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Law School Holds Forum on Togel Poker and the Law

Lawyers, a pro gambler, and a lobbyist discuss online gambling


Poker players and lawyers gathered around a table last night—sans cards—to discuss everything from legal issues to card strategy in a forum on poker held at Harvard Law School (HLS).

The event, “Going All In: Poker and The Law”, drew together two lawyers, a lobbyist, and a professional gambler together to discuss poker and the law.


Panelists focused their discussion on an issue that has caused a bout of controversy in the legal world recently: the legality of online gambling.


Dan Walsh, a lobbyist for internet poker and casino gambling in Washington who sat on the panel, called the online poker issue a “legally gray area” that will require time before a legal consensus can be reached.


“The vast majority of people think that internet gambling should be legal,” he said. “Sooner or later, I think the U.S. government will need to come around on it.”


Shaun Clark, counsel to the World Poker Tour (WPT)—a high stakes poker tournament aired on television—said the difficulty in locating online gambling criminals has made current laws hard to enforce.


”The guys that are running these internet Togel hari ini sites are running them off-shore, which makes it extremely difficult to track,” he said.


Panelists also criticized rules that organizations and casinos are imposing on poker enthusiasts.


At one point, panelist Andy Bloch, a professional poker player and 1999 HLS graduate, presented a copy of a contract that he signed in order to participate in the WPT. He said he had crossed out areas on the document that he deemed illegal to protest the organization’s constraints on participants’ rights to gamble outside of the WPT.


“The contract basically says ‘If you want to play in our tournaments…then you also have to give up all of these other rights,’” Bloch said, adding that professional poker players are making efforts to organize into a union of sorts.


But legal talk didn’t dominate the night—the collection of expert poker players present offered their guidance to enthusiasts in the audience seeking tips.


Bloch said “aggression” was what pushed him to the finals of major poker tournaments. “Being the first one to take the step out is a very good strategy,” he said.


The event was moderated by Weld Professor of Law Charles R. Nesson ’60. In his closing remarks, Nesson offered his own viewpoint on the poker debate.


“It’s so much an American thing,” Nesson said. “The idea that it’s illegal is offensive to me.”


Nesson also said that as a student at HLS in the 1960s, one former professor recommended that playing bridge was the best way to prepare for law school.


“A lot of good learning is about strategy, especially in deal-making,” said Regan A. Smith, a second-year law student. “Getting good at poker is a way to sharpen those tools.”


Adam M. Burrows, a second-year HLS student who organized the event, said the forum confirmed his hypothesis that there is a connection between the law profession and poker.


“I think it’s interesting how a lot of the players you hear about recently are lawyers,” he said. “Somehow I think there’s a tie between poker and legal professionals.”



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One down and we haven’t kicked Domino QQ Online off!

Three of my favourite books Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, The Trial by Franz Kafka and Rates of Exchange by Malcolm Bradbury. Imagine if you merged these three and moved the setting to Central Africa. I wonder what would happen? Of course they are all works of fiction but This is Africa.

My journey took a familiar path starting with playing Domino QQ Online the evening before, calling into the pub afterwards and walking into town to catch the 23.30 bus to Heathrow.

The weather forecast is currently grim and snow is expected. News reached me earlier in the day that 80 flights from Heathrow had already been cancelled.

As the coach was leaving Milton Keynes a passenger shouted to the driver. “The luggage side door is still open.” He quickly stopped and closed the door.

Spent the journey waiting for us to hit the bad weather. On the M1 after Milton Keynes the gritters were out, but I could see by the signs saying 18 miles in 18 minutes that traffic was flowing.

We made it to Heathrow on schedule with no sign of any bad weather whatsoever.

I was the only passenger getting off at Terminal 4. The bus driver had a perplexed looked as he searched for my luggage. “You don’t think I’d put anything in there do you?” I said.

At Heathrow as we were about to board I was asked for my visa, which I duly provided and was allowed to proceed.

I mentioned the visa process earlier and had advised a friend what to do. He chose to ignore me after he had booked his flight and received an accreditation to act as a photographer at the tournament. He wasn’t allowed to board his plane and won’t be coming.

