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Decisions, slot hoki decisions

When we last left Otis, he was going to bed after being up for a very, very long time. He had just a few hours to sleep before heading over to Sam’s Town. As he walked by the bar closest to the elevators, he slot hoki
ran into Daddy, Iggy, and Big Mike. It is here we pick up our story
Sherwood Forest, Pt. 1
Sherwood Forest was home to Robin Hood and slot hoki his Merry Men. There, beneath the shade of the tall trees, they hatched their plans to steal from the rich, give to the poor, and generally stick it to the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Near the Tower 1 exit of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino, there sits the Sherwood Forest of an alternate universe. To the casual passer-by it looks like no more than an open-air bar that might be frequented by the bored wife of a poker player or a hooker in search of one last trick. But through increasingly drunken eyes, the bar looked just like the real Sherwood Forest might on a warm robber’s night.
Though I didn’t realize it at the time, I was arriving late to the meeting of Robin and his Merry Men. Little John (aka Big Mike) towered over the bar, a double shot of Soco in his hand. Friar Tuck (aka Daddy) stood looking weary but happy, as if he had just endured his fabled water-logged beat-down from Robin. And there, slumped over the bar, his locks brushing the marble, holding a greyhound in his hand sat Robin Hood himself. Apparently, he was already incognito, so as to fool the bad Sheriff. He called himself Iggy.
“Otis,” they said almost in unison.
I looked in the air, wondering if Daffy Duck might be flying by, his buck and a quarter quarter-staff in hand.
Though every ounce of good sense I’d consumed in the past 17 hours told me to do otherwise, I stopped, greeted the pranksters, and, much to my own peril, accepted the offer of…one last drink before I went to bed.
Big Mike was buying. I considered my options. Some Vitamin C and Vodka sounded good, but since it was breakfast I opted for a Guinness. While we waited for my drink to arrive, I chatted with Robin Iggy and mentioned that BadBlood and G-Rob were still playing no-limit poker.
Mischievous eyes sneaked up from beneath the locks of brown hair. A smile crept in and turned up the corners of the van dyke beard.
Although I know I was moving under my own power and will, I felt drawn to follow the leader through the banks of slot machines. When we arrived at the poker room, I sat back and watched as Robin Iggy put on a show.
Much like he’d been sitting at the bar, Robin Iggy put his elbows down on the rail and shot lasers into BadBlood. I thought briefly to ask if he wouldn’t rather just go smack Blood upside the head with a quarter-staff, then thought better of it. I know what Robin did to Friar Tuck, after all.
BadBlood was all in with big slick. It held up and he gave us a look like, “I can’t believe what these guys will play.” Then, as if drawn by the Jim Jones-ish Robin Iggy gaze, Blood stood and walked around the rail.
“I’m BadBlood,” he said, extending his hand.
Robin Iggy shook Blood’s hand, but said nothing. That smile was still there.
Blood turned to me. “Friend of yours?” he asked. I could see he was growing ever so slightly annoyed.
“I just met him,” I said truthfully, although I was starting to feel bad. Blood obviously thought I had cooked up this gag in failed attempt at drunken humor.
Confused, annoyed, and looking a bit bedraggled, Blood went back to the table. As I sat down on a slot machine stool and wondered if my beer had arrived at the bar, Robin Iggy took up his perch on the rail again and again stared down BadBlood.
I’m not sure how much time passed before Robin Iggy let Blood off the hook. I think he mouthed the words, “I’m Iggy.” BadBlood stood and came back across the rail.
After a brief conversation, Iggy came back to meet me.
“What did he say?” I asked.
“He said, ‘I believe you.'”
I briefly pondered the theological implications of the scenario, while Iggy talked about his reservations about renting a dwarf to play the role of Iggy in the Holiday Classic, now just slightly more than seven hours away.…

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mviper256 Wins togel hongkong WCOOP 2010 Event #44

