire semblant ! Si vous cherchez à vous distraire pendant une de ces journées interminables où rien ne vous tente, essayez l’un de nos jeux de machines à sous.


Tous les jeux de machines à sous ne sont pas égaux, mais certains sortent clairement du lot, et ce pour de nombreuses raisons. Parfois, ça tient avant tout au scénario qui se déroule naturellement au fil du jeu. Parfois, ce sont les différentes options, les particularités qui permettent de gagner gros. Vous ne découvrez si vous aimez vraiment un jeu qu’une fois que vous y avez joué plusieurs fois. Mais si vous ne savez même pas où chercher de nouveaux jeux à essayer, nous avons une suggestion pour vous : les jeux de machine à sous Novomatic.


C’est un ensemble de jeux de la même catégorie, mais ils sont tous appréciés par la communauté des joueurs en ligne. Novomatic s’attache à proposer des jeux de machine à sous amusants, sécurisés et équitables avec tous les joueurs. Tous les jeux de machine à sous listés ici sont parmi les meilleurs en termes de popularité, mais ils ont chacun leur style propre. Faites votre choix !


Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe


  1. Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe


Dans Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe, vous pouvez jouer sur 1 à 10 lignes, ce qui augmente considérablement vos chances de gagner. C’est un jeu, alors pourquoi ne pas viser le gain maximum et voir ce qui arrive ? Tout ce que vous avez à faire, c’est guetter attentivement l’apparition du symbole de l’orbe flottant entre les mains d’une femme. Ce symbole vous offre 15 parties gratuites, et vous pouvez obtenir un Joka Casino multiplicateur x3 durant ces parties gratuites si vous avez eu la chance d’obtenir trois orbes sur un seul spin. Il y a bien sur d’autres symboles de chance amusants qu’on remarque immédiatement : une pièce d’or brillante, un fer à cheval et un trèfle à 4 feuilles.


  1. Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe


C’est un magnifique jeu de machine à sous sur le thème de l’océan, avec de superbes graphismes. Il dispose d’une option « Autoplay » pour que vous n’ayez pas à cliquer en permanence, ce qui vous permet de jouer en même temps sur une autre machine à sous dans une autre fenêtre de votre navigateur. Si vous obtenez trois symboles spéciaux ou plus, vous gagnez 15 spins gratuits. Vous retrouverez dans Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe la même règle que dans Lucky Lady’s Charms Deluxe : trois symboles spéciaux = vos gains multipliés par 3 pour chaque spin gratuit ! Ce qui est chouette avec ce jeu, c’est que vous pouvez débloquer 16 jeux bonus grâce à la bonne combinaison. Il faudra trois symboles spéciaux pour débloquer cette option. Ici, le symbole spécial est une huitre avec sa perle. Si vous avez envie de parier, vous pouvez cliquer sur « Parier » et voir si vous pouvez doubler vos gains. Encore une option géniale qu’on ne trouve presque jamais dans les jeux de machine à sous gratuits !


  1. Book of Ra Deluxe


Book of Ra Deluxe est l’un des jeux de machine à sous les plus en vogue actuellement. Le thème de l’ancienne Egypte est bien mené. Le symbole du Livre de Ra est à la fois un joker et le symbole spécial, ce qui augmente de beaucoup vos chances de gagner en utilisant peu de spins. Nous avons accroché dès la première fois que nous y avons joué. Ca a beau n’être qu’une machine à 5 rouleaux et 10 lignes, c’est le jeu parfait pour tout joueur soucieux de son budget. Vous aimez les stratégies ? En voilà une : c’est un jeu gratuit, alors c’est essentiel de jouer avec le nombre de ligne et la mise maximums pour avoir une chance d’obtenir les plus gros gains ! Si vous ne voulez pas refaire vos réglages à tout bout de champ, utilisez l’Autoplay : ce sera réglé une bonne fois pour toutes.


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How to play online Keno – the basic of Togel Hongkong.