Changed planes in Paris, no one asked to see my visa. This is France.

We waited over an hour on the runway as the plane was de-iced.

Upon arrival in Libreville the plane seemed to take a swerve that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang would have been proud of. But we emerged unscathed ready for the next challenge to collect the visa.

We were ushered from one queue to another and eventually a hand took my passport along with my paper confirmation of my evisa.

I could see a pile of passports on a desk the other side of the glass and photocopies being taken. We all waited, impatiently as time passed. It was 90 minutes after we landed before we were reunited.

The next day I met a German friend who had arrived that morning after missing his connection in Paris, by seconds – I didn’t make it worse and tell him about the de-icing. He had been rerouted via Morocco and arrived at 4am. He applied for his visa at the airport!






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Corinthians Togel Hongkong president Andrés Sanchez has a lust for glory



Three years ago Brazilian club Corinthians embarked on an ambitious project to fill an embarrassing hole in their trophy cabinet. Andrés Sanchez came into office as the president of Corinthians with a clear mandate to deliver the Copa Libertadores.


The situation back then was grim for the Corinthians with the club having suffered relegation to the second tier of the Brazilian league for the first time in their history. The signings of Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano a few years earlier had turned out to be yet another false dawn as irregular finances brought the São Paulo outfit to their knees.


Sanchez’s claims that the club would win the Togel Hongkong Copa Libertadores for the first time in their history in the coming years was met with bemusement in Brazil. Despite having a rich history and over 30 million fans in Brazil the team calling itself the Campeão dos Campeões has never tasted success in South America’s premier club competition.


The new president’s first move was to install Mano Menezes as head coach at Corinthians. The youthful coach had already proved himself fit for the task ahead by guiding Grêmio back to the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A after they themselves had suffered the misfortune of relegation.


Another achievement on Menezes’ CV which made him so appealing for Sanchez was Grêmio’s appearance in 2007 Copa Libertadores final, just two years after being promoted back to the top flight.


Lightening seems to be striking twice for Menezes at Corinthians as once again he won promotion to the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A at the first attempt. Menezes also brought home the regional Campeonato Paulista to Corinthians the following year just as he had won the Campeonato Gaúcho while at Grêmio.


The head coach of Corinthians then went on to plant an even bigger smile on the face of Sanchez as the club won the Copa do Brasil in July last year to book an early berth in this year’s Copa Libertadores.


This week Corinthians took their bow in the 2010 Copa Libertadores just three short years after suffering relegation. The fairytale dreamt up by Sanchez is one step closer to coming true with the added magic of this year marking Corinthians’ centenary of existence.


As well as drafting in Menezes the president of Corinthians has surpassed himself in the transfer market by pouring a generous helping of stardust on his team. Sanchez has proven very creative in securing his marquee signings with private companies queuing up to help out with the wage bill in return for endorsements.


The signing of Ronaldo was undoubtedly a gamble but it has already paid dividends for Corinthians. The three time World Footballer of the Year scored the goals to claim both the Campeonato Paulista and the Copa do Brasil and therefore a place in the Copa Libertadores.


Now Ronaldo’s fellow geriat-tico Roberto Carlos has signed up for the project. With the whole project geared around one successful Copa Libertadores campaign the age of these players is not the issue, one more season is all that is required.


While the former Real Madrid stars are household names across the world Sanchez has also been able to bring other players with a wealth of Copa Libertadores experience.


Creative midfielder Tcheco is a player Menezes knows well from his time at Grêmio and at 33-years-old he still has the game to unlock a well drilled defence.


Also in for this season is 35-year-old forward Iarley who won the Copa Libertadores and the FIFA Club World Cup with Internacional. Despite reaching the autumn of his career Iarley remains one of the most exciting players to watch in Brazil.


Another player who has been on the books at Corinthians for less than a year is the attacking Argentine Matías Defederico. At a mere 20-years-old Defederico is from a different generation than most of his team-mates but has proven he has the skills to keep up with the very best.



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South Korean Data Hk Old Boys Gunning For 2010



There must be something in the water in South Korea. Anybody who spends time on the coaching staff of the national team seems to spend the rest of their career doing pretty well for themselves.