The 2010 World Championship of Online Poker has less than a week left to run, but the tournaments keep coming thick and fast. This morning the 44th contest came to a close, crowning yet another winner and awarding yet another gold bracelet. The $300 + $20 No Limit Hold’em Second Chance tournament was a slight departure from the standard freezeout or rebuy format. If you lost all your chips within the first 90 minutes, paying the buy-in cost again would buy you a new starting stack.
Of the 1989 players who logged onto the togel hongkong download for Event #44, 362 opted for a second shot after their first run ended in disaster. Their collected buy-ins still failed to top the $750,000 guarantee laid on by PokerStars, who were forced to add a small amount of their own cash to the prize pool. A total of 252 players would share that kitty, with the winner having to survive 15 hours worth of high octane play to pick up the largest share.
None of the Team PokerStars Pros were able to emulate their comrade Jason Mercier’s success Event #42, but one man did come close. Alvaro Ballesteros, known online as VARICO, fought his way to the final table before being ousted in 8th place. Joining him in the money were George Lind III (52nd), Vanessa Rousso (65th), Randy Lew (83rd), Anders Berg (178th), Diego Brunelli (219th), and Pat Pezzin (227th). Other notable online cashers included Isaac “westmenloAA” Baron in 14th.
Going into the final table, the remarkably even chipcounts were as follows:
Seat 1: supergood1 (1,211,722 in chips)
Seat 2: lb6121 (1,195,481 in chips)
Seat 3: SlippedMe (1,598,117 in chips)
Seat 4: Hulios (1,261,464 in chips)
Seat 5: ebandita (1,332,112 in chips)
Seat 6: ImDaNuts (924,340 in chips)
Seat 7: mviper256 (2,346,254 in chips)
Seat 8: VARICO (548,942 in chips)
Seat 9: KongenavU (1,336,568 in chips)
The railbirds didn’t have to wait long before the first blood was spilled. On the first hand, ebandita moved all-in with a respectable pair of Jacks and was called by SlippedMe, who held As-Qs. Board contained no Jacks and four hearts, more than SlippedMe required to complete the nuts and put ebandita out in 9th.
Following him to the bar was the resident PokerStars Pro VARICO. Alvaro Ballesteros put his last $500k into the middle with 8-8 and ended up staring down the barrel of Ib6121′s A-A. Nothing even resembling an eight hit the board and that was all she wrote for the last sponsored man standing.
Next to depart was KongevaU, who had slipped down to a sub-500k shortstack since the start of the final table. Picking up pocket sixes was enough to prompt an all-in push and K-K was more than enough to convince supergood1 to call. The board comfortably missed both players, handing the pot to the bigger pocket pair and sending KongevaU home in 6th.
SlippedMe and mviper256 combined to create the next critical pot. An old fashioned pre-flop raising war culminated with an all-in shove for SlippedMe and his opponent obliged with a call. The hands were predictable enough; a straight coinflip between Jh-Jd for SlippedMe and As-Kh for mviper256. The 5h-4h-7h flop failed to connect with either player, but left mviper256 tantalizingly close to a flush. As it happened, he wouldn’t need the fifth heart. An Ace on the turn was enough to win him the hand. SlippedMe exited Event #44 in 5th place.
There was little to separate the chipstacks going into the final table, but with more than half of the field eliminated a few players began to push ahead. One of them was supergood1, who padded his stack even more by eliminating Ib6121. On a flop of Q-3-J, super played it coy and check-called his opponent’s bet. A Queen on the turn was enough to rouse him from his stupor and encourage him to lead out. Ib6121 wasn’t going anywhere, calling to see a Ten land on the river. Another bet from super prompted a climactic all-in from Ib6121 and a call from supergood1. Ib6121 may have been confident that his A-Q trips were enough to take down the pot, but supergood1 delivered a sucker punch and revealed a rivered gutshot with K-9.
supergood1 was also responsible for the next knockout blow. Up against ImDaNuts preflop, he made a big all-in push which his opponent called. It couldn’t have been more straightforward – A-K for ImDaNuts against 4-4 for supergood1 – and the flop couldn’t have been less helpful. It totally blanked both players to gift even more chips to supergood1 and send ImDaNuts home in 3rd.
When the heads up contest between supergood1 and mviper256 started there were less than 1 million chips separating them. A glance at the form book would not have helped anyone predict a winner either. Neither of these players have posted any big online scores in their short careers, with a few hundred thousand dollars in winnings between them. The winner of Event #44 would gain a huge $120,000 boost to his bankroll.
After a topsy turvy series of hands, it was mviper256 who pulled ahead. Going into the final hand he held a 3-1 chip lead. On an innocuous looking 9-8-4 flop, mviper256 checked, supergood1 raised, and his mviper256 called. A Jack on the turn prompted all kinds of excitement, with mviper256 check-raising supergood1, who responded with an all-in bet. A call from mviper256 revealed that he had hit top-pair on the turn with J-9 and that supergood1 was chasing a gutshot with T-6. Only a 7 on the end would do it for supergood1, and the 9 that eventually fell was categorically not that.
The final table payouts for WCOOP 2010 Event #44 were:
1st place: mviper256 ($120,000.00)
2nd place: supergood1 ($90,000.00)
3rd place: ImDaNuts ($67,500.00)
4th place: lb6121 ($49,312.50)
5th place: SlippedMe ($35,625.00)
6th place: KongenavU ($27,750.00)
7th place: Hulios($20,250.00)
8th place: VARICO ($13,125.00)
9th place: ebandita ($7,500.00)…

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Spanish togel Gambling Law Review

Regional governments across Spain have been looking closely at the recent example of Madrid which announced new betting licensing guidelines. Among the regions in which may also be expected to reconsider their laws are Catalonia, the Basque Country, Calabria and Navarre, but operators argue that only a law of truly national scope will allow the provision of remote togel gambling within one of Europe’s most coveted betting markets. Nevertheless Spain has begun what many see as positive move in the direction of a competitive, regulated gambling market.

Poker Plex announces The Mighty MPP Dash
Drive away in a brand new Porsche Boxster car!

It is with great pride and much excitement that Poker Plex announces the launch of its latest and greatest exclusive promotion to date. The Mighty MPP Dash is sure to be the showdown of the year! There are 10 fantastic prizes to play for, the top prize being a Porsche Boxster car! The full list of prizes is as follows;

1. Porsche Boxster1. Porsche Boxster
2. BMW F 650 GS Motorbike
3. Yamaha Quad Bike or Yamaha Jet Ski
4. Bang & Olufsen Beo Centre 2 with BeoLab 4000 Speakers
5. BULGARI Watch
6. 42′ Screen LCD LG TV
7. SONY Laptop
8. BMW Touring Bike
9. Bang & Olufsen Serene Mobile
10. Tag Heuer Watch

The Mighty Dash begins on the 1st March, and will end on the 31st August. All you have to do to be in with a chance to win one of these amazing prizes is play poker online, and collect MPP’s. There will be a leaderboard updated daily to check the latest standings, and the top 10 on the final day will be the big prize winners.

The competition is open to all existing Poker Plex players, and new players are encouraged to register an account now to get in on this great poker steal.

As if all of this were not enough, Poker Plex players can also win seats to some of the great European Poker Tournaments, as well as to the most anticipated event on the poker calendar, the 2007 World Series of Poker. In addition players can take advantage of the $200 monthly bonus. With the recent release of a new software upgrade using state of the art technology, it is no wonder that Poker Plex is the online poker player’s No 1 choice.

Harrah’s Set To Launch World Series of Poker Europe

The World Series of Poker (WSOP), the most prestigious poker tournament, is extending its international reach this year by launching the World Series of Poker Europe, Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. announced today.

The inaugural WSOP Europe is scheduled to debut in London on 6th to 16th September 2007. The new tournament will be held at three casinos operated by London Clubs International – Fifty, Leicester Square and the Sportsman.

“This is the first time bracelet events will be awarded outside of Las Vegas,” said Jeffrey Pollack, World Series of Poker Commissioner. “The World Series of Poker Europe will have a unique identity, style, and flair, but will remain true to the 38-year tradition and heritage of the WSOP.

“This new tournament has been designed with European players in mind, but registrants from every country are welcome,” said Pollack. “We hope it becomes an annual tradition for poker enthusiasts and a home for WSOP fans after the action concludes in Las Vegas each summer.”

“We are honored to host this unique extension of the world’s richest and oldest poker tournament,” said Bill Timmins, chief executive officer of London Clubs International. “As the exclusive offline satellite host, LCI will enable players to compete in our poker rooms in London, Manchester, Nottingham, Southend and Brighton for a seat in every WSOP Europe event.”

The inaugural WSOP Europe begins 6th September, with a three-day, £2,500 (approximately $4,900 U.S.) HORSE event at LCI’s newest casino in Leicester Square, opening in April 2007.

