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As PokerPages unveils its virtual shopping mall, we would like to welcome our newest retail shop on board. Wilson software, presenting some of the finest educational poker software available, opened its doors just last week. For more than a decade, the Wilson Turbo Series has offered a quality product with real life simulation. Many players vow that this software has given them the edge to make them excellent players.

Bob Wilson has been an expert in computer software development since the mid 60’s and Carol Wilson is the glue that makes the business successful. I have visited with both of them on the phone and have to tell you that they are a joy to spend time with.

Both Bob and Carol play UFA poker and enjoy the game tremendously. Bob began “dabbling” in poker during his wild and crazy teenage years, but learned how to truly play the game while serving time in the Navy and sailing the Mediterranean. Both Bob and Carol enjoy tournament play in Hold’em and Omaha, but prefer Omaha high and Omaha 8 all the way. While playing Texas Hold’em in the 80’s, Bob wanted to analyze some situations. He admits he first wrote a “dumb” showdown simulator and was very disappointed in its usefulness. He had begun the project wanting to develop a program to simulate real play. After that first attempt, he designed and wrote version 1 of Turbo Hold’em. He was so pleased with the analytical capability the software obtained that he decided to bring it to market in 1989. This was the birth of Wilson software as we know it today.

I asked Bob what his dream job would be and he quickly responded.”I am doing it.” That is beyond doubt the “American” dream come true. Taking an idea and running with it, growing it and nurturing it, while making it a success creates the perfect work environment. If that isn’t enough to make this couple happy, they also live in one of the most beautiful states around. Arizona offers the Wilson family summers in the mountains and winters in Tucson.

As the Wilson Turbo Series grows in both power and sophistication, Bob and Carol acknowledge the benefit of the input and advice of fellow poker players. The feedback they solicit and receive enables them to create the preeminent software available today. Bob would like to personally thank Mr. Mike Gilbert, a professional player in the L.A. area for the many years of assistance and support. It is our hope here at PokerPages that new players will find this software the perfect addition to enhancing their game.