A Korean Football Association (KFA) official told me recently that the organization should start charging commission or finding fees. He has a point as it is not impossible that four teams at the 2010 World Cup could have former member of the South Korean coaching staff as their head coaches.


Just take a look at the recent history. Guus Hiddink isn’t doing too badly for himself and is now preparing Chelsea for a UEFA Champions League semi-final and is also trying to guide the Russian national team to the 2010 World Cup.


His successor in Korea was Humberto Coelho. The Portuguese tactician is now in charge of Tunisia and aiming for 2010. Dick Advocaat was the boss at the 2006 global tournament and has since led Russian club Zenit St Petersburg to the national title and the UEFA Cup.


These guys all had national team experience before taking charge of the Taeguk Warriors but the same can’t be said (except for the Netherlands Antilles) of the head coach and assistant that led South Korea to the 2007 Asian Cup.


Pim Verbeek was the number two at the 2002 and 2006 World Cups and then stepped up to the plate in 2007. The last in a series of four Dutchman from December 2000, Verbeek took the team to third place at the Asian Cup. As soon as that regional competition was over, he resigned.


He turned up in Australia in December of the same year, charged with leading the Socceroos to only their third World Cup ever. Reception down under was lukewarm but Verbeek has won them over with a series of good results. Now, with three World Cup qualification games remaining, Australia is as good as in South Africa. Even if rival teams win all of their games, the Aussies need just a single point.


KFA officials are publicly happy at Verbeek’s success but were privately relieved that, with his in-depth knowledge of the game in the Land of the Morning Calm, Korea and the Socceroos were not drawn together in the qualification campaign.


What the KFA still has to deal with however is the former Data Hk assistant of the national team – Afshin Ghotbi. The Iranian – American was on the Korean bench at the 2002 and 2006 World Cups and the 2007 Asian Cup. Last week he took over Iran’s national team.


Unlike Australia, Iran is in Korea’s World Cup qualification group and Ghotbi will be back in Seoul on June 17 –it remains to be seen if ends up at his old home of the capital’s Grand Hilton Hotel – for the final match of the round and one that could be dramatic as well as decisive.


The reason why Ghotbi got the job is because Iran, nicknamed Team Melli, is struggling. A traditional powerhouse of Asian soccer, Iran has collected just six points from five games.


Only the top two teams from the group automatically qualify for the competition so authorities in Tehran are naturally worried at missing out, South Korea leads the group and will hope to have guaranteed qualification before the Persians arrive in Seoul.


As Iran is four points behind Saudi Arabia in third and North Korea in second -, though the pair has played one game more – Iran needs to start picking up points. Most of the dozen-plus sports papers in Tehran reckon that the team needs seven points from its last three games –two of which come on the Korean peninsula.


South Africa should prepare itself to host the Iranian soccer squad,” Ghotbi said upon getting the job. “I will do my best to fulfill my ambition to take Iran to the 2010 World Cup. I hope I can be a soldier for Iran.”




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64 Seconds in Aplikasi Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021 Paris



I’m not one of those parents who wrap their children up in cotton wool; I refuse to even pay for pyjamas. I do try my best to keep little Goliath away from television that he may find disturbing though, which normally involves avoiding programmes with Noel Edmonds.


Manchester United’s title winning celebrations at Eastlands caught me completely off-guard. The sight of a topless Rio Ferdinand should have set alarm bells ringing, but as he was next to a bare-chested Ronaldo; all I could think of was grabbing a can of Tango from the fridge.


Before I could reach the kitchen, the camera Aplikasi Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021 switched to widescreen to show Wayne Rooney with his hands gently caressing the bottom of his shirt. As Rooney’s intentions became clear, i lurched for the remote control in a desperate yet futile attempt to save Goliath from the grisly spectacle.


The wee man was left traumatised by the ensuing pictures, and he’s visited the sea-life centre on many occasions. Manchester United were in a similar state in ’95 when the Hammers cost United the title; the Red Devils will finally take revenge at 3/5.