The Leicester Square casino will also be the host casino for a two-day, £5,000 (approximately $9,800 U.S.) Pot-Limit Omaha tournament starting 8th September.

On 10th September, the WSOP Europe Main Event – a six-day, £10,000 (approximately $19,600 U.S.) No-Limit Texas Hold’Em Championship – will begin at LCI’s Leicester Square, The Sportsman, and Fifty. The playing field will be consolidated beginning 13th September at Leicester Square.

Additional information, including structures, payout percentages and satel…

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Ultimate-Bet Leaderboards – Current Leaders June 12th

Another week has passed, and more prizes have been given out at Ultimate Bet! Every week, Ultimate Bet awards its players with tournament credits and the chance to play heads up with a UB pro for $1,000 or more!

If you recall in last week‘s article, mross01 shot up from 12th place to win the week and was scheduled to take on UB pro Mark “P0ker H0″ Kroon for $3,000. The Ultimate Bet pro’s have been on a rush as of late, winning the last 2 matches, crypto gambling bumping the $1,000 up to $3,000. Well, that was no different this week, and Kroon defeated mross01, keeping the streak alive and increasing next week’s prize pool! Too bad for mross01, but still a great effort and the $1,000 will be added to next Sunday’s game. P0ker H0 has been handling these top MTT pros very well!

Last Wednesday, I showed the current top 10 for the week of June 1 – June 7, and EddyTown21 was sitting in 1st place with 205.98 points. He had a great start to the week, but was by no means guaranteed the win! In second place, royalkc was behind by just one point, and others, such as scottyclark, weren’t far behind either. Could EddyTown21 hold on to the lead? Let’s have a look at the results (to view to complete top 50, check out the June 10th Archive):

scottyclark 374.27 – $4,000 Heads-Up Match
punko 281.26 – $100 TC
blunttman4200 257.79 – $100 TC
gray99 243.10 – $100 TC
krej 241.47 – $100 TC
mattpat 238.80 – $100 TC
Bugga1224 237.89 – $100 TC
shipaholic 236.17 – $100 TC
spades27 226.25 – $100 TC
travelerjbjb 220.17 – $100 TC

Just how does this guy do it? Once again, scottyclark proves his continuing dominance by winning the weekly UB MTT Leaderboard! Last week, he was sitting comfortably in 6th place with 162.05 points, and finished very strong at 374.27. 2nd place finishe, punko, was 93 points behind which was quite the lead. EddyTown21 was unable to add any points at all to his starting lead, and finished in 14th place. Other players such as blunttman4200 in 3rd, krej in 5th, and spades27 in 9th are no strangers to the top 10 either; each having a few top 10 finishes in the past. However, all eyes are on scottyclark once again! This is his 4th win in 8 weeks which is just completely sick.

With this win, scottyclark will be playing this Sunday against a UB pro (currently unknown who) for $4,000! I have to put my money on scottyclark to take home some serious cash! Congratulations to scottyclark, yet again!

Now moving on to the current week, June 8 – June 14, a new name is in the lead, with some old friends not far behind (to see the complete to 50, check out the June 11th Archive):

wheresmydrew 209.79
KC_KID 162.96
fajzher 151.20
CptMotorBoat 148.30
scottythefish 148.04
piscato77 145.52
scottyclark 120.28
TheTartan1 120.25
punko 110.87
BAM11586 100.38

Currently, wheresmydrew is the top dog with 209.79 points. This is the first time I have noticed him in the top 10, and 1st place is a great spot to debut in! There are also a lot of new faces, pretty much everyone except the UB destroyer, scottyclark, in 7th place. We have seen scottyclark come back from worse and win multiple weeks in a row, but for now the pressure is on wheresmydrew. Let’s see if this newcomer can hold on to his lead!

Be sure to check back next week to see the result of scottyclark’s $4,000 heads up match, and for the final results of June 8 – June 14th! Also, if you can’t wait and want to follow the action, check out the Ultimate-Bet Network page where you can find daily updated results under Poker Leaderboards.…

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Ah, those knife-edge distinctions

I like five-card draw poker, but have not found a game here in Reno. Is Texas Hold’em the same game? Catherine B.

Though five-card poker, and several variations of it, is well established on any video poker machine, you will not find your favorite kitchen table game of 5-card draw spread in most casinos or poker rooms. A kissin’ southern cousin, is Texas Hold’em, probably the most popular poker game played in casino poker rooms. It’s the game that is used to determine the world champion at the World Series of Poker.

The contrast is that Texas Hold’em is a “community card” game, meaning that some cards are dealt face-up in the middle of the table and shared by all the players. Each player has two down cards that are the player’s alone; and those are combined with the five community cards to make the best possible five-card hand. The best five-card poker hand – a canny combination of the player’s two private cards and the five communal cards – is the winner.

If you want to give Hold’em a try, Catherine, I had better mention the “skill” factor. Though Texas Hold’em is deceptively simple to learn, playing the game at a proficient level does take some expertise. If you are innocent of such wayward skills, you can start your training head-to-head against a cyber video opponent who does not blow smoke in your face or tell off-color jokes. Then when you are good enough, go beat up on the smoke-an-joke set.

Dear Mark,

In sports wagering, when is the best time to buy a half point? Jerome B.

Depends; read on, friend. Many sportsbooks Unique Casino allow the speculator the option of moving the point spread 1/2 point to his advantage on all straight bets. The extra outlay for this half-point move is a buck; you play $12 to win $10, instead of the typical $11.

As to the most favorable time to buy a half point, those who dabble in purchasing “the hook” do so when one team is favored by 7, 6.5, 3, or 2.5 points. Their reasoning is that many games end in a 3 or 7 point difference, so the extra half-point could turn a loss into a push or a push into a win.

Best tactic though, Jerome, is to shop for value. If you like Green Bay -7, you will like it even better if you can find it for -6.5 or even -6. A one-half-to-one point variance in the line is not uncommon from casino-to-casino.

Dear Mark,

Isn’t the Come bet on a crap table the exact same wager as the pass line bet, both in its rules and its house edge? Eugene M.

The Come bet, Eugene, has the same rules and casino house edge as the Pass Line bet. The contrariety consists in that you can make this wager only after the point on the pass line has been established.

As to its mechanics, it’s analogous to a Pass Line wager: once your point has been established, re-rolling the point wins, seven loses, and any other roll does not affect your pass-line wager.

