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My Favorite Low Limit 7 Card Stud Hand

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I love to hear “this game is all luck” and “the cards make the player look good” at the poker table because that tells you that the players are the “kitchen table players” that people all $1-$5 games. This hand happened a couple of years ago but is my all-time favorite because it points up some of the weaknesses of the kitchen table crowd.

A woman sat down who I knew was a kitchen table type from having been at her table a few times. She claimed to have won $351 last weekend at Trop. If she did it must have been all luck. In this particular hand she proved how bad a player she is. I start with rolled up Jacks, I am in the #2 seat. Two Queens are on the board, the Greek is next to me in #1 has a King showing. The lady in question in #3 has a King showing. I go in at a $1 as do six of the eight players.

On fourth street, I get a King and the lady gets a queen. Note that two Queens went down in the six and seven seat on third street. Two Kings are accounted for, me and the Greek in #1. The lady leads with her K, Q with a three dollar bet. The four seat folds, the eight seat raises $5 to $8 the Greek calls and I reraise making it thirteen. The lady calls and eight seat calls, the other two drop. Already a nice pot for 1-5. The eight seat had a nine showing and got the fourth Jack on fourth street. On fifth I get an eight. The lady leads with $5 , eight raises to $10 and I reraise to $15, the lady CALLS! And the eight reraises (now capped) I call as does the lady.

On sixth street I get another eight and the lady gets a nine! Now I lead with $5, she calls, eight raises, I reraise she calls and eight stands up to look at my hand and raises (now capped) the lady, true to form, CALLS. I don’t care what I get on the river and don’t remember what it was. I bet $5, the lady CALLS the eight raises and I reraise, eight takes another look at my hand and calls and the lady CALLS. I turn over Jacks full and the eight says he was rolled up with nines and didn’t fill.

Now the good part, the lady says if I got a King or a Queen I would’ve beaten both you guys! She had Kings and Queens a deader than dead hand, the only thing that would have beaten me and allowed her to stay in would be Aces full since no Aces showed any where.

I smiled and almost said, your hand was dead on fifth street. How could she miss the two queens going down when she held one in her hand with a pair of kings. How could she call all those raises with only and I mean only two pair, even if they weren’t real dead I would figure I’m in bad shape and get out early on, unless I had Aces but that would mean she didn’t have another pair.

What are these Slot Gacor┬ápeople looking at, certainly not the board. However, she enabled me to win the hand when she got the nine which would have given the eight seat four nines. The guy sees my Jack and probably figures he has one and I couldn’t have three but I raised him! Thank God for these people, please keep playing like that I love those big pots. I’m sure that lady still feels she could have won that hand if she only got a King or Queen.

Later she left the table going all in on a flush she had in five cards and the guy in seven seat reraised her with a pair of tens showing. Of course the gentleman had filled up on fifth but she had a flush. She makes the comment “when you lose with a flush it is time to leave’ No when you call bets with dead and losing hands it is time to go to the ATM machine and come back and give us some more, please.

She’s Back

Two weeks later I am seated in the 8 seat and low and behold look who is in number 1, our friend who two weeks ago was looking for a dead Queen or King against my full house. After winning a couple of pots from people who were over aggressive with weak hands, I went into action with split tens and a six ( not my usual prime starting hand but due to table conditions worth a try) $1 to get in, four or five callers.

On fourth street I get a six but a ten goes to the lady in #1. I bet $5, figuring I need to get everyone out to have a chance with these two medium pair. Well I get four callers, that’s $1-$5. Next card the lady gets a Jack (she now shows Jack Ten and King unsuited. A six goes to the next player but low and behold I get a ten (the case, but now I’m full in five cards) I bet $5 the lady calls (what else) and one other player calls.

On sixth street she gets an Ace; now all you scholars out there what do you think she has? I have the lead and bet $5 the lady raises to ten. The other player drops and I calmly reraise to fifteen, I hear her mumble and call. We go to seventh and I kick in my $5 bet about the time the seventh card hits the table. She calls and says Ace high straight. I calmly say tens full and two people say lowly “he had it in five cards” The lady is very perturbed and picks up and leaves the table. I can only smile. Wish she had stayed.