Keno is called a game of fun and it’s hard to deny it is. The main point of the game is similar to the one in lottery – that is some numbers drawn. Keno can be played either on keno machines or you can buy a ticket for say 20 games and mind your own business. Your presence is not necessary.


The game of Keno is not as hard as some other casino games like Roulette. The basis is easy to memorize for anybody. First thing you should know is that Keno is played on a board with 80 numbers placed on it. Forty of them are called the top half and the other forty are naturally called the bottom half.


At the beginning of the game twenty numbers are drawn. That can be done either on a computer or with a ball. If the number you have selected is hit you get a hit, whatever the system is. After twenty numbers being chosen the games ends and a player gets paid.


The rules of online Togel Hongkong Keno can be diverse. For example, it’s up to you to select the amount of numbers you consider the best. It’s not necessary to choose all numbers offered. However, a player wins assuming that he hits most of his numbers, at least more than a half. The winning chances depend on the amount of numbers chosen. The more numbers a player picks, the higher his winning odds are.


Favorable gaming at online Baccarat


If you’re planning to play Baccarat, first you have to selectс those versions with the lowest number of decks to improve your winning odds. Single deck Baccarat can be found at casinos with Microgaming software. If you’re only starting your gaming career you can set off with 8 decks.


Best online casinos try not to bother their clients with email requests and let them play for free. There are a lot of players who after playing for free switch to real gaming and become permanent clients. Anyway, it’s not advisable to stay at the casino without online phone support working 24/7. That’s because you might have some complications with your money withdrawal and your emails might be ignored by support staff.


Several sites will not let you play until you prove your identity by sending a copy of your driving license. However nothing can be worse than getting a notification “you have to wait 24 hours until your id is confirmed” after having deposited a certain amount of money.


Examine the site as much as you can before becoming a member. Check if there are any welcome or monthly bonuses. Also check for promotions and extra offers. Decide whether it’s favorable for you to sign up. So if you’re completely satisfied with the online casino’s terms and offers you can get started.




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Dealing into the Mainstream on casino en ligne



The moment relished by fans of poker on television was at hand.


Two days earlier, the no-limit, hold-’em tournament at the Sands Hotel and Casino had started with 197 entrants, each of whom paid the $10,000 buy-in, thereby creating a prize pool of $1,970,000.


Among them had been some casual players, one celebrity (Ben Affleck), and many of the pros who have gained a small measure of fame this year with the rise of poker on cable TV.


Now only two remained.


One was Johnny Myung, a 29-year-old accountant from Rockville, Md., a tournament neophyte but a fixture at the big-stakes tables in the Atlantic City casinos.


The other was Brian Haveson, 39, of Newtown, Pa. Last year, he was chief executive officer of Nutri/System Inc. This year, he’s a full-time poker player.


Before their final showdown, though, tournament poker’s signature ritual had to be observed.


Outside the casino, two large men with shaved heads, wearing dark glasses and black suits, emerged from a white stretch limo with a metal footlocker containing a large canvas bag. Inside, uniformed security guards opened the bag and dumped its contents onto the green felt table.


There it was, the first prize, $1 million in $100 bills – 10,000 of them.


The crowd, numbering in the dozens, cheered loudly. Then the players were asked to take a 10-minute break.


Time was needed to stack the cash – and for the cameramen from Fox Sports Net to shoot it from every conceivable angle.


In your channel surfing, you’ve probably come across poker. Maybe you’ve stopped and watched. Or made it a habit. There has been no lack of opportunities.


You’ve got the World Poker Tour every Wednesday night on the Travel Channel; the World Series of Poker, casino en ligne which can pop up at any time on ESPN or ESPN2; and last week’s Showdown at the Sands, which Fox Sports Net made into six hour-long programs virtually overnight.


Tuesday night, there’s the Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo. And on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 1, comes the over-the-air breakthrough: NBC will run a two-hour, champions-only World Poker Tour event against the football pregame shows.