Correspondingly, after you place your Come wager, the next sequence of dice rolls will establish the Come point. You lose if it is craps (2, 3, 12), win if it is a natural (7, 11), and set the point if any of the remaining numbers are rolled (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10). Like a Pass Line bet, the point needs to be repeated before a 7 is rolled to be a winner; if a 7 is rolled first, you lose.

Without taking any odds, both the Pass Line and Come wagers hold a paltry 1.4% casino advantage.

Gambling thought of the week: “If craps didn’t already exist, it’s doubtful whether anything this complex would be introduced today.” Alan Krigman




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Tujuh Dosa Mematikan Pengeluaran Judi Sgp Casino Online

  1. Jika terlalu bagus untuk menjadi kenyataan, itu terlalu bagus untuk menjadi kenyataan.

Golden Palace menawarkan bonus 20% setiap akhir pekan. Anda berkata kepada diri sendiri, “Tentunya ini terlalu bagus untuk menjadi kenyataan – jika saya bermain blackjack menurut buku, saya harus memiliki rasio mendekati 50/50 – jadi apa pun yang saya harus menghasilkan uang.”

Yah, Anda mungkin – jika Anda tidak terkunci lebih cepat daripada nanti, dan kehilangan semua kemenangan Anda. Namun, jika Anda harus KALAH, Anda tidak akan terkunci sampai Anda mencoba menguangkan berikutnya – terlepas dari berapa banyak Anda kehilangan.

Terus terang, itu tidak sebanding dengan risikonya. Ada banyak kasino bagus di luar sana. Jika Anda benar-benar menyukai kasino Microgaming, setidaknya ada 40-50 kasino yang andal dan jujur ​​di luar sana yang menjalankan perangkat lunak ini.

Anda akan berterima kasih pada diri sendiri untuk itu nanti.

  1. JANGAN membuka banyak akun.


Sulit dipercaya berapa banyak orang yang mencoba membuka akun, mendapatkan bonus gratis, memainkannya, dan jika kalah mereka mencoba membuka akun lain. Jika karena alasan tertentu Anda kehilangan nomor akun atau kata sandi Toto HK Anda, cukup kirimkan email ke kasino dan mereka akan bersedia membantu Anda mendapatkan informasi itu lagi – tetapi kebanyakan dari mereka akan menanyakan beberapa pertanyaan kepada Anda terlebih dahulu.

Orang-orang tidak berpikir mereka akan tertangkap, bahkan jika mereka menggunakan kartu kredit yang berbeda, alamat, nama dll – tetapi lebih sering daripada tidak mereka ditangkap dan dilarang, tidak hanya dari kasino itu, tetapi juga yang lain.

Jika Anda memiliki lebih dari satu orang di rumah yang ingin bermain, pastikan Anda mengirim email ke kasino PERTAMA dan beri tahu mereka bahwa Anda ingin membukanya untuk pasangan atau anak-anak Anda yang sudah dewasa – mereka biasanya tidak akan mempermasalahkannya. Tetapi simpan salinan email untuk membuktikan fakta ini jika karena alasan tertentu Anda terkunci.

Tentu saja, ada sekelompok kasino (Istana Emas, siapa lagi?) yang TIDAK mengiklankan fakta bahwa mereka memiliki 40-50 front berbeda untuk kasino mereka – dan jika Anda harus membuka akun bahkan di DUA dari mereka, Anda bisa terkunci dari mereka semua. Cari pemrosesan e-cash oleh Ecash-world atau GoCash – itu adalah tanda pasti dari kasino Golden Palace.

Ada kasino lain di luar sana yang memiliki pemilik atau manajemen yang sama, tetapi mereka tidak keberatan Anda membuka akun di berbagai kasino mereka. Hanya Istana Emas yang melakukan omong kosong semacam itu$#!T.

Bersikap adil terhadap kasino – beri mereka insentif untuk bersikap adil kepada Anda. Jika tidak, bonus hanya akan mengering.

  1. JANGAN bermain dengan uang yang Anda butuhkan dalam beberapa minggu ke depan.


Sifat terkenal dari penjudi adalah mengambil risiko sedikit uang Pengeluaran Sgp yang mereka miliki untuk membuat cukup untuk kebutuhan mereka, atau untuk membayar tagihan yang akan datang – apa pun. Ini mungkin berhasil di kasino darat, tempat Anda mengumpulkan kemenangan Anda secara instan dalam bentuk tunai. Tetapi itu TIDAK akan berfungsi di kasino online mana pun, karena pasti ada jumlah waktu minimum yang diperlukan untuk memproses kemenangan.

Saya telah melihat beberapa kasino yang mengklaim bahwa mereka akan memberi Fedex kemenangan Anda dalam 4 hari, yang lain akan melakukan transfer elektronik dalam 2-3 hari – tetapi bahkan dalam kasus ini biasanya diperlukan waktu seminggu atau lebih sebelum Anda memiliki uang tunai. Kebanyakan dari mereka sebenarnya memakan waktu 2-3 minggu, terutama dengan cek. Istana Emas (menghela nafas) diketahui memakan waktu hingga dua BULAN.


  1. JANGAN menyetor uang sebelum memeriksa untuk melihat bagaimana mereka membayar kemenangan.


Beberapa penjudi telah menjadi manja. Mereka tidak pernah memeriksa untuk melihat bagaimana mereka akan mendapatkan uang mereka.


“Oooh! Kasino baru! Biarkan aku mencoba seratus atau lebih…”


Ketika mereka menemukan bahwa beberapa kasino mengharuskan uang itu dibiarkan bersama mereka hingga DUA minggu sebelum menguangkan, atau bahwa ada pembayaran minimum, atau bahwa biaya penarikan terlalu tinggi… mencoba untuk mendapatkan jackpot atau kehilangan apa yang mereka setorkan.


Beberapa kasino juga memproses kemenangan hanya sekali seminggu. Menurut pendapat saya, itu adalah taktik kecil yang bagus untuk memberikan insentif kepada para penjudi untuk terus berjudi sampai hari pembayaran tiba atau mereka kehilangan apa yang mereka setorkan.


Bukankah uang itu lebih baik dihabiskan di kasino yang sudah Anda kenal dan percayai?


