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Healthcare Jobs: Far More Than White Coats

Who works in healthcare, the one industry that came through the Great Recession without a blemish? The answer may surprise you. But let’s weed out the obvious professions first.

If you have a medical degree, you may be up against the easiest job search on the planet, and not just because anyone spending that much time and money on an education has mapped out their options long before graduation.

Down the ladder one significant notch, are an array of nursing jobs that includes nurse practitioners, case managers, clinical specialists, nurse anesthesiologists, cardiac rehabilitation nurse and a full spectrum of options that cover the 26 medical specialties recognized by the American Medical Association.

Again, most nurses have at least a hunch what their job options are before they graduate. Typically, however, a nurse is on a fast-track to find work as soon as they qualify to do so, which means many nurses become standard staff nurses at hospitals and clinics and work in the field for a few years before deciding to specialize or advance to gain higher status jobs and better paychecks.

Still, the options are obvious. But many people don’t stop to consider that healthcare jobs are far more diversified than men and women in white coats and nurses wearing happy-face pajama tops when they go to work.

What if I said that working in an industrial kitchen could be considered healthcare work? I mean this with utmost sincerity. In a recent hospital stay for a heat condition, the cafeteria workers who might have only a high school diploma to their names, wheeled meals to patients and presented them with cards to fill for their next meals. Was this healthcare work or just work as a kitchen wench?

For my money, these workers were an integral part of my healthcare at the hospital. The right meal and the correct level of patience and understanding as I struggled to select meals under a sudden, strict new regimen for me certainly left me with no doubt. These were cafeteria specialists, all the more noteworthy, because I thought they all did an excellent job.

Here are a few other healthcare support staffing options you might not consider if you only believe hospitals are staffed by doctors and nurses.

Medical Editor/writer: Many hospitals churn out a great deal of “copy” each year from instruction for post-discharge care to explanations of hospital bills to brochures describing treatment options or advertising for a particular clinic. Medical writing courses online and at local colleges help acclimate writers to the rigors and specialized vocabularies of a hospital setting.

Pharmaceutical/medical sales representative: Hospitals are businesses that purchase medical apparatuses, pharmaceutical products, office supplies, cleaning products, a variety of medical instruments and everything in between from tanks of oxygen to light bulbs. Some of these sales jobs are more specialized than others, but there is certainly a difference between selling widgets and selling pharmaceuticals.

Technical Specialties: Working side by side with doctors and nurses are a wide array of specialists that usually require a year or two – and more – of college. These include anesthesiologists, speech pathologists, physical therapists, recreational therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, sonographers, dieticians, radiologists and substance abuse counselors.

Some of the more famous technicians, or course, are first responders, ambulance drivers and paramedics

Technical Sub-Specialties: In this day and age, as healthcare demand expands, it must be noted that many of the technician specialists now have medical assistant positions, which, of course, require less formal education, but have the benefit of providing real-time experience on the job, which may make it easier to afford school and easier to get into a program. With some years on the job as an assistant, you can assess whether a career is right for you.

For that reason alone, these sub-specialists jobs are a very important link in the workforce, helping to bring good workers into healthcare, much as teaching aid positions provide experience for many future teachers.

Sub-specialist jobs include radiologists assistants, physician assistants, physical therapy assistants and even dental hygienists. Home health aids, personal care aids and others.

Pay for these jobs can be very surprising. Dental hygienists earn about $71,100 per year in a field that is growing by leaps and bounds. One U.S. News report says field is expected to grow by 33 percent by 2022, which means salaries will rise, as demand for skilled workers outstrips the number of qualified workers.

Diagnostic sonographers earn about $66,400 on average in 2013. It is anticipated there will be a call for 27,000 more sonographers by 2022.

Even the field of medical secretary is expected to have a hurtling growth rate by 2022 with an expectation tat 36 percent more will be working as medical secretaries within the next eight years.