Jose Mourinho has rightly apologised for his over-the-top personal attack on Ronaldo. Judging a man as a result of his background is completely out of order; that’s the kind of thing a Frenchman would do. I’m surrendering to the 8/13 for a Chelsea win over Everton.


Reporting a crime to the filth has a certain stigma attached to it, like being seen in public with a Sweaty, but few would argue with Dabo’s decision to tuck up Joey Barton. Michael Ball’s stamp on Ronaldo would suggest that Barton has been a real influence on his team-mates; I’m putting my foot down, get on Spurs at 1/2 to see off Man City.


Charlton may have suffered the ignominy of relegation, but like Arnold Schwarzenegger, they’ll be back, probably harassing women. I’m getting my hands on the 2/5 for a Liverpool win over the Addicks.


I’m not one to point fingers, unless I see an overweight ginger-haired kid with glasses, but Freddie Shepherd should shoulder the blame for Newcastle’s awful season. A draw between the disappointing Watford and Newcastle will come as no surprise at 12/5.


Paris Hilton has found herself looking at a prison sentence, or to use the correct term; she’s gone for a Barton. (It’s heartbreaking when your favourite movie stars let themselves down.) That young lady needs to be scared straight; it would take me just over a minute. I’m currently getting stuck into the 11/10 for a Blackburn win over Reading.


Cesc Fabregas is a quality footballer, but I suspect that he may also lead a secret life as a superhero. Fabman’s noble quest is to mildly annoy tubby midfielders. An Arsenal win over Pompey is the call at an absolutely fabulous 6/4.


I have to take my hat off to Neil Warnock. The Sheffield United manager has only found himself in one touchline ruck this season; that’s a remarkable show of restraint from the combustible northerner. Sheffield United can put the nail in Wigan’s Premiership coffin at a placid 13/10.


Sammy Lee has always been a winner. The Bolton manager once played a starring role in Liverpool’s FA youth cup winning team; but he was 37 at the time. The wife is also a little person, but it doesn’t hold her back; I just put a chair by the sink. There’s nothing small about the 3/1 for an Aston Villa win over Bolton.


I’ll try anything once, except enter a pie-eating contest with Mark Viduka. I must have a go on Middlesbrough at 10/11 against Fulham.


Paris Hilton and I have a lot in common, we’re both reluctant to do a little bird. Aston Villa, Chelsea, Man Utd and Middlesbrough form a weekend accer that I am genuinely excited about; the payout is a salacious 18/1.




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AFRICAN CUP OF NATIONS – Libya, ”go Pkv home”.



Libya became the first team to be eliminated from the competition after giving a good account of themselves against a strong Ivory Coast team. Libya fell behind to a Pkv Drogba tap in. With the ground virtually full the Egyptian supporters realised that if the result stayed as it was their team could be in trouble, as they have not beaten Morocco in the last 20 years. Chants of Lib-ya, Lib-ya, came from all parts of the ground,and the players responded managing to equalise and even go looking for a winner. Ivory Coast, upped the tempo and forced a winner.


During the warm up to the main event Egypt v Morocco, the noise sounded out once again but this time the home supporters were chanting for their own team. When the game kicked off the fans roar reached its peak after 13 seconds when the first chance of the game went begging. After this Morocco took control and dominated the first half. The Egyptians vented their anger and chants against Libya started during half time. Exchanging of pepsi bottles took place from Libyans below and their Egyptian counterparts above. Then the police moved into action using formations dating back to roman times. Firstly they lined up 3 to 4 deep at the bottom of the stand and then advanced en masse towards the retreating Libyan supporters who were quickly making an exit for themselves by removing seats and throwing them towards the police.


The police campaign came to a halt half way up the stand as they stood their ground the Libyans were becoming more adventurous but were being showered from above.Then the right flank charged up to the Libyans and quickly retreated. Two minutes later the section was empty and then the rest of Libyans quickly followed suite leaving the police to protect an area of empty seating.


This left the Libyan’s as the first team and supporters to make their exit from the competition.


AFRICAN CUP OF NATIONS – Around Egypt in 3 days.


The first round of matches have now been completed and I have followed the tournament as it has unfolded around the country.