  1. Jangan membabi buta memasuki kasino tanpa melakukan penelitian Anda.


Ini adalah prinsip bisnis standar – Anda tidak akan pergi dan membeli mobil hanya karena kelihatannya bagus dan Anda melihatnya di Honest Joe’s. Anda akan pergi dan bertanya kepada orang-orang tentang Honest Joe, atau mungkin memeriksa surat kabar lokal, harga mobil dibandingkan dengan Kelly Blue Book, dll.


Hal yang sama berlaku untuk kasino, buku olahraga, apa pun. Lakukan penelitian Anda. Gambling Grumbles adalah tempat yang baik untuk memulai. Tempat lain termasuk forum pesan WinnerOnline, dan tentu saja di sini di Got2Bet.com.


Jujur Joe menjamin Anda tidak akan kecewa!


  1. Jika tidak ada unduhan, hindari.


Saya tahu saya akan menerima pukulan dari banyak pemilik kasino yang tidak mengunduh di sini, tetapi sejujurnya saya tidak peduli. Kasino browser HTML benar-benar dilarang, dan game Java tanpa unduhan secara keseluruhan tidak terlalu bagus. Pikiran Anda, saya telah melihat beberapa yang terlihat cukup bagus, tetapi potensi ketidakcocokan dengan berbagai browser, kemudahan pemilik kasino untuk menukar modul masuk dan keluar tanpa memberi tahu Anda, dan perasaan “Sial, HANYA melewatkan jackpot itu” yang terjadi di beberapa kasino ini membuat mereka berisiko hampir sama besar dengan bermain di Golden Palace (ada nama itu lagi).


Saya tidak peduli berapa banyak orang Java yang memberi tahu saya bahwa platform dan perangkat lunak mereka stabil. Karena ada begitu banyak browser dan platform di pasar, SELALU akan ada beberapa ketidakcocokan.


Jika Anda ingin mempertaruhkan uang, setidaknya luangkan waktu untuk mengunduh perangkat lunak yang layak. Menurut pendapat saya, berjudi di kasino tanpa unduhan seperti melemparkan sejumlah besar uang kertas satu dolar ke atas meja karena Anda tidak dapat menghabiskan beberapa menit di kasir untuk mendapatkan uang kertas yang lebih besar dan lebih bagus (yang terasa jauh lebih baik di tangan Anda). saku bagaimanapun).


  1. JANGAN KEHILANGAN! Pergi sebagai pemenang!


Baiklah. Saya tahu bahwa kadang-kadang ini tidak dapat dihindari. Apa yang harus Anda lakukan, bagaimanapun, adalah menetapkan sendiri tujuan yang masuk akal – mungkin untuk menggandakan batas sesi Anda (jumlah yang Anda sisihkan untuk duduk ini), atau katakanlah $100, apa pun. Setiap kali Anda membuat jumlah itu, BERHENTI. Bukan berarti harus keluar uang, tapi berhenti sejenak, jalan-jalan, makan malam, nonton TV, apa saja.


Jika Anda telah mencapai level cash-out, mainkan recehan apa pun yang ada, lalu CASH-OUT. Ambil uangnya dan larilah. Aman dalam pengetahuan bahwa Anda akan meninggalkan pemenang, dan Anda tidak bisa kehilangannya kembali (untuk beberapa minggu, bagaimanapun). Kemudian, manjakan orang yang Anda cintai dengan makanan yang enak.



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Bitcoin Could Top $100,000 in 10 Years, Says Previously Crypto Gambling Analyst

An analyst who, in late 2016, correctly predicted that bitcoin prices would trump $2,000 this year has now forecasted bitcoin price to hit beyond $100,000 in 10 years.

As CCN reported in early December 2016, a “2017 Outrageous Predictions” report by Saxo Bank – a Danish investment and trading institution – made a number of forecasts about stocks, monetary reserves, commodities and banks around the world. In that report, analyst Kay Van-Petersen also called bitcoin to be punching above $2,000 under a Trump administration. On May 21st, bitcoin price struck $2,000 and went on to hit an all-time high above $2,750.

Now, Van-Petersen, who describes himself a skeptic of central banks (the Fed, Bank of Japan and the ECB in particular) and a ‘Bitcoin newbie’, sees more bullish gains for bitcoin over the next decade.

In conversation with CNBC, the analyst sees prices topping $100,000 in ten years and explains the reasons behind his prediction.

Firstly, Van-Petersen sees cryptocurrencies growing tremendously in the global trading market in the coming years. Enough for all cryptocurrencies to equal 10% of the average daily volumes of global fiat currency trading, in 10 years.

“This is not a fad, cryptocurrencies are here to say,” Van-Petersen told the publication.

The average daily volumes of foreign exchange trading scales over $5 trillion in the present day. With this as the scale, Van-Petersen sees cryptocurrencies reaching 10% of that figure, or $500 billion in daily trading, in ten years. If bitcoin – conservatively – totals 35% of the cryptocurrency market share (it currently stands at 45%), daily bitcoin trading volumes would reach $175 billion.

The analyst also sees bitcoin’s market cap to be 10x that of its average daily trading volume in ten years, which would see the cryptocurrency reach a market cap of $1.75 trillion. Divide that figure by an estimated potential 17 million bitcoins in supply in 10 years and each mined bitcoin in circulation would be worth over $100,000.

Van-Petersen sees bitcoin as one of two or three main cryptocurrencies that will dominate in the coming years. “And the reason is the first-mover advantage, the scale and the pioneering,” he added.

While the Crypto Gambling analyst’s prediction is undoubtedly bullish – it represents a 4500% rise from current bitcoin prices – it pales in comparison to that of PayPal director and bitcoin executive Wences Casares. A week ago, Casares, an early tech entrepreneur who is now chief executive at bitcoin wallet Xapo, predicted bitcoin to hit $1 million over the next 5-10 years.

Satoshi Citadel Industries Will Integrate XRP In Remittance And Mobile Money Services

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be familiar with Satoshi Citadel Industries. The company has built up a solid reputation when it comes to blockchain-based services in The Philippines. It appears the group is now working on integrating XRP support in the near future. That is quite an interesting development, to say the least.

SCI Will Support XRP Services Shortly

To put this news into perspective, BuyBitocin.ph will be the first subsidiary to enable XRP trading in the next few weeks. This allows users to buy and sell XRP in exchange for Philippine Pesos. Rebit.ph and Bitbit.cash will enable XRP support in the future as well, although no specific dates have been announced for these platforms.