And, that’s right, even dietician/nutritionists (median pay: $55,240, according to the Labor Department) have assistants. You might think you just have a kitchen job, but if you pay attention, it could be the entry point to a career in healthcare.
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Is there a way to beat online toto hk?

If you are like many people worldwide, you may have found out that blackjack can be played for any stakes imaginable from the comfort of your personal computer. Online gaming has taken the world by storm and with this rise in popularity players have begun to ask “can online toto hk be beaten?”. Casino goers have been looking for ways to gain an edge in blackjack with the online game being no exception. From card counting techniques to blatant attempts of cheating, players are constantly looking for the edge that will help them leave the casino richer then they came.

One of the most popular ways players attempt to beat the online game is through card counting. Players with exceptional memories can count down the card values dealed as the game progresses, and through process of elimination begin to make the most mathematically profitable betting decisions. Although a popular method online casinos counterattack card counters by implementing multi shoe decks that make card counting much more difficult and nearly impossible for all but the most gifted players. Card counters have not found much success playing the online game and are constantly looking for ways to beat the online game.

Among the more untradtitional techniques used online, many players will attempt to cheat at blackjack online using a wide variety of different methods. Of these various techniques the vast majority are unsuccessful and present a near impossible challenge to most who would try. The greatest chance of beating blackjack a player has is through a flawless strategy which has been written in a wide variety of books since the games rise in popularuty. Players learn the most mathematically sound choice when presented with different hands and situations and make the the bet with highest rate of return, over time this rate can result in considerable profit. So if youre wondering if online blackjack can be beat, the answer is yes, with sound strategy and mathematic the game is won by millions worldwide.

River Belle Casino review

Board The River Belle and go on a magical cruise to riches

Imagine the timeless elegance of the old South combined with secure credit card processing and state-of-the-art 32-bit software. Imagine the warmth of Southern hospitality combined with safe and secure e-cash facilities. Now mix in a host of generous promotions and surprise spot treasures, and you’ve got The River Belle Online Casino.

From the moment you board The River Belle by downloading the free software, your senses will be intoxicated by the lively atmosphere. Get transported to riches by playing for REAL CASH or hone your gaming skills first by playing for fun – the choice is yours. (The odds are as good as, or better than, Vegas. And at a guaranteed 95%, you won’t find higher payouts this side of the Mississippi!)

Best of all, imagine all this excitement taking place in the comfort of your own home … so you are free to play at your convenience and at your own chosen time – without ever having to go out the front door!

All commercial transactions at The River Belle Online Casino are facilitated by Proc-Cyber Services, a well-known and established e-cash merchant. Which means you can rest assured that all your credit card transaction are 100% secured by digital encryption as well as a unique password and account number. (Needless to say, this banking facility is only available to Real Players who wager with Real Money.)

And any time you need help, The River Belle provides a friendly, efficient Support Desk via e-mail and toll-free lines. All members are free to contact them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The Captain and crew know that The River Belle’s paddle only keeps on turning because of their passengers – that’s why they go out of their way to provide everyone on board with the most efficient and enjoyable experience possible. And, perhaps, that’s why The River Belle’s Games Room is always full of loyal and excited patrons – simply enjoying the thrill of online riverboat gaming, or fervently hoping that Lady Luck will smile favorably on them.

Get the feeling that today might just be your lucky day? Then experience a bit of Southern magic yourself. Just imagine that fabulous feeling when you start winning – in the privacy and comfort of your own home! So why wait? Board them now by visiting www.riverbelle.com. It could change your life!…

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Review of The Gambler’s Guide to the World

There must be something intrinsic to the human condition that drives us to gamble. Wherever in the world one goes, the folks there will always find something to bet on, some way to make a wager. The languages, the buildings, the customs, even the games may change, but urges are unchanged. At some level we all can feel a primal need to put something of value at risk in order to obtain some reward. In The Gambler’s Guide to the World, gambling fiend Jesse May travels the globe exploring each corner’s casinos and the people who inhabit them.