Everything has fallen into place, sometimes more by luck than judgement, with a great deal of persistence thrown in. I opted to take the train out of Cairo to Alexandria, on Sunday and spent 10 minutes finding the correct place to buy my ticket. I approached what I understood to be the correct counter at Ramses station. After taking some time to get myself understood the clerk called a colleague over who instructed me to try the other side of the building. I left somewhat bemused and searched for this place. A member of the public came to my rescue and pointed me back to where I had come from! I made a beeline back to the same clerk who straight away produced the ticket I had asked for and even confirmed what I had asked for in English.


Taking the football out of Cairo has opened up the competition to other football hot beds in Egypt. In both Alexandria and Port Said the locals were out in force and provided competition for the visiting fans from other countries with their chants of Masr(Egypt).


The best support so far has come from the Guineans who entered the Alexandria Border Guard Stadium whilst the earlier game was still taking place. The terraces were already crowded but they poured in to the end behind one goal occupied by Tunisians. The Tunisians showed their disapproval by booing and waving the Guinea supporters away but led by a witch doctor and what looked like Babar the elephant, they continued to flood in packed this part of the stadium still further. They held their own and joined in the chaos that ensued with lots of chanting going on, once again, irrelevant to what was happening in the game. The local Egyptians being led by cheerleaders. Rent a crowd (from now on to be known as Guantanamo supporters due to their uniforms) cheering when ordered to. Finally the Tunisians who were delighted with what they saw after a shaky start and had some clinical finishing by Dos Santos to thank for the margin of their victory. The Zambians had by now disappeared back into the crowd and were not heard after they took an early lead.


Before the next match the Guinea supporters made their way to the other end of the stadium where their drums provided a lively background to a dull game. Whilst at the front of the stand a line up that any team would have been scared of danced away. After initially thinking that the South Africans should win this game I found myself hoping that the Guinea team would hold on, as their support had won me over. Even to the extent that I would rather we had the tournaments first goalless draw than South Africa score. This wasn’t to be as the Guineans scored two late on for a memorable victory. On the way out a Minister from Guinea was seen being driven out and the crowd went wild, three of the supporters were on the front of the car as it tried to leave the stadium.


In Port Said, a town with a much more relaxed feel, the locals once again came out in force, although the majority of one end was left for the Guantanamo fans. The town used to enjoy a tax free status, but I was informed this was abolished in 2002. This act has affected the popularity of the President and during the second game whilst Senegal were struggling to break down Zimbabwe a poster of Hosni Mubarak himself was pointed out whilst a fan shouted ‘we let Hosni in the stadium and the football is bad’.


Opted to take the coach back from Port Said to Cairo as the train would take four hours. The bus should take three. They didn’t tell us that the time may vary according to the driver. As I watched from the front of the coach we went past all traffic, in either lane on the straight dual carriageway. Our drivers skills were such that on this same road he managed to negotiate a tricky chicane (which I couldn’t see) whilst weaving in and out of two cars. The journey from Port Said to the Military stadium, which lies on the outskirts of Cairo had been done in two hours.


Now I have two days rest in Cairo before doing it all over again.



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The rematch Judi Online: Japan vs Australia



Former Liverpool midfielder Craig Johnston claimed it was potentially “one of the great rivalries in Asian football.” Japan defender Yuji Nakazawa predicted a 3-0 win for his side and told reporters “we can’t lose twice.” Australia and Japan fans have been poring over the minutia of every comment made by player or reporter alike – eager to highlight the flaws, desperate to imagine an advantage. Make no mistake, the quarter-final clash between Japan and Australia at My Dinh Stadium in Hanoi is one of the most anticipated of this year’s Asian Cup.


Ever since Australia beat Japan 3-1 at the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, the Blue Samurai have been dreaming of a rematch. They were granted that wish somewhat earlier than anticipated, with Australia’s second-place finish in their Asian Cup group ensuring a quarter-final showdown against their old foes. Japan arguably go into this match in better form.