Given the recent popularity boost of XRP, it is not surprising to learn companies are paying attention once again. Although many people question the use cases for XRP outside of the financial sector, this news goes to show consumer use cases are not hard to find. In fact, these may be the first consumer use cases for XRP we have seen so far. Quite an intriguing development, to say the least.

With financial institutions paying attention to XRP, there is no reason for Bitcoin companies not to do the same. Exchanges are supporting XRP, but that is only a speculative use case.  Using this digital asset for remittance services and mobile money solutions is a whole different ballgame. It will be interesting to see if this news will have any impact on the XRP price over the coming weeks.

Satoshi Citadel Industries firmly believes XRP is a valuable asset. Moreover, they feel XRP can play a major role in the blockchain-based financial ecosystem in The Philippines. Whether or not a lot of people will use XRP for these remittance and mobile money services, remains to be seen. The Philippines is a crucial area for cryptocurrency and digital asset adoption, though. This news may help push the price of XRP back to this previous all-time high in the coming weeks.





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Las Vegas casinos take a big gamble to best online casino singapore



Casinos give incentives to high-stakes baccarat players


Casinos covet Larry Flynt. His baccarat and blackjack bets of $45,000 or so a minute make him one of Las Vegas’s best customers.


SO THE PUBLISHER of Hustler magazine says he gets an incentive that casinos would like to keep secret: a rebate of at least 20% of his losses. “I’ve been offered as much as 25%,” Mr. Flynt says. “I can get a deal anywhere. They’ll do anything.”

Therein lies a dilemma for casinos: They need gamblers like Mr. Flynt more than ever these days, yet such players are harder than ever to find. And in order to reel in these elusive customers, known in the industry as “whales,” casinos sometimes risk giving away the house.

Baccarat, a relatively simple 15th-century card game, was once a favorite of French kings. Nowadays it’s a pastime of international titans, whose identities casinos shield closely and whose presence means fat potential profits. Baccarat bets are routinely casinos’ biggest, with wagers reaching well into the six figures. On a gambling spree that became international news, Australian media magnate Kerry Packer lost a reported $20 million a year ago during a single visit to the Bellagio casino here.

In recent years, almost every casino that has opened in Las Vegas has introduced a high-limit salon, banking on baccarat to support the casinos’ extraordinary cost. “It’s very difficult, when you’ve got a $1 billion building, to make a living on slot machines,” says Glenn Schaeffer, president and chief financial officer of Mandalay Resort Group, which owns the $1.1 billion Mandalay Bay.


But the slowing world economy isn’t producing more whales, and the baccarat business isn’t growing. Of $4.4 billion in total winnings last year, Las Vegas Strip casinos won $536 million at baccarat, down from a high of $595 million in 1995, according to Nevada gambling regulators.

As a result, casinos are competing hard over a dwindling resource. They are showering baccarat moguls with ever-more palatial suites, cash, free chips and even rebates on their losses. “It’s been a player’s market,” Mr. Schaeffer says. But since discounts and other financial incentives affect the math behind baccarat, several industry veterans say the odds are turning in favor of some top gamblers.


Jim Kilby, a former casino executive who has built a consulting career helping fine-tune casinos’ odds, recently chastised executives for their high-stakes efforts. “If Bugsy Siegel were alive today,” he told them at an industry forum last winter, “he’d have you whacked.”

In the baccarat salons of Las Vegas, the clanging of slot machines is replaced by the murmurs of gamblers and the casino staff who outnumber them. Dealers are tuxedoed and butler-polite. Baccarat players are notoriously superstitious – ritualistically kissing, twisting and blowing on their cards for luck. The game works like this: A dealer distributes hands of two to three cards to a gambler who sits at a shallow horseshoe-shaped table. Then the value of each hand is totaled. Tens and face cards are worth zero. Gamblers bet simply on the luck of the draw – on whether the “banker” or the “player” will have the hand totaling closest to nine.


A single baccarat player can turn a casino’s sorry fiscal quarter into a celebration in a matter of hours. But when luck runs against a house, losses can reverberate on Wall Street to best online casino singapore


Such casino losses have been more frequent these days. Las Vegas casinos don’t divulge many financial details for baccarat, so it’s difficult to tell exactly how profitable the game is. But Harrah’s, MGM Mirage and the Venetian have all acknowledged feeling the heat of major baccarat losses in recent times.

Gary Loveman, president of Harrah’s Entertainment Corp. in Las Vegas, has felt the effects of baccarat losses. He says that’s because rivalry is causing casinos to act rashly. “Once you start discounting, you’re on a slippery slope to giving away the casino’s advantage,” he says. “We would argue that at times, our competitors have given more than the house advantage away.”


Despite the huge bets, the house edge at baccarat is one of the thinnest in a casino, averaging about 1.3% – as little as half that of games such as roulette and some slots. In baccarat, it takes at least 15 million hands for a casino to have a 95% certainty of winning that 1.3%.

Andrew MacDonald, chief executive of gambling operations for Australia’s Publishing & Broadcasting Ltd. empire, argues that casinos sometimes blame losses on bad luck when they’ve actually failed to properly factor in the cost of incentives.


Discounting may also contribute to another unsettling trend. Big gamblers are spending less time than ever at the tables. One Las Vegas casino, which declines to be named, estimates the average baccarat player last year gambled for a mere nine hours – down from 17 hours in 1997. Mr. Kilby says he noticed the downturn when working recently as head of international marketing at the Rio. Discounts encouraged gamblers to hop from casino to casino, he says.

Mr. Kilby says he asked a Rio player with a 20% discount last year why he was leaving after quickly winning $100,000. According to Mr. Kilby, the player calculated correctly that he’d be better off losing at another casino than doing so at the Rio – where his win could have offset his loss, negating the discount.


Harrah’s in June decided that its slot-machine players were subsidizing high rollers at the Rio, Mr. Loveman says. When high rollers won enough to dent Harrah’s second-quarter earnings by 10%, or four cents a share, Harrah’s began shutting down marketing offices around the world and cut its maximum acceptable wagers to $15,000 from $100,000. That put the Rio effectively out of the baccarat game. “We’ve become the reverse Robin Hood of the casino world,” griped Mr. Loveman at the time. “Take from the poor and give to the rich. It’s a stupid way to run a business.”