May doesn’t actually cover the whole world, of course. But he does experience a great deal of it. He divides his attention into five regions, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Russia, and the United States. May is not content to observe these places. He made sure he actually experienced most everything he reports in his book. Therefore, his reports don’t read like an amalgamation of a bunch of travel brochures. When May says the mixed grill at the Coconut Bay Beach Club on Curacao is good food at a good price, it’s safe to assume that this is because the author has sampled it himself.

While this personal touch is nice, it does have some drawbacks. No person on a reasonable budget and schedule can truly be sure what the best item on a restaurant’s menu might be, even if that weren’t horribly subjective, much less come to understand everything valuable there is to know about a region. This is a (one) personal account, and at least as much a story as a travel guide. Therefore, it’s depth of field is necessarily limited, so it won’t be putting the folks at Fodor’s out of business any time soon. This book should be viewed more as a bunch of friendly, but expert, advice rather than a comprehensive travel guide.

Overall, I liked what I read, but I found the regional Slot Gacor reports to be uneven. I liked May’s reports on greater Latin America and Moscow. They were both entertaining and revealing. If I were going to travel to those places, I’d definitely want to at least reread the appropriate sections if I didn’t bring the book along. However, I would have liked to have heard about at least one other destination in Russia besides Moscow, the descriptions of his European escapades seemed comparatively dull and perhaps a bit too poker-centric for much of May’s audience, and there are already a number of good travel guides to Atlantic City and Las Vegas, so I would have rather been able to read about the gambling in Australia, South East Asia, or South Africa than these more familiar places. However, a book advance only goes so far.

May told me a great deal about Atlantic City. It’s clear that he really knows this place, and I’d be likely to take his advice to heart. He has a tougher job in describing Las Vegas, arguably one of the hardest towns to evaluate comprehensively in 70 pages in the entire world, and the only locale I know well enough to feel qualified to debate with Mr. May. While he does a good job identifying many undiscovered gems in this treasure trove, like the sports book at the Las Vegas Hilton, I think he really misses on a lot of them. I’m sorry, but whether one is interested in fine dining, or superb values, in my travel guide the California Pizza Kitchen in the Mirage doesn’t warrant a mention.

If you’re traveling to Central America, South America, the Caribbean or Moscow and are thinking about doing some gambling there, definitely pick this book up. If you enjoy reading about someone else’s exotic adventures, are thinking about a poker tour of Europe, or want a Casino Guide to Atlantic City, this book won’t disappoint.…

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Card Bola88 Player Magazine


Every time you look, there is another major poker tournament taking place. Commerce Casino in L.A. just completed its annual L.A. Poker Classic, and there were three majors there. The Professional Poker Tour (PPT ) event was a success, particularly for Erick “EDOG” Lindgren. He beat out the tough field of 180 players to take down the first-place prize of $225,000. Erick also made the final table of the $10,000 buy-in championship event. The other five players who made the final table were Harley Hall, Ted Forrest, Hung La, Haralabos Voulgaris, and Michael Mizrachi. Haralabos and Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi went heads up in a long battle that ended with “The Grinder” being the victor.


Mizrachi is tearing up the tournament circuit, as he won more than $1.8 million at Commerce Casino and also made the final table in the championship event of the World Poker Open. When playing, Michael can be spotted wearing a basketball jersey and a hat that reads: “The Grinder, I’m a Machine.” I didn’t play with him, but from what I have heard, he has no fear and is a monster at the table. We at Card Player were so impressed that we had to put him on the cover immediately.


The L.A. Poker Classic concluded with my favorite event of the year — the WPT Celebrity Invitational. I tried to do the old fly-in-at-the-last-minute trick, but after a couple of hours of delays, I showed up more than two hours late. The funny part was that I had more chips than I usually do at that time.