Eintracht Frankfurt marksman Naohiro Takahara leads the goal-scoring charts with three goals, along with Uzbekistan’s Maxim Shatskikh and Mark Viduka of Australia. Celtic star Shunsuke Nakamura has played with quiet efficiency without having dazzled at the tournament so far – although he looks more than capable of doing so on the big stage. Gamba Osaka midfielder Yasuhito Endo and Sanfrecce Hiroshima wing-back Yuichi Komano have provided important contributions, while the much-malgined Seiichiro Maki has also chipped in with goals.


In the tall and powerful Maki, Japan may just have an advantage that bucks all of the stereotypes. The JEF United striker has been heavily criticised for his lack of goals in the J-League, but with accurate crosses flowing in from the likes of Nakamura and Komano, the target-man suddenly looks capable of testing international defences.


While Australia have in the past been praised for their robust defences, they have recently looked anything but solid at the back. Leicester City stopper Patrick Kisnorbo appeared to be out of his depth in the opening two fixtures, whilst West Ham defender Lucas Neill was sent off late in the match against Iraq. Michael Beauchamp and Mark Milligan stepped in for the clash with Thailand – with the latter’s superb performance providing a selection headache for coach Graham Arnold.


Milligan is a quick and agile Judi Online player, with a knack for reading the game. What he lacks is physical presence – something that Seiichiro Maki has in spades, and if Japan coach Ivica Osim can coax some more aggression out of his lanky forward, then Japan might have an unexpected aerial advantage over their opponents.


Nevertheless the Blue Samurai are not without their problems. Urawa Reds defensive midfielder Yuki Abe has looked shaky in a central defensive role alongside Yuji Nakazawa, and it was Abe who committed a late foul that saw Japan concede an equaliser in their opening 1-1 draw with Qatar. Akira Kaji has been dreadful at the back, so much so that there is conjecture about his place in the team.


There has also been a conspicuous absence of any meaningful contribution from Kawasaki Frontale playmaker Kengo Nakamura, with the diminutive midfielder seemingly overshadowed by his more illustrious namesake in midfield. Ivica Osim, meanwhile, has attracted mirth with his increasingly bizarre rants in his role as coach of a country renowned for its non-confrontational attitude.


Australia are arguably the polar opposite of Japan in that respect, and their brashness in practically declaring themselves pre-tournament favourites served to heap pressure on them when they stumbled in the group stage. They’ll require no further motivation for this clash, however, with the Australian team constantly needled by suggestions – whether real or imagined, that they are an overly physical team.


They were incensed when Japan opened the scoring in Kaiserslautern just over twelve months ago, claiming that burly striker Naohiro Takahara had fouled goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer in the build up to Japan’s goal. The Socceroos will hope that Kuwaiti referee Saad Kameel Al Fadhli keeps a firm grip on this potentially explosive encounter, even if their bustling style draws attention from the man in black.


Australia’s hero in Kaiserslautern was Everton midfielder Tim Cahill, who came off the bench to score twice in the dying minutes and propel Australia to that famous 3-1 victory. Cahill is unlikely to start against Japan in Hanoi, having only just returned from a long injury layoff.


There is also concern over the form of injury-plagued Liverpool midfielder Harry Kewell. The wing wizard came off the bench and scored a virtuoso goal in the 4-0 win over Thailand, but the Australians can ill afford to start slowly against Japan, with the two-time defending champions having played arguably the most up-tempo football of any team in the tournament. Kewell may be required from the start, and he will certainly need to fire.


Thus a fascinating duel between these two regional rivals awaits, with the winner to face either Saudi Arabia or Uzbekistan in the semi-final. The loser will go home with their ambition unfulfilled, with Japan chasing a third straight continental crown, whilst Australia earlier claimed that anything less than a place in the final would be viewed as a failure.



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Celeb Slot Online and Poker Online Room Review



Poker Online runs guaranteed tournaments ranging form $3000 to $250,000. There are also many freeroll tournaments that often have big money prizes.The home run Celebpoker league works by giving you points that place you in the league. The league tournaments have attractive cash prizes and international tournament tickets can also be won. It is this wide-variety of options and styles that makes Celebpoker so popular with so many different poker players.