Not all casinos in Las Vegas concede it’s a problem. Officials at MGM Mirage, which dominates Las Vegas baccarat with its Bellagio, MGM Grand and Mirage properties, say they’re resisting the urge to ratchet up the rebates. Executives at the Venetian, a major incentive-giver in Las Vegas, didn’t respond to several requests for comment.



Still, casino bosses aren’t always as mathematically savvy as they seem. Many make gut-level decisions based more on emotion and tradition than arithmetic. Mr. Kilby says he has witnessed executives giving a night off to dealers who seem unlucky or reducing the betting limit of a gambler on a winning streak – decisions that defy the statistical probabilities on which casinos make money. The author of the industry’s standard textbook on casino management, Mr. Kilby says casinos are regularly seduced by their own game. Executives are often onetime gamblers or dealers and tend to think like their customers rather than like financial-services companies.


“You hear people saying things like, ‘Let’s take a shot’ or ‘We can beat him,’” he says. “You’d never hear Allstate or State Farm saying that.”

Casinos also hide – even from many of their own employees – details of incentive deals. The arrival of a big gambler is likely to be shrouded in subterfuge. The MGM Grand built a separate walled entrance for the limos of these high rollers in large part to prevent rival operators from knowing their comings and goings.

Many baccarat players are wealthy foreigners who come to the U.S. to avoid publicity at home, where gambling may be illegal or frowned upon. “The customers don’t want to see their names thrown around,” says Jim Murren, MGM Mirage’s president and chief financial officer.

Australia’s Mr. Packer, a casino owner himself, is widely believed to be the world’s highest roller. His sprees in Las Vegas drip with drama. On April 30, 1992, the billionaire strode into Caesars Palace and began placing mortgage-sized bets. By midnight, when the books closed on Caesars World Inc.’s fiscal quarter, he was up $9 million – with a pile of chips worth roughly 37 cents a share to the company. It halved the quarter’s earnings. Mr. Packer “single-handedly, by himself demolished that quarter,” recalls Henry Gluck, then Caesars’ chairman.


A few days after the incident, the company issued a terse profit warning, blaming a downturn at its casinos in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. Fortunately for Caesars, though, Mr. Packer stuck around that night. In the hours after midnight, he gave back everything and more – earnings that Caesars reported in the following quarter.

Megagamblers may pose too large a threat to a casino. The MGM Grand sent an emissary several years ago to tell Mr. Packer his bets could no longer be accommodated – and he hasn’t gambled there since, according to people familiar with his visits. When the company last year bought Mirage Resorts Inc., Mr. Packer called to ask if he would still be welcome at Mirage’s Bellagio casino. He is. Mr. Packer declined an interview request.


Still, hooking whales is one of the most attractive, and highest stakes, jobs in the casino world. It requires living something of the life of a high roller – entertaining at lavish parties, sitting ringside at boxing matches, even touring the world to visit customers.

MGM Mirage Chairman Terry Lanni is one of his company’s most potent marketing weapons, based on his longstanding friendships with gamblers that go back decades to his early career running Caesars Palace. Mr. Lanni, who recently toured Asia visiting customers on their own turf, may approve big players’ credit limits and agree to other details of their stays.


Below the top brass, teams of sales people called hosts attend to player whims, shopping for birthday gifts and catering to other needs as well as luring gamblers from competitors. Another host duty is to put rivals off the scent of who’s playing and how much. “We love to spread misinformation with our competitors,” MGM Mirage’s Mr. Murren says.

Casinos also put local hosts in offices around the world. From this vantage point, Las Vegas often sees the cutting edge of international trends. Casino executives joke they can read the world economy through baccarat: Mexican, Japanese and Indonesian players have all come and gone according to their nations’ financial fortunes. The industrial reaches of China are hot these days. Gritty cities such as Chengdu, where MGM Mirage recently opened an office, are producing wealthy entrepreneurs who are eager to gamble.



In Las Vegas, high rollers wager among authentic Picasso paintings, dine on caviar, and tee off at the likes of MGM Mirage’s Shadow Creek, a $40 million golf course lushly stocked with 30,000 trees and roughly 40 species of exotic birds. MGM Mirage aims to get four trips a year from its top players, scheduling golf tournaments and other events to attract them.


Almost anything goes. A 73-year-old Texas banker who frequents several Las Vegas casinos routinely demands a setup in his suite that costs as much as $20,000, according to one Las Vegas casino host. A recent request of the banker’s included two Mont Blanc pens, monogrammed bathrobes, Godiva chocolates and a case of 1985 Sassicaia Tenuta San Guido, a rare and highly rated Tuscan wine that costs $900 a bottle wholesale. The gambler also received a discount on losses of 18% and $25,000 ostensibly to cover his airfare.


In 1999, the MGM Grand raised the stakes for baccarat with the Mansion – a 29-villa high-roller resort within the casino that cost $180 million. Some of its suites measure 12,000 square feet and feature barber-shop chairs and bathrooms with televisions over both the sink and tub. The Rio later built a less extravagant version, the Palazzo Suites. Caesars Palace recently spent $25 million building two villas for high rollers and the two-year-old Venetian plans to build new high-roller digs next year.


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Banyak alasan dari orang-orang untuk bermain judi, dari memang hobi, iseng, kepepet, atau mencari sesuap nasi. Namun yang dapat disampaikan, siapapun yang bermain judi dan apapun alasannya bukan bertaruh untuk kalah. Maka dari itu ada banyak tips dan trik yang bermunculan untuk berhasil menaklukan sebuah perjudian.


Sebelum sampai ke bagian cara jitu menang atas judi, perlu penjelasan secara singkat tentang dunia judi. Perjudian sendiri merupakan salah satu kegiatan yang dilakukan oleh sekelompok orang dengan mempertaruhkan harta benda dengan suatu nominal, menentukan satu pilihan untuk menang dan mendapatkan atas keseluruhan hal yang ditaruhkan oleh pemain lain. Perjudian sendiri ada dua tipe, judi konvensional atau langsung dan judi online.

SENTOSA138 SITUS SLOT GACOR Judi Slot Online situs judi online togel online situs judi slot

Seiring perkembangan zaman dan teknologi, judi dapat diakses dengan mudah secara online dengan internet. Judi online lebih diminati akibat keamanan dan kemudahan yang ditawarkan sehingga para bandar memyediakan banyak situs. Dengan modal internet dan media perangkat seperti handphone, laptop ataupun komputer, anda akan dengan mudah mengakses judi online yang sudah banyak bermunculan di internet.