In one of the first hands I played, I raised with Bola88 pocket nines and was called in several spots. One of the callers was a lovely lady from Baywatch who was sitting with her significant other and her good friend looking over her shoulder. I am not sure that the one-player-to-a-hand rule applied in the celebrity event. I flopped a full house and bet out, and everyone folded to her. She said, “I think he has it.” Her entourage convinced her that I was bluffing, and told her to call me down. To make a long story short, I doubled up my chip stack because her friends made her call even though she didn’t want to. The lesson there is that even beginning players should stick with their first hunches. You shouldn’t play if you can’t trust your instincts.


A few hours later, I got involved in a hand with Tom Everett Scott from That Thing You Do and American Werewolf in Paris. That thing he did was bust me. He ended up making the final table with Chris Ferguson, Chau Giang, Bruce Buffer, Johan Storakers, and Alex Brenes. Alex was the third Brenes to win a poker championship. Brothers Humberto and Eric have both won big events.


It was nice to see Chris Ferguson at the final table again. I am sure he was disappointed, but that’s OK, because he took home $655,000 that same weekend by winning the World Series of Poker Tournament Circuit event at Harrah’s in Rincon, California. Chris followed up that big win by finishing second to Phil Hellmuth for another $250,000 in the National Heads-up Poker Championship at the Golden Nugget. I will cover that event in my next column. For now, all I will say is, Phil is back! spades



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Finest Cordless Lawn Mower – Buyer’s Guide Akku Rasenmäher Test


But when you are pressing a lawnmower, it ends up being an essential variable. Customers state that it’s equally as reliable as a gas-powered lawnmower. However, it’s lighter, easier, as well as much more eco-friendly. With this mower, you will not ever before need to manage a pull begin cable. As we discussed above, this might not be suitable if you have a big yard, so really feel complimentary to visit the following lawn mower if you take control of forty mins to trim your yard. The electric motor is powered by a rechargeable 40V 4Ah EcoSharp battery, which supplies as much as forty mins of cutting time. The Worx WG775 can be a battery-powered electrical mower that’s planned to rapid and also financially reduced moderate lawns without needing to produce gas discharges or fumes, and also without also requiring utilizing power strings. This makes them a lot less complicated to press around the backyard, as well as likewise suggests they are much more customer pleasant to individuals that have problems pressing a hefty gas lawnmower.

It might not be one of the most powerful electric motors Akku Rasenmäher Test, yet it has even more than sufficient power to deal with typical, daily mowing requirements. Regardless of day-to-day usage and also with the flow of weather conditions, this lawnmower is trustworthy sufficient to stand up to. The WG772 has a 56V electric motor, which needs to suffice to please all your mowing requirements. While electrical lawnmowers have long been recognized to be much less effective than their gas-powered equivalents, WORX insurance claims they’ve damaged the pattern with the WG772. The WORX WG772 might be a little costlier than the Sun Joe iON lawnmower over. However, there’s a clear factor for the cost distinction. WORX has, nonetheless, placed their very own spin on the mulching setting by including a function called NutriCut. WORX is a business that is world-renowned for its items. This device is one more mower from the firm Greenworks Tools. We will certainly chat regarding a few of the benefits of utilizing self-propelled mower. Also, we will certainly supply you with a listing of the most useful items in the marketplace that you can take a look at.

Its capacities for being the very best mower under $100 are simply apparent. Four-cycle engines function the finest for durable bordering, as well as the engine, which is much better for the setting. Over the training course of the reducing period, dust and also various other pollutants will certainly gather in the oil, and also those points will certainly spoil an engine. The lawn mowers 19-inch steel deck is very long-lasting and also will certainly enable you to end up cutting your yard as rapidly as feasible. When or two times a year to clean the garden, then this is most definitely the far better choice, if you want a lawnmower than you will certainly make use of. In most cases, you’ll conserve cash by purchasing a yard tractor and also a free-standing tiller. This is not the instance as you would certainly be surprised concerning exactly how conveniently water can discover its method past mower covers. They consisted of turf bags that can hold 9.25 gallons and also can quickly be removed. However, for a thicker yard or bigger room, they are not appropriate.