The range of Poker Online players brings with it a range of poker skills from beginners to well-experienced old-hands at the game. For the novice there is plenty of room to expand and learn as you embark on your poker career. The game software includes a chat feature that allows players to talk to each other live during games. This adds a friendly and fun atmosphere to the games. In addition you can take notes about your play and that of your opponents to keep track of how you are playing.


The Poker Online lobby is well laid out and makes choosing a suitable slot online table easy and simple. You can also browse players profiles to see who you are up against. The game graphics are clear and easy to understand making the game play itself comfortable and uncluttered. A special notification feature keeps you up to date on tournaments available and other news.


The multitude of “guaranteed pot” tournaments offered at Celebpoker makes it a profitable site for poker players. The site offers a $100,000 guaranteed monthly prize, $25,000 guaranteed weekly prize, a $20,000 freeroll tournament, and 3 daily tournaments offering a total of $15,000 running every day. With that many big prizes on offer it is no surprise Celebpoker is a firm favorite with poker players.


There are always new Poker Online deposit offers and reload bonuses giving the players an added bonus when they make their initial or subsequent deposits.


With all of these prizes on offer and the standard of play on the tables, Celebpoker continues to be one of the most enjoyable and profitable poker rooms available.


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Premier League Agen Togel Round-up




Another exciting weekend of Premier League action has seen Tottenham Hotspur move to the top of the table after making it three wins out of three.

Harry Redknapp’s rejuvenated side secured a 2-1 win at London rivals West Ham to move ahead of Chelsea on goal difference. Spurs start is in stark contrast to this time last season when they failed to reach nine points until November; a run that resulted in the dismissal of former manager Juande Ramos.


Redknapp was brought in to steady the ship but this season his target will be a lot more ambitious and there is even talk of breaking into the top four, after wins against Liverpool, Hull and West Ham.


Just behind Tottenham are Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City who all continued

their 100% records. City and Chelsea both showed their resistance by grinding out victories against Wolves and Fulham respectively, while Arsenal enjoyed a somewhat easier task, as they cruised, as Premiership betting favourites, to a 4-1 win over crisis club Portsmouth.


Arsenal have now scored ten goals in their opening two games but will come up against much tougher opposition next week when they take on Manchester United at Old Trafford. The match will be an interesting test for both sides, with Arsenal written off by all and sundry before the start of the season and United enduring a topsy-turvy start, which has included a 1-0 defeat to relegation favourites Burnley and a 5-0 away victory at Wigan.


Elsewhere in the Agen Togel Premier League it was a good weekend for Hull City, who picked up their first three points of the campaign with victory against Bolton. The 1-0 win came courtesy of two new strikers; debutant Jozy Altidore setting up Kamel Ghilas, with his first touch after coming off the bench.


In the remaining games, Sunderland made it two wins from three as a wasteful Blackburn Rovers slumped to a 2-1 defeat. Burnley kept up their momentum with a 1-0 win over Everton and Birmingham and Stoke served up the first draw of the season in a 0-0 stalemate at St. Andrews.


Gamba Osaka 2 Nagoya Grampus 3

Kashima Antlers 3 FC Tokyo 1

Kawasaki Frontale 2 Montedio Yamagata 0


Saturday August 22


Omiya Ardija 1 JEF United Chiba 1

Albirex Niigata 1 Kyoto Sanga 2

Shimizu S-Pulse 5 Jubilo Iwata 1

Sanfrecce Hiroshima 2 Urawa Reds 1

Kashiwa Reysol 1 Yokohama F Marinos 1



Kashima Antlers continue to lead the J-League followed by Kawasaki Frontale and Shimizu S-Pulse. Urawa Reds’ poor season continues with yet another defeat, this time to promoted Hiroshima.


Leading Positions


Kashima Antlers P23 Pts 50

Kawasaki Frontale P23 Pts 42

Shimizu S-Pulse P23 Pts 39

Sanfrecce Hiroshima P23 37

Albirex Niigata P23 Pts 36

Gamba Osaka P23 Pts 36

Urawa Reds P23 Pts 34…

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JBO VIỆT NAM Intercasino




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Intercasino.com offers three different types of welcome bonuses for all the new players – they should pay 100 percent in the range of $20 to $225 and it completely depends on the games selected. A life time bonus is given for the existing bonus which ranges from $90 to $225 here also it depends on selected games. The best thing is play requirements are simple and includes which game is applicable to specific bonus. The casino that is offering exclusive bonuses and promotions will have real rush at online casinos. Intercasino.com has multiple patrons and the main reason is the bonuses and promotions given to their customers.


Intercasino.com Software:


Intercasino.com is perfectly operated by Cryptologic casino software that ensures smooth gaming. The games at Intercasino.com can be accessed in two different versions – download as well as flash version. The computers have good system configurations can download casino software on to their PC and can experience the best. No-download or flash version is suggested for systems with low configuration and here, games can be directly played from web browser. Downloading and installing the software is simple and require few easy steps. The help document that comes with installation has complete details like lice agreement, casino software, casino games and more. Players can also find the live chat option associated with the casino software so that players can interact with each other. Most of the gaming lovers look whether the casino is offering graphics or not – Intercasino.com offers excellent and eye catching graphics and clear images for all their customers. Overall, the performance of the casino software is excellent.


Intercasino.com Special Software Features:


The Cryptologic gaming software is of high quality and most entertaining.

The casino software offers innovative games that are unique to this particular casino.

Usage of lobby and cashier facilities is simple.

Casino software is updated automatically in the background and you need not wait for the latest versions.

It is suggested to download Intercasino.com alert so that you will be receiving latest updates about winners, special events and promotions.

Intercasino.com Safety and Integrity:


OIGE N.V owns Intercasino.com and was licensed by Malta government. The casino employs trusted casino gaming software Cryptologic. The random number generator at the casino is certified and also tested by Technical Systems Testing which ensures fair gaming and the random outcome is true.


Intercasino.com Games:


Intercasino.com offers famous games and several mid tier games. The graphics associated with games are of best quality in the casino industry. Players can select games from two different versions – download or flash version. Players can access over 150 games at Intercasino.com.


Unique Games:


Marvel comic characters are licensed by Intercasino.com and developed five exciting and thrilling slots ever in the year 2005.


Rapid Fire Jackpots:


The other great innovation in slots is Rapid Fire Jackpots at Intercasino.com. One can strike side jackpot anytime and can play multi line slot games simultaneously.


Table Games:


The common table games available at Intercasino.com include Blackjack, Roulette, Sic Bo, Baccarat, Red Dog Poker and more. Most of the games are played in both single and multi play mode with exclusive chat option. Exceptionally, limits are high and accommodate high rollers.


Video Poker Games:


All American, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Double Bonus, Super Jackpot 25c, Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, Super Jackpot $1 – One can select from Single Play or Multi Play.


Progressive Jackpots:


The progressive jackpots available at Intercasino.com include: Video Keno, Slots, Blackjack, and Video Pokers. The most frequently played Progressive Jackpot is Millionaire’s Club.


Other Games:


Also, players can find Progressive Keno as well as Instant Lotto where you can draw jackpot of worth – $100,000 for every 10 minutes.


Intercasino.com Banking Methods:


Players can make use of wide range of payment options available at Intercasino.com. Neteller, Credit Card, CitaDel, FirePay, Wired Transfers, ACH, Checks, InstaCash and electronic transfer from banking options for customers from Scandinavian countries. One can also make secured payments using UK pounds, US dollars and Euros and you will be paid in currencies of your choice. Financial transactions are effectively made using secure ECash system at Intercasino.com. Thus, Intercasino.com offers wide range of solid payment options for both depositing as well as withdrawing money. One can get winnings fast and the speed of the payouts is above average.


Intercasino.com Customer Support:


The customer support at Intercasino.com is excellent and it is available for about 24 hours. Players can get in touch with support team members with phone and email support for about 24/7. Players can get polite and friendly answers from the support team as it is assistive. Any issue related to casino gaming can be effectively solved by shooting an email to Ryan Hartley who is the casino manager. Thus, players can obtain professional customers support at Intercasino.com.…