Sebenarnya untuk memenangkan judi online tidak banyak berbeda dengan judi konvensional yang biasa dimainkan secara langsung. Namun, akan ada beberapa point penting yang perlu diingat oleh pemain bahwa perjudian tidak semata-mata mengandalkan keberuntungan ; tetapi juga hal-hal berikut :


Paham Jenis Permainan Yang Dipilih


Pada awalnya, sudah jelas kamu harus banyak mencari informasi mengenai berbagai jenis permainan dalam judi sehingga dapat memilih mana yang paling cocok. Setelah itu, jangan lupa untuk memperdalam permainan yang nantinya akan dimainkan agar tidak gegabah saat bermain secara online nanti.


Kenali Situs Terpercaya


Sudah banyak situs-situs yang bermunculan dengan berbagai permainan judi online yang lengkap. Hal itu ada nilai plus dan minusnya. Positifnya, sebagai pemain kamu memiliki banyak pilihan dan perbandingan sebelum mendapatkan situs yang paling menguntungkan posisi kamu sebagai pemain. Namun kekurangannya, kamu mempunyai banyak tugas untuk mencari informasi mengenai situs yang tersedia. Sebaiknya kamu mendaftar ke beberapa situs tidak hanya satu untuk mendapatkan informasi mengenai harga sampai pelayanan terbaik. Jangan lupa untuk mencari tahu dan membaca dengan benar mengenai peraturan, tata cara dan tata main dari setiap situs yang kamu daftar agar mengurangi kemungkinan kamu salah mengambil langkah pada saat bermain judi online.


Jangan Gegabah


Pikiran yang tenang dan tidak terburu-buru merupakan kunci utama dan point terpenting dalam judi online. Kontrol emosi saat kalah agar tidak kalap membuat taruhan yang selanjutnya. Bermain aman dan mengontrol diri sangat berguna untuk memenangkan pertaruhan. Ketahui juga kapan kamu harus berhenti saat bermain judi online. Jangan sampai lepas kontrol dan tidak mengontrol waktu. Kenali kapan waktu yang tepat untuk memasang taruhan dan kapan untuk rehat. Hal ini dapat mengurangi kemungkinan kamu kalah karena kegelisahan biasanya akan lebih berkurang apabila saat bermain tidak gegabah. Apabila momen tidak beruntung dipaksakan untuk bermain hanya karena emosi saat kalah atau ketidakpuasan saat kalah hanya akan lebih merugikan. Gak jadi untung malah buntung!


Buat Target


Perhitungan di awal sangat penting untuk membantu kamu dalam mengontrol diri saat menang. Tentukan target minimal menang berapa persen dari modal yang kamu taruhkan. Semakin rendah persentase dari target yang kamu tetapkan, maka akan mengurangi persentase kemungkinan kamu kalah. Karena apabila kamu sudah mencapai target, kamu akan mempunya kata “cukup, besok lagi aja”. Contoh apabila kamu menargetkan dua juta atas modal sudah cukup, berhentilah bermain. Hal ini akan mengurangi kemungkinan “tamak” atau ingin lebih lagi yang biasanya akan menjadi boomerang karena ada kemungkinan kamu lanjut menaruhkan modal beserta keuntungan sebelumnya lalu kalah dan kehilangan keseluruhannya. Target paling realistis dan aman dalam perjudian adalah 10% dari modal yang kamu pasang. Kalua kamu menargetkan kemenangan di atas 10% kemungkinan kalah akan besar karena lebih sulit untuk tercapai.



Sekian tips dan trik kali ini. Saran-saran di atas bisa dipakai dalam jenis permainan judi online 24 jam dimanapun. Intinya judi online dapat membawa keuntungan apabila kamu sebagai pemain memainkannya secara bijak. Pakai logika, bukan nafsu.  Dan semua itu dapat anda dapatkan di situs judi online palace303.


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Become the World Champion in A New Ligaz11 Tetris Game

Absolutist.com has released v1.2 of Absolute Tetris Cup


Main features:

* A new kind of tetris with hex figures

* Worldwide Championship via Internet

* Four different games in one

* Various adjustable tournament/training modes


Absolute Tetris Cup allows to play four different kinds of tetris and to take part in the World Championship.


It includes a completely new variant that uses hexagonal figures in place of squares. This change shifts the main skill a player needs from quick reaction to quick thinking and geometric imagination. The classic version of tetris is also included, along with the pentix variations.


Players can choose different skill levels, and switch between tournament and various training modes.


The Internet World Championship will make the Absolute Tetris even more fun for you, if you like to compete not only with computer, but with other players too. The best scores are submitted to the server, and the World Champion is determined once a month.


Other featores:

* Install and Uninstall Support

* Adjustable Glass Dimensions

* Custom sounds

* User-friendly interface

* Technical Support


Rail Empires: Iron Dragon Computer Game Gets Better!


Eden Studios press release — for immediate release


Eden Studios is delighted to report that the latest upgrade of the Rail Empires: Iron Dragon computer game is now available at www.irondragon.org. Rail Empires: Iron Dragon is a game of rail-building set in a fantasy world!


The new version — idpc_1126_all.exe — contains significant new art, as well as a number of code fixes. Also, certain coding changes make it slightly incompatible with prior Ligaz11 versions. In sum, the new upgrade is only offered as a full download (almost 14mgs). It will not be offered as a patch for prior versions. We apologize for the inconvenience to those with low-bandwidth connections, but we hope the performance upgrade inherent in the new version more than makes up for the time spent re-downloading.


As before, all licenses previously purchased will work with the new version.


For those who have been holding off checking out the game, or who have been

anxiously waiting for all the features to be implemented, don’t miss this version.


Among the new improvements and fixes are:

Several minor bugs in the AI have been hunted down to make it even more competitive.

The Reshuffle event card has been added.

Online and ranked play have been improved.

The remaining animations have been included — Underworld torch light, ambient waves, and several events.

An autosave feature has been added, updated at the beginning of each local player’s turn.

The Undo button has been moved away from the Done bottom to avoid premature ending of turns.


This will be the last major upgrade before the CD Master is sent for pressing sometime in the next couple of weeks. The 1126 version substantially completes the RE:ID project features. Periodic bug fix updates will be released in the future as needed.


More information on the CD-ROM version of RE:ID will be distributed as soon as it is available.


Enjoy the game!