Ask poker veterans and they’ll tell you that the game couldn’t have emerged as a surprise hit on cable television without one technological advance. That would be the lipstick-sized camera; it fits into the edge of the card table and lets viewers at home see all of the players’ face-down cards.


“Before the lipstick camera, watching poker was boring even to me. You couldn’t tell what was happening,” said Lou Krieger, who has written several books about the game. “And I love poker.”


Seeing the cards gives you far more knowledge of the situation than the players have. You almost feel as if you’re cheating. You know who has the strong hand and who doesn’t, who’s bluffing and who isn’t, who has the odds in his favor and whose goose is cooked.


Filmmaker Steve Lipscomb is the individual most responsible for the poker boom. A few years ago, he shot a poker documentary for the Discovery Channel and noticed that the audience grew every time it was shown. So he signed up a bunch of existing events, most of them in California and Nevada, and created the World Poker Tour.


“We set out to transform poker into a mainstream television sports sensation, and we’ve done it,” Lipscomb said. “We’ve created a PGA of poker.


“Eighteen months ago, every network yawned at us when we pitched this. They didn’t get it. They thought we were crazy. Now everyone’s chasing us. The imitators are everywhere.”


Why does it work? For one thing, an estimated 50 million Americans play the game. In addition, the Internet has made information about poker easier to obtain while giving computer users the opportunity to play whenever they like.


The game’s combination of skill and luck gives it a democratic feel. So does the diversity of the players in terms of age, sex, class and ethnicity. Even the big-ticket tournaments are open to all comers, with winners of smaller-ticket satellite tournaments getting free entry.


“It’s not all degenerates like it used to be,” said Barry Shulman, publisher of Card Player magazine. “There’s never been a boom like this.”


On the small screen, poker is being packaged as high-stakes, big-money reality TV, complete with heroes and villains, favorites and underdogs, biographical pieces and exit interviews. Lipscomb calls the final product “nine-tenths presentation.” The commentary, graphics and other features are added after the event is over.


In the eight months since the World Poker Tour premiered on the Travel Channel, the game has developed its own group of celebrities: crusty old-timers such as Doyle Brunson and T.J. Cloutier; the professorial Howard Lederer; the flashy Men “the Master” Nguyen; and the intense, young Phil Ivey, whose resemblance to Tiger Woods is mentioned whenever Ivey’s face appears.


“My hairdresser knows them all,” said Cyndy Violette, a prominent Atlantic City player. “She thinks she’s in love with ‘the Devilfish.’ ”


The Devilfish would be Dave Ulliott, a veteran English player known for his goatee, his shades and his ferocity.


By the standards of cable TV, the growth in popularity has been striking. The World Poker Tour now averages a million viewers, making it the Travel Channel’s most-watched series ever. The numbers have kept growing, even now that the tour’s first season is being shown for the third time.


And there’s the money.


The first time around, the tour had a total prize pool of $10 million. That amount is expected to triple for the second season, which is now being shot; the entry fees are higher, and so is the number of players willing to take their chances.


“In the last few days, I’ve received maybe 100 pitches for poker programs, serious ones,” said George Greenberg, executive vice president of Fox Sports Net, which supervised the Sands telecast. “Poker is on the verge of exploding.”


And the players, some of whom find it hard to fathom what’s happened to their world, are ready to ride the wave.


Back at the final table, after the cameras were done shooting all the cash, the card-playing resumed. The outcome was all but inevitable, as Myung had six times as many chips as his opponent.


Haveson managed to survive for half an hour. But on the 15th deal, he bet everything he had and lost, settling for the second-place prize of $407,000.


Myung, who had never before won more than $27,000 in a tourney, seemed in shock: “I can’t believe all this money is mine.”


Haveson, already a man of means, said he was pleased with his own performance and at having chosen poker as his profession when it was getting hot.


He pointed to his black baseball cap, which bore the logo of an online poker site.


“The money they paid me to wear this hat, you wouldn’t believe it,” he said with a grin. that had been on his face most of the


night. “I’m on a roll. I’m making so much money now playing poker, it’